How to Free Up Disk Space for Steam Games 2020 UPDATED VERSION

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Feel free to drop any questions you have down in the comments and I’ll try my best to help you guys with your problems. Also try to look through the other comments, since someone else might be having the same issues as you! 🙂


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  2. Bruv I just wanna play Dead by Daylight, I’ve spent 4 hours getting enough disk space, even though j have 840 Gigabytes of free disc space, wtf…

    Update: bruh… so, first of all, THANK YOU! Second of all, I was attempting to download a dead by daylight thing that needed 1000 Gigabytes… so, yeah.

    But anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH

  3. U think i can put my d drive in my c drive because my d drive has 931 gigabites

  4. my problem is, my steam takes up over 100 gig and all games are uninstalled

  5. i only just installed apex on steam but why theres so many apps in my library

  6. Thank you homie! Freed up a hundred gigs because of this!

  7. i just want to play gta 5 😿😿

  8. is there any way to stop steam from reserving so much unneeded space for games? a 2gb game will sometimes reserve 12gb, why? couldnt they reserve 3gb instead of more than enough? 80gb of my storage has went to reserved steam game space, can i get that space back?

  9. I did everything and nothing worked

  10. Thx alot you helped me god bless 🤙🙏✌️👌🤜👍🔥🙂😎

  11. Bruh it took you 3 mins to say if you don't want it, get rid of it💀

  12. im trying to get my sonic generations on my D: drive and it has like 3 tb free but it says not enough disk space and sonic generations is like 8 gb

  13. thank you. i bought gta 5 which was my dream game and i thought icouldnt play it you get sub!

  14. I’ve uninstalled multiple games trying to get a 10 gb update for apex and it’s still saying not enough disk space, please help me.

  15. thanks alot you will get a new sub! MEE!! ily!!

  16. Wtf are things I don’t need ? I got a million differnt files that I’ve never seen before like 20 differnt steam installers

  17. bro i deleted legit everything and i still dont have enough to download gorilla tag

  18. Do I need any of the C++ Redistributable Microsoft Visuals

  19. so it says that i have free disk space and i have plenty to install this game but when i press install it says i have 0 bytes of available disk space amd it wont let me install anything

  20. Sorta helped as when I got there I went on my own and now have Payday 2 and TF2 on a Dells 2017 gaming laptop

  21. So i nedded space on steam so i deleted a game i dont play anymore apex legends and apex for me is 74 gigs but it didt give me the extra steam storage any ideas?

  22. My steam takes up 70 gbs on my c drive even though I installed it and all my games to my d drive, any tips anyone? I've tried using every online tool but it just cleans my d drive installation.

  23. Thank you this worked! Finally able to try Halo infinite now

  24. Does uninstalling games cause your save data to be deleted?

  25. I have like 170 gigs in “other” in steam is it normal or…?

  26. Bro how do you have rocket league i am not seeing it

  27. I had 0 games and downloaded one game and it says i dont have enough disk space, how do i fix this?

  28. thx even though i deleted some games its still taking up my disk space

  29. I have a 1tb SSD and it says I only have 200gb left yet I'm using around 250gb for steam games and about 50gb on random files as well as the ~60 for OS and I am clueless on what I need to delete

  30. Thank you so much I was about to get a refund until i watched you video🙏🏻

  31. I can’t install gta 5 on steam when I have 110gb and when the files are trying to install it goes down to 2.12gb plz help me

  32. This help a little I did one step and It didn't work thank god you didn't zoom in I had to type settings then click system then click storage also most of these people just say that so they can get hearted and comments

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