How Gamers Think Video Games Are Made…

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How Gamers Think Video Games Are Made…

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  1. Understandable now I have created a clone cyberpunk 2077 thanks

  2. Don't forget to use the button in the corner to add micro transactions

  3. Something even AAA studios dont know about: there's an "Enable Perfect Anti-Cheat" setting in Project Settings -> Multiplayer

  4. "our engine doesn't have a make multiplayer button"
    roblox: you think you're so funny, huh buddy?

  5. Hahaha dude but this soon may be reality 😉 with AI

  6. Instructions unclear, I clipped through spawn.

  7. don't forget the "add paid DLCs", "add micro transactions" and the "add gambleboxes" buttons.

    They're EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to be added.

    Lastly don't forget to set your game to be "suitable for the M O D E R N A U D I E N C E S "

    That way you can appease an certain "consultant" company, which in no way, tries to force, and/or extort devs who refuse to do their bidding.

  8. triple A graphics -> valorant graphics… wtf?

  9. I didn't know they made games like this

  10. They won't tell you this but this is how AAA development actually works.

  11. One thing i love about Unreal is its Blueprints language, which masquerades as an alternative to programming, but is actually a Clever And Devious way to trick you into learning programming

  12. Don't forget this hasnt changed in 20 years, making a game for the xbox one is just as easy as making a game for the first xbox.

  13. Don’t forget the auto ban bad people button.

  14. Ah yes as a gamedev i can comfirm this is very true

  15. U forgot to demonstrate how the overpriced dlc button works

  16. Don’t forget the “add new stuff” button

  17. If only it were that easy you got people spending years making Roblox games bro just Roblox games not even a real one😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼

  18. We always complain, but we always forgot to deactivate de LAG option

  19. we know games are hard to make, its just that some mf's dont even try. like at that point just dont make a game

  20. You should’ve done the “Insert RPG” button. There’s too many fps games already.

  21. The amount of work it goes into just making the right music and sound effects play…

  22. Dont forget the import battle pass button

  23. as a new dev, i can already say that this triggers me

  24. As a game developer i can confirm we make games like this

  25. Hmmm I don’t rember this when I tried lreaning

  26. A strange mistake all AAA game studios seem to be making is pressing the "add lootboxes" button

  27. when i say im currently working on a little game there is always so many people that sai i should make it multiplayer. im gonna need that button

  28. I noticed the program being used here and…while i wish it happened…its just not possible 😂

  29. For me, i thought making a game is more like Minecraft and super Mario maker, instead of this whatever sit…

  30. Yeah… Game development is profession where people are going to have misconception about what you do. Join the club.

  31. Bro just casually made a tutorial on how to make valorant 💀

  32. بله دیگه یه مشت کسخل مغرور که اون پشت نشستن فکر میکنن با یه دکمه میشه بازی ساخت

  33. Whats this someone explain 😢😢 I am flutter dev , I am new to game development , anyone please explain

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