GTA 5 PC Online Funny Moments – ALIEN SPACE DERBY?! (Custom Games)

Sky VS Gaming

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Hey guys, welcome back to another GTA V video! Today SkyVSGaming is playing GTA Alien Invasion Derby with ThatGuyBarney, RedVacktor, and TimDotTV! Everyone is appropriately awed by the map, Sky almost dies, Red talks about his ass teeth, and Red dies. Tim ever so slowly tips off the edge, Sky drives off after him and jumps out of his car to skydive, and ends up falling faster than Tim and thereby losing himself the round. Sky is pushing Tim off the edge in the next round when Red comes flying in, effectively saving Tim and then promptly falling off the map himself. As Tim laughs at him, Barney enters the scene at 60 mph and shoves Tim to his death. Barney gets out of his car to fight Sky one on one, but Sky has no honor and just runs him over. Sky declares he’ll send Red and Barney to go skydiving if the video reaches 50,000 likes, and, I mean, I’m going to be pretty upset if that doesn’t happen, so. It’s down to Tim and Sky again, and they decide to hop out and go golfing, but it turns into murder. Sky wins the first match, then they move on to the next map, where Red continues to suck at the game and cause his own death, Barney and Sky play chicken with each other, and Sky hijacks Barney’s car to run him over and win. For the final round, Sky is pushed to his death early in the game, Red and Tim fall to the ground but don’t die, and Barney jumps out of his car to fall to his death, leaving Red to win the game. That’s it for this GTA V Alien Invasion Derby – thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!


  1. Damn 3 years later and no skydiving video

  2. i wanted to watch this out of nostalgia but n O you had to remind me of The Game . my streak is goNE

  3. When Red saved Tim and sacrificed himself its basically "A soul for a soul."

  4. My favorite thing about corn is that it's yellow 😂

  5. Almost 75,000 Likes & Still No Skydiving Video. What The Freak Sky. Time To Send Barney & Red.

  6. Where’s the skydiving video…I’m waiting

  7. Corn It has this way it gets stuck in my poo and wariations in the food industried

  8. Let’s go golfing
    gets smacked in head with club
    Ahh Jesus

  9. Barney's "oh shit! OH SHITS!!" Has me dead🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. when it's 2021 and your still waiting for them do go sky diving 🤪🤪

  11. Watching this in 2021, seeing that it has 75k likes so does Barney jump out of a plane

  12. The curved shorts aditionally land because border unintentionally phone following a obedient sale. small, free rod

  13. My favorite thing about Corn is that it is that you can make mazes of of it.

  14. Where is red and Barney skydiving video?? I've waited years for this the video has 75k likes where is it

  15. Warning…your childhood has expired…I feel nostalgic

  16. Jesus loves you all , repent for your sins and him in your heart to be accepted into heaven . God bless you all!!!🖤🖤

  17. Jesus Christ loves you all so much! you are never alone. you matter ! i pray many blessings come your way . repent for your sins and accept Jesus in your heart to be accepted in his kingdom ! God bless you all🖤

  18. My favorite thing abou corn is it comes in little flavor packets

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