Games Workshop Previews NEW Warhammer 40k Launch Box Models!!! Space Marines Tyranids 10th #new40k

War Hammer Man Studios
Official Announcement Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition Launch Box. Brand New Terminators, Termigants, and many more brand new Models, and completely new improved Warhammer 40,000 Rules!

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Warhammer 40k 10th Edition Launch Box!

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  1. I might actually get the new starter boxes for 10th edition.

  2. I've got bias being a Tyranid player but hell does the new cinematic look E P I C !

  3. Clickbaited title, considering they didn’t say anything about the launch box in the presentation from what I heard while watching

  4. where new terminators?
    Only higher price thats it.

  5. The combi weapon vets look nice, but im confused as to what role that phobos shown off is gonna have. At 1st I thought he was a reiver but the more I look the less i notice the skull mask. Aside from the obvious like termies I'm seriously surprised we didn't get a melee jump pack unit teased. Nids looked nice but moved too fast to get a good look. I'm certain I saw a screamer killer in there.

  6. The combi weapon squad look cool, the terminators are massively improved by the looks of things. The Hellstorm Redemptor looks wicked…. love the fact they've given us something in Gravis. Very cool…

  7. ive just startet a tyranid army😢 wont buy any new nid models until the new ones

  8. Looks like the Imperium is on the ropes. It’s got Girlyman jaded.

  9. Yes! Terminators are the best space marine models

  10. I can't believe people are simping for this pathetic show. 3d printing is the future Games Shitshop is a joke.

  11. New Termie models suck yak nuts. Boring. Old. Gravis armor is way cooler and fresh.

  12. Make no mistake, I want those new tyrranid and terminator sculpts, and based off that data card, It sounds like they are getting rid of the (Stupid) "Full turn" system, so maybe the game will actually be fun again (I KNOW WHAT I SAID). however I just have to say, that data card looks awfully similar to Ravaged Star.

  13. The biggest thing GW NEED to change wasn't mentioned. The "You go, I go" turn sequence is awful when you are on the receiving end of a turn 1 Alpha strike, and lose half your force before you've even moved a model. One Page Rules' alternating unit activation system is so much better, or Bolt Actions random unit activation dice, but nothing like this for 10th ed 😢

  14. I know this isn't relevant but IDK how to message on YouTube and I am heated. I just saw an add for Warhammer+ with a special offer that ends in a week. If you sign up NOW you can get your first month for only $2.99 instead of $5.99! I find that fucking insulting. They can't even make the first month free? I had to try audible for free and I got 2 Warhammer audio books, something I don't even get from Warhammer+.

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