He Quit Lost Ark After 4500 Hours..

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“Why I Quit LОЅТ АRK After 4500 Hours”
by @SywoSan
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  1. So happy i stopped as soon as i hit 50.

  2. so if the game tells ppl to kill them selfs they will just do it? i dont agree with that bro ppl have to be smarter u cant just trash someone becuse a game tells u too

  3. I thought he had enough after almost 5k hours. My God…

  4. lost ark might have gotten more people AWAY from these game than into it, just because everyone that quit came out with a different and healthier mindset about games. you go through hell to appreciate life.

  5. And yet Asmongold blocked me on Twitter for calling Lost Ark a dogshit game.

  6. damn i love sywo, been watching the guy mainly for aion content for years. Amazing to see that asmon reacts to him so he can get traffic, he deserves it! such a nice guy <3

  7. They should just re re-release Lost ark as sngleplayer, with some kind of co op like borderlands , without live service.

  8. I’m not playing so often anymore good luck 🤞

  9. I quit that game after level 45 at early release time, i dont know about now but at that time you can level 45 within like 27 hours. I’m impressed that guy carry on play for 4500h.

  10. "And then a paid promo for FF14 turned up in my inbox"

    rip Lost Ark

  11. Mr4kTV has almost 9k hours and the craziest roster in the world… he still loves the game tho.

  12. still playing, having fun with it after 3,5k h 😀

  13. Spoiler – it’s because he’s played 4500 hours

  14. You didn’t quit the game, king, you broke up with it. Holy f

  15. The fact even Sywo gets rejected from groups off stream just makes me laugh, glad I got out when I did. It feels so good to see the writing on the wall with a game and be justified.

  16. Who cares about virtual reality. We all going to die one day.

  17. LOL everyone plays FF14 and gets enlightened how fucking awful and predatory some of these other games are.

  18. Quitting Lost Ark just gets you more views, it seems to be the new trend nowadays!

  19. Guys stay please! it’s only gonna be 10 more years till we retrieve the last remaining ark! A decade will finish in no time, just gotta have the stamina. It’s free 2 pay….. I mean play people!

    Just think about all the memories we will all share in 10 years time.

    Asmon only spent 12k, think what we could accomplish in 10 years.

  20. Korean MMO turns out to be a classic pay2win money grab.

    Suprised Pikachu face after spending 4500 hours

    Who would have guessed? Where are the people preaching it's not pay2win now? Do they still play the game or did they move on? 🙂

  21. rich w campbell megacancelled, otk hid him in some basement or something till everyone forgets…sad world we live in

  22. I quit ff14 after 8500 hours. You don’t hear me crying about it

  23. To be clear: in P2W games especially Korean MMOs you will be absolute trash unless you spend A LOT. I am talking thousands of dollars. ArcheAge was a lot of fun for me as F2P but there were limits to what I could do. The whales could wipe out 40 of us with a group of 5 players. There were players in my raid that did pay, they paid a few hundred though not thousands. There was almost no limit to how powerful you could get by paying in ArcheAge. But I loved the gliders, the ship battles, fishing, trade routes, the land system (that most players hated). Anyways I tried Lost Ark and while I liked the game play I walked away cause I didn't feel like spending big bucks…and that game was one I wasn't gonna enjoy without forking over $$$.

  24. I died laughing at “Hey Barbara nice tits” thank you I needed that.

  25. 188 days played. Casual. I played 4 WoW expansions including Classic and I had more than that on a single character.

  26. If he got enlightened by diablo IV, he really needs to go out and try other games. 4500 hrs, time to move on

  27. Yeah I noticed 18 hours into the game that it was on that bs. Havent touched it since the second week of the western release. Huge let down. As someone who wasn't going to drop any cash on it at all

  28. I quit Lost ark about 4 weeks ago played 4.8k hrs and i felt like i was released from a prison. I can breath the free air again.

  29. it's a korean game what do you expect lol. no matter what i personally abstain from korean MMO.

  30. Trying to jump into a mmo anyone in the comments have suggestions

  31. ᴀᴜsᴛɪɴɢʀᴇʏɴɪʜɪʟɪᴛʏ says:

    I want to know how u even get to those numbers 🗿 like if i combine all my gaming history on steam it's 1500hours ish over these last 5 years that I've been playing several games if i combine my console gaming it'll probably be the time he spend on a single game and that makes me wonder where the hell does he get the time?

  32. I quit Lost Ark, when I was making my schedule for bussing, raids, dungeons, reward rotations, catching the bus for world bosses, islands, chaos gates, then I realized how sick I've become, my mind is always "I've to get on the computer, I still got dailies, I can't skip or I can't catch up"… but enough of that bullshit, I'm quitting. However, I do miss the people that I've met in the game.

    To you guys out there, even though I don't join your runs anymore, not sure if you are still playing Lost ark or not, wish you all to live the best of your life.

  33. Do you understand that they are games? Spending so much monay (like 5-20k as you mentioned) is insane for the majority of people. Also if you can't make like 10-15 times this every year, spending so much money turns this from a game to addiction and a type of slavery. What exactly is so good to any game that actually deserves to be paid so much? My opinion is that nothing does. This is a norm for these games only because there are people that chose (and are able) to pay. If they didn't the developer companies would stop trying to steal everyone. This has gone so far from what games' actual purpose is.

  34. He need to shoot his gems man. I quit and gave my gems away 😅

  35. Asmon advocating paying to win in Lost Ark as avoiding cuckery and badmouthing Sywo for trying to take the harder route, when in fact I see it the other way around. If you pay money to play a game, you are committing cuckery because you can be treating yourself much better with that cash. 1000 dollars for power is like 3 meals a day for two months straight. You lose by spending money, not by not spending money. Cmon man, you could easily take a round trip flight and book a hotel and enjoy life much better with that than spend it on some Korean game and wasting your summer away farming stupid mokoko events. The real cuck is Asmon in my eyes for not getting his priorities straight. It takes a lot more courage to take the F2P route in a game knowing full well it will be immensely harder for yourself, but yea everyone reaches their limits eventually.

  36. You can't progress worth a damn in a pay to win free game without paying to win 😂 better just staying away from them 🤷🏽‍♂️

  37. Who drops 10 000 dollars in a game? 😂😂😂 like who has that kind of money to drop in a game? 😮

  38. 19:50 sywo has 3 Real Life Alts then, so he can enjoy his Main more.

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