How to DELETE games on PS4 and FREE up SPACE on PS4 Hard drive (Best Method)

Do you want to know How to DELETE games on PS4?? And free up System Storage space on your PS4 hard drive to prevent from getting storage errors when downloading games? You can delete games on your PS4 multiple different ways, in this video I will show you how to delete multiple games and applications all at once and free up lots of storage space!

Ps4 not enough free space in system storage is a common error. The easiest way to free up space on your PS4 hard drive is to delete ps4 game! Also, don’t forget to delete applications as well. Go to settings. Storage and delete your themes, saved game data and your CLIPS + Screenshots as well. This will help free up hard drive space on your PS4. If you delete a game and want to redownload it. Go to library. Purchases and select the game to redownload. It’s saved to your account. …

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  1. done this, deleted elden ring and it cleared a lot of storage. but after attempting to download the game i was clearing for. the storage went back to the way it was like nothing even happened. even cleared the storage so it was like elden ring wasnt even in the playstation in the first place and its still do much. all it did was clear one gigabyte for its requirment when elden ring was taking up 42.85GB

  2. I just want to know if it will keep the saved data if i delete it

  3. Tysm for this hopefully I’m getting some games that I want for Christmas and this helps you so much because I’ll have more gigabytes

  4. Thanks again now i have more space and u also fix my ps4 pro heres your like and SUB!

  5. Fortnite should have been on the thumbnail.

    Just so it could look like it was being deleted.

  6. I hate everything that what he said…😡😡😡

  7. I have deleted the games. But if I want them back. I cannot see them anywhere in my library…

  8. i just deleted 2 games each around 40-50 gb / but the storage total did not go down, have you ever come across this?

  9. I can’t find help on this: Ratchet and Clank Into The Nexus was a PS3 game, and it won’t let you start a new game you had to delete the whole thing frm the ps3 to start over a new game. I’m streaming it on PS4; did not download it to my PS4. How do we delete data frm a streamed game that was never downloaded to the ps4?!?! I cant find any info on this. Somebody help!!

  10. Bruh you had 572 gigs you dotn need more space

    I'm here sitting at 407 gigabytes max

  11. The 17 dislikes are people that are on Nintendo switch, and think they got scammed 😀

  12. You saved me, am somalia 🇸🇴 man & father. You make me look like hero in front of my son. Thanks

  13. So if I delete fortnite for example right will and delete if I got to library I will have all my stuff if I download again right

  14. thanks! I was trying to download world of warships but i had a ton of games i dont play anymore or i just cant play them and i needed space to make it download faster. this really helped 🙂

  15. Is there anyway to do it without options button bc mine is broken

  16. He kinda sounds like Lukethenotable ngl

  17. This video is informational BUT does this method PERMANENTLY REMOVE Games from you're console ENTIRELY meaning you absolutely cannot re download it no matter what?

  18. Even after I do this, Unchartered 4 keeps auto re-downloading itself on my Ps4. I delete it every day.. any reason why this happens?

  19. Thanks but I’m no longer will be playing last of us part 2 I beat it and I want it permanently deleted from my library as well as a few other games I will never play again

  20. So I have a 1TB PS4 pro was curious do the games I delete from my library become permanently deleted??

  21. I deleted some games via storage > applications. But now they’re not on my ps4 profile (not in “All” and not in “purchased”). Did i do something wrong?

  22. Tickets so much bro I have so oh my god but thank you so much I don't know what to say I don't even know what to say I have like 51 games thank you for telling me how to delete them also I'm 7

  23. Would I keep my things if I deleted the game from storage

  24. Thx, surprisingly couldn't get this done until I saw your vid.

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