How to Free up Storage Space on Xbox One & Delete Games (Easy Method)

Do you want to know how to free up storage space on xbox one and clear saved games from your xbox one??? This is very easy to do, press the xbox button on your controller. Open up the side menu, scroll to the right to the profile and system tab. Go to settings. Now go to system and go to storage. Under here you will have the option to clear xbox one & xbox 360 games saves. If you go to the right, to the storage devices. You can press A on it and go to uninstall things. Under here you can delete multiple games and applications at the same time. This will allow you to free up space by deleting old games.

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  1. Remember back on xbox 360 you didnt need to install games? Yeah good times.

  2. I just uninstalled my games from the storage just in order to play Modern warfare 3And now it doesn't work, im gonna sell the xboxAnd move to PC

  3. Thank you for helping me it helped I’m gonna subscribe

  4. Thank you so much this realy worked my storage went down from 99.9 to 79.1

  5. Man I just wanna play BO3 again without deleting rdr2 but the dlcs are such storage hogs

  6. Can u do a video on how to clear all data from games in case u need to merge an account for a game from another console

  7. On your vid 6 months ago about how to get your ps4 account without dob when I signed up it only showed me the date of birth I set it up wit

  8. Timbo my G can you please upload more about PS4 methods about anything that you’re expert in ?

  9. If you press the clear local saved games would that delete the game and I would have to download it again

  10. if i click clear local saved games does it delete my storage on my games

  11. Can some one explain it to me ,if I just un-install a game without un-installing the saved data ,would that free up space ,or do I need to un-install the saved data too?

  12. i literally have 3 GAMES DOWNLOADED & have 5.9gb free this is ridiculous help me pls

  13. guys i need help i literally have 7 games and 4 apps and my storage is at 93% and there is nothing to delete. idk what to fo

  14. does game sharing take up a lot of space. cause i have like 4 games with no storage

  15. Don't lie guys were all here because modern warfare and gta taking up ur ahit

  16. Does this clear your Xbox ultimate games

  17. It deleted all my PROGRESSSSSSSS WTAF!!!!!

  18. I want 35 games but my storage wont let me

  19. everytime i try to clear local saved games it RESTARTS my xbox and it didn't even delete anything!! need help please!!

  20. If I click clear local saved games will it delete my actual downloaded games?

  21. The 360 interaction made my Xbox restart 😂 and delete all my stuff🥲

  22. Thank you so much I know this is an old vid but it helped me

  23. Bro when I cleared my 360 games it shut off my Xbox 😳

  24. This shouldn't have to be said but nobody should have to go to a Goddamn YouTube video to figure out how to delete games on your Xbox One.
    It's ridiculous that these game designers weren't smart enough to create a system thats intuitive

  25. *sigh
    Here's another question I shouldn't have to ask.
    How do I know which games of mine are saved on the cloud and which are just saved in the system?
    Obviously I can't just push the delete button cuz I have no idea which games will be deleted.
    This video did nothing to help me

  26. I have like 5 games installed and 6 apps but it says im full on space

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