GTA 5 Online PS5/Xbox Series X Character Migration FIX…You NEED To Know This Before Playing!

GTA 5 Online PS5/Xbox Series X Character Migration FIX…You NEED To Know This Before Playing!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – GTA 5 Online PS5/Xbox Series X Character Migration FIX…You NEED To Know This Before Playing!

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  1. I can’t find the new gta on series s I can only find the old version

  2. Why cant I m cross save my character between XBOX and PC

  3. I just posted on my page not too long ago show you everything is my character is a big glitch in their system and they haven't even fixed yet even the last update before the new update they still haven't fixed those glitches

  4. Such a shitbag that this launch has become- it should be fucccin easy to transfer your character from one platform to another!!!!!! LIKE WHAT KIND OF ASS IS THAT?!?!?!?!?! FUCKIN CROOKS!!!! Never spending money on a Rockstar Product again!!!!!

  5. What they don’t tell you is if your console email address and rockstar social do not match they won’t allow you to migrate so you have to change the one on rockstar social then it will let you migrate it to ps5

  6. Also before you migrate buy any custom plates you want from the IFruit app on iOS or android if you don’t you can’t buy custom plates anymore 😑

  7. Why won't Rockstar put the new content on PC

  8. This proves rockstar is just in it for the money. If you got too start from the beginning you gonna need shark cards

  9. absolutely not worth buying an new console for

  10. I can’t migrate and in never used pc or money hacks or some type of shit

  11. I migrated over from the xbox one version that I was useing on my xbox series x over to ps5 no problem my account started on xbox one and I haven't got in to trouble with Rockstar for any form of cheating (I'm sorry for anybody that has this issue)

  12. The GTA Online profile associated with this Rockstar Games Social Club account is not eligible for migration at this time. Wtf

  13. So because ive got dropped 4 million dollars like 4 years ago on ps3 i cant transfer to ps5????? Yo i spent like 350$ real money and im level 278 WTFF

  14. it doesnt give me a error or anything i simply dont even get a option to migrate

  15. It's funny that they are moving players forward on this old ass game

  16. My problem it when in party chat on xbox we have no music from the radio in cars

  17. can i migrate from xbox one to xbox series x and will my character stay on the xbox series x until i can buy the xbox series x in like 3 years will all my stuff still be on xbox series x

  18. Had no issues and it’s been playing great. Glad I got it ,especially not having played it in a few years so it feels like there’s a lot since I lasted played. It also looks really good 👍🏾

  19. is the bonus 4 million only for when you create a new character, or can you also get it if you continue with your existing character someone help please

  20. When i load up the game on any mode it takes you to the apartment but then crashes before it loads. Ive deleted and reinstalled the game and it still doesnt work. Can anyone help?

  21. I’m wondering why this a issue now. The new consoles were released in late 2020. Was gta account transfer not working then?

  22. I only own GTA 5 on ps4 and i can't migrate my progress to ps5.

  23. It went smoothly ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻

  24. I would like to order A number 1 Big Mac meal says:

    I should have duped some more cars before I transferred over.

  25. Anyone know why my gta isn’t working on my Xbox 1 I don’t want to migrate it to another console because I don’t have one but when I load in it gives me an alert like the rockstar game services are unavailable right now please return to grand theft auto V

  26. I hope from the owner of the video make an video to the Rockstar company thats allow players that’s can’t migrate there account to migrate them , because believe me no one will ever think or even try to play the game from the beginning and leave there grinding on there main account

    Hope that rockstar let all players migrate with no issues and make the baned and the restricted on the new gta not know

    Who agree like this comment

    Thank u 💙

  27. Someone in these comments walk me through step by step what I need to do to transfer from Xbox one/series x to PS5 ????????????

  28. does not even give me the option to migrate lol

  29. maybe it was because i had billions & rank 719

  30. I lost all my cars all my businesses all my clothes all my jewelry All my specialty cars vehicles And they left me with my a 120 level level and the money I had in my bank that's ithat's it I pretty much have to start all the way over not happy at all

  31. Everything works on my transfer except for 1 thing on the ps5. Every time I try to enter my MC The game crashes

  32. I am having a problem migrating to ps5 from PS4 and get that error

  33. Haven't played gta online in like 6+ years.. I was only level 80 something but I had millions of dollars and properties purchased. I'm signed into my Rockstar account but for some reason it says I have no progress to transfer over

  34. When I load into Gta Online, it only loads till 90% and then shows entering main menu and I'm back to the online/story menu

  35. Will my rank and progression be gone in the new gta if I transfer

  36. getting modded on ps3 is coming back to bite me lol

  37. I am new, how do I find a nice server with good RP, on ps5?

  38. ⚠️THERE IS A FIX AND IT TAKES ONE SECOND🚨 All you have to do is hit quit and do it again and for some reason it works the second time around!

  39. Thank God I was able to migrate with no problem👍

  40. It's okay to the cheaters that their acc can not migrating

  41. Why are you Never blah blah blah Account Hack wtf $663 Million Money you lie mrbossftw

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