How to Delete Games & Free Up Space on Your Nintendo Switch | Switch Basics

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Alex shows you how you can get more space on your Switch by removing old games you don’t play anymore.

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  1. The way you speak make me laugh 😂😂

  2. Hi, hope you will help me answer my question. So here it is, i delete 1 of my game on my console and yes the icon game is disappeared but when i open the settings to data management, the game still tehere even though it says something like no longer available since its already deleted but the icon still there, are we cannt completely delete the history of our deleted game??

  3. Wowzers trousers, I’ve never been this early. Great advice for new switch owners!

  4. Thanks for the tips! Do you know if we can backup games in different micro SD cards and easily swap between them?

  5. Ok I like the idea of switch basics as a series but that music is not enjoyable

  6. Nice tutorial but we need a vid on how to turn on the switch


  8. Watching this makes me so thankful the switch menu has a dark theme


  10. How do you reinstall the games with the save data I was following this step by step?

    😂this is a joke

  11. 5/10 instructions not clear. Switch grew legs and deleted my family.

  12. Deleting games from your HOME screen doesn't effect your save data. Example for digital games only.

  13. I know how to delete games, why am I here, Alex?

  14. What I wanna know is why Minecraft says I have no room to download anything even though I have almost empty storage

  15. you can free up a surprising amount of space by deleting old demo save files

  16. Gotta capitalize on those keyword search terms am i right

  17. Oooh, this is extremely helpful for the casual audience. Also is there any chance we can expect a video on the new potential joycon drift fix with a scrap of cardboard that “VK’s channel” figured out.

  18. Wow, of this your data, you realy need NS oled model, for more games

  19. If people haven't already figured this out 5 years in, they shouldn't have a switch.

  20. This was not in my sub-tab, but on my start page. Maybe you need to reupload it.

  21. Next wanted video: how to make your voice sound like Alex's. give me a person who wouldn't want that

  22. I already knew this, but I wanted to listen to Alex’s lovely voice

  23. Imagine needing this video. This is why Double Fine is making that, no die mode.

  24. Remember when you didn't need to delete a game from the system cause the cartridge saved everything (GBA). I miss that.

  25. Can you do a video where you say how to transfer all of your save data from one switch to another (when I get the oled model I really want to do this)

  26. Great video. I had to do a search about this when I first wanted to delete a game. I was confused about deleting vs archiving.

  27. Photos and videos also take up lots of space. I just transferred a whole lot of screenshots and videos to my laptop and I ended up freeing up of 3GB of memory! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Just letting you know, this didn't appear in my sub feed for some reason.

  29. While this is definitely not for me as I have been a Switch owner for 4 years, It's great that you guys are doing this for new Switch owners!

  30. This video could've saved me last year when i got my switch and tried to delete that Captain toad demo and didn't know how

  31. Ok why is this video a thing lmfao who doesn't know how to do this 😂😅😂

  32. Please answer this is a pressing matter!

    There is no information on this anywhere but it’s an option in the switch when you click on a game in settings/data management/manage software called prevent auto archive (on or off)

    What is prevent auto archive? Does this mean eventually digital games will archive themselves if you don’t play them?

    Do we need to turn this on so that in the future when the switch eshop no longer works and we can’t redownload things, we can keep our digital games safely on our switch?

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