Henry Cavill’s Warhammer 40K Universe REJECTS Woke Agenda + Eastern Game Industry Implodes Overnight


Amazon & Games Workshop have officially updated their Warhammer 40K live action universe & Henry Cavill has officially been revealed in his new position. Also China’s entire game industry implodes over night & companies are panicking, so let’s talk. Step into sugartown blur: a journey through time and taste in this charming countryside haven.

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  1. I think it would be difficult for 40k to be the flagship franchise. People don't like ambiguity. They also don't like exposition dumps. It will be tough to get people up to speed fast enough to tell a story fully immersed in the universe. The best they could do is go with small stories that lend themselves to fish out of water characters that diegetically ask questions the audience wants to know. Examples could include:

    Following a group of friends from a feudal world as they are being inducted into a founding of Astra Militarum. Living a simple life and then thrust into a brutal campaign in a savage universe wholly foreign to their pastoral home world.

    A manufactorum worker slaving away for hours a day finds themselves wrongly accused of heresy or sabotage. Having no options they flee into the under hive, ironically joining up with a gang or cult to survive. Yet they must prove their worth with increasingly dangerous missions, and have to rise in this new hierarchy while constantly watching their back and evading the Arbities.

    Someone awakens as a psyker, and is abducted by the black ships. However, before it can arrive on Holy Terra – the black ship crashes into a space hulk. Now the guards and their prisoners need to band together to find a way off the hulk. But they aren't the only ones on the mammoth derelict, Tyranid Bioforms, Orks, and daemons wage an endless war among the labyrinthine non-Euclidean gothic chambers.

    The good thing about all of these is, they would be self contained. You wouldn't need flow charts or reference an index or glossary every five minutes. Everybody would essentially be an average joe that is just as confused as anybody in the audience. They'd go from a world that is normal-ish, to one that weird but still close enough to understand. My worry is that they're going to try to do the Horus Heresy, Eisenhorn, or the Dark Imperium. They can't pull it off, because those need to be built up first. They need small scale stories, with tangible stakes, and a small cast of characters. No fate of the Galaxy crap.

  2. Do none of you know ANYTHING about 40k? 40K is literally satire of the right-wing. The imperium runs around talking about how evil all the other races are for killing trillions, while the imperium also kills trillions everyday and has forced it's people into horrific poverty to fund the war engine.

    Conservatives truly don't have an ounce of media literacy.

  3. Warhammer will be 10 times bigger than anything if done right

  4. The Emperor of Mankind is fighting in the Warp the Chaos gods (which includes the Woke Agenda) to prevent intrusion in our daily lives.

  5. Hey more power to women and all
    I support them
    I saw the fallout thing and it’s mostly a woman so that makes me scared because I don’t want them to do fallout dirty like they did star wars.

    seeing a woman there just automatically makes me think it’s gonna be another woman empowering girl boss thing.

  6. Generally, if someone is playing a game every day, making sure to get every log-in bonus, I'd say they are just wasting their time.
    I can't imagine grinding that much is actually enjoyable.

  7. cringe youtube title but hope his show does well

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Wtf algorythm?! Why this wide faced invisible incel?

  9. If it’s not rated R and as brutal and unrelentingly horrific as it should be I’m out. 40K means one thing, unfathomable scale in all things.

  10. Why would the ccp do that tho? Tencent is gov. owned and is their biggest company that has used all of the shady practices before, to great effect.
    Besides, wouldn't they want to exploit their population to the max?
    I think this is just something they're doing to get a few more golden stars from their labotomized public, and there is bound to be a safeguard already in place that would make up for the huge loss of income they have created with this decision.

  11. not a fan of the gameplay but the lore and everything in it omg it is amazing
    wish they made a open world game

  12. 08:00 Reacher is as close as we are going to get a Batman. He is Batman without the suit and he is played by an actor who can display a strong male character, both physically and mentally.

  13. Thing is, is that westerns didn't die they only fell out of fashion while modern and medieval came to popularity. Which in many ways made sense cause there's more to work with while westerns stayed more in realism over fantasy and there really wasn't a huge call for them so it only made sense that directors would shelve westerns. unlike movies produced by Disney and hollywood as of late literally killed their movies with political BS.

  14. They implement this law to only affect minors. Says alot about their business model that by taking out minors in the equation it destroys the company. Comes across as if these companies are exploiting minors to me.

  15. It's funny. Henry Cavill's last major show was Witcher, which is about 70% a direct ripoff of Elric of Melnibonè. Now he's off to Warhammer which has ripped off every major fantasy and sci-fi property since the 60's, including Elric of Melnibonè! Someone needs to start cutting Micheal Moorcock some checks for this stuff!

  16. As long as 40k doesn’t come out with a boring story about an Inquisitor and drama. There’s only war in 40k.

  17. You put too much stock in Amazon, you're either a shill or a very naive person, they will woke tf outta this

  18. Seriously though anything collapsing or falling apart or ending in China is good news. China is a menace to the world and they’re getting way too inclined in all of the gaming industry. I mean they own dig streams now I mean China is too involved. I don’t want them taking over I don’t want them to have my information I don’t want them to even know who I am.

  19. Well yeah, the Warhammer 40k Imperium of Man is fascist AF, I think the only sci fi world that is more fascist than that is the Judge Dredd one (from the original comics).
    Wokism has no place in it, it would pave the way for Chaos.

  20. You had me at “rejects woke”. While I’ve never been a fan in the past, Astates was amazing and everything else has been ruined with woke, so I guess I’m a fan now. Viva la 40k!

  21. I hate to say this, but Westerners have got it wrong again regarding anything coming out from China. While it's true that they ARE limiting access to games by minors (and for good reason!) the so-called "BAN" on gacha is limited to minors. also, gambling is illegal in MOST countries of the world but this doesn't apply to IAPs like gacha-style games. Adults are still able to just pay for gacha in IAPs of proper games without limit. Seriously folks, get out of your Westerner mindset.

  22. i'd be happy waiting 5-6 years for a better movie/show. "The best things come to those who wait." Heinz Ketchup 1987

  23. I think everyone is getting tired of woke being injected in to games. They should make their own games rather than try to change existing games. Same goes for race or gender swapping established characters; stop doing this or give us a white female Shaft, a yellow gender-ambiguous Black Panther, and a brown male Wonder Woman if it really doesn't matter anymore….

  24. I have high hopes for 40K because Cavill knows so much of the lore and thus knows the amount of lore there is and how they can be told in ways that can not only introduce new comers to the franchise but also respects the details for the existing fans of the franchise.

    The complete opposite of this is the creators of the Halo show. The creators never played the game(s) nor intended to play or learn the lore of the franchise to, and i quote, "not to interfere with our creativity for the story we want to tell". With this mentality they may have made a show that completely ruined the franchise due to lore inaccuracies, vast character changes, etc though the worst is REVEALING MASTER CHIEF'S FACE ON THE FIRST EP! Which in the game(s) never happens. Only details of his face are told in the Books and even then the details were all wrong in the show.

    They should not have green lit a season 2 for Halo and I hope Cavill stays on for 40K and that Amazon doesn't get in his way because I think he will make the fan base proud.

  25. If its not 18+ rated its gonna be shit

  26. One of us, One of us, One of us, One of us…

  27. The Herri Cavill protects! But who protect the Henri Cavill? May he never taste the taint of Amazon

  28. Which makes me curious, what will a woke Warhammer look like

  29. Losing Cavill as Superman and Geralt was disgraceful and a travesty. He is the perfect Superman and Witcher. I am so sick of woke nonsense that I've been watching a lot of older movies and shows which are miles better than most of the stuff these days. The problem with disney is that the wokeness has infected every part of the company. So most of the people working there don't care about money, they only want to spread their woke crap. Only the share holders care about making money.

  30. I'm shocked the "anti-woke" schtick is still gaining steam. "the woke agenda" what does that mean again? Or do you mean needless and often offensive pandering made by out of touch liberalish producers who only listen to the loudest most annoying part of a sector of humanity?

  31. Warhammer 40k is political…idiot. And so is Fallout. Both are parodies of far right wing politics but you didn't get the memo.

  32. I wonder what iconic enemy will be in the first show- heretics? Chaos? Tyranid? Or oh please oh please–40k authentic Orks?!

  33. the fallout show is going to suck. they are going to completely drop the ball. they have no NCR faction at all and the brotherhood of steel is no longer a technology cult, but peace keeping enforcers in the wasteland. completely backwards.

  34. How can Jina have the biggest gaming market, if they are only gamers on the weekends?

  35. Hope the guys who write the books are a big part of the writing.


  37. Will henry calvin serves the emperor or the greater good

  38. If you thought Rings of Power was bad, wait until you get a load of Wheel of Time. That was one giant CF of DEI politics. It was actually quite disgusting.

  39. Its gonna be made by Amazon. They are perpetually woke. What they did to The Wheel of Time was a travesty.

  40. 40k can't be woke because commissioner would shoot you and the inquisition would virus bomb the planet 😀

  41. The leftists are going to try as hard as they can to coop this genre.

  42. Yeah, let´s se it first, as much as I love Henry Cavil, hes not the money guy!

  43. I’m betting on at least three fake abuse claims on Henry’s name
    because they can’t let investors know that people like non political stuff

  44. I would pay $1000 right now for early access to everything in this franchise 🤷‍♂️😂

    Just the thought of this project is better than anything Hollywood has produced in 20 years.

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