GOING TO SPACE in 11 OPEN-WORLD Games (2001-2023)

👋 Hey Family! In this video we take a look at what happens if you go to space in open-world games from 2001 to 2023. I hope you will enjoy.

🎮 All Games mentioned:
⬛ 00:00 GTA III
⬛ 01:15 Cyberpunk 2077
⬛ 02:54 Red Dead Redemption 2
⬛ 04:05 GTA IV
⬛ 05:12 Watch Dogs Legion
⬛ 06:31 GTA San Andreas
⬛ 07:33 Mafia II
⬛ 08:45 Bully
⬛ 09:45 GTA V
⬛ 10:58 Just Cause 2
⬛ 12:25 GTA Vice City

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  1. Nice Betaz perfect edit and video bro nice Job great 🎉🎉🎉💪💪💪

  2. I just saw a dream today in morning time that i am flying in the gta 5 man through no clip / airbreak this is just wild that this video got uploaded today itself when i saw dream related to it

  3. Just cause 2 has pretty good space 🚀 detail

  4. Your expectations were on next level😂

  5. GTA V was impressive =]
    Thank you for your video! I was anxious about it.

  6. Same as other ones, but I will take it. Hope to see your videos upload frequency rising back again and newer ideas to make comparison

  7. I will go to space in the dreams of the afternoon😂🚀

  8. 4:08 maybe in the GTA 4 EFLC version you can go to the other space

  9. I think my brother forgot the game sequence

  10. Can you add Batman Arkham City Next time? Great Video as always 🙂

  11. Imagine being on a game map that actually uses & gives you full access to the entire available space for the map to exist in, meaning the entire circle.

  12. Start far cry and resident evil side by side comparison series !!

  13. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤❤👍👏

  14. man really tried to go in space without a spacesuit 🫡

  15. You can’t ignore that betaz is literally making our days by providing these high quality videos ❤

  16. That thing looks more like moon rather than earth in bully

  17. GTA V is still best in this section of details

  18. So most of the game world is inside of black hole 🗿

  19. I remember seeing people going further up to space in gta 5 before without that happening, it pretty much looks like a giant glitchy blue sphere

  20. Please make a video on elevator doors, escalator and shopping malls in gta games.

  21. If it can't be done without mods, does it really count?

  22. Please make a video on
    Rain of open World games

  23. hey dude ! please make next video and love of your work and specially your background music and i hope you complete your 1 million too soon !

  24. We cant even hear anything in space so thats actually good for a 2001 game

  25. Wow red dead’s 2 map is bigger than I thought!

  26. im sad that there is no minecraft. Its easy to go up in the sky in minecraft due to commands and player effects especially shulker which can levitate players for a short time. Its an alternative to airbreak.

  27. Just Cause 2 is pretty underrated. It's better than some of the newer games.

  28. 8:30 OMG that part strongly reminded me of Kingdom Hearts 3! XD

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