G2 vs SGB – Day 5 LoL MSI 2022 Rumble Stage | G2 Esports vs Saigon Buffalo full game

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MSI 2022 SGB vs G2 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational 2022 Rumble – G2 Esports vs Saigon Buffalo. MSI 2022 SGB vs G2 VOD.
2022 MSI full playlist:
League of Legends Season 12 Mid-Season Invitational in Korea.
First game of the day – G2 Esports vs Saigon Buffalo vs best of 1. G2 vs SGB.

G2 Esports Line-up:
Broken Blade – top Vladimir
Jankos – jungle Wukong
Caps – mid Anivia
Flakked – bot
Targamas – support

Saigon Buffalo Line-up:
Top – Hasmed Aatrox
Jungle – BeanJ Gwen
Mid – Froggy Galio
ADC – Shogun
Support – Taki

Patch: 12.8 – Season 12
Game date: 23.05.2022 | 05/23/2022 | May 23rd 2022
Game place: Korea
Casters: Medic and Drakos

#MSI #MidSeasonInvitational #MSI2022

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  1. G2 Fans: G2 is trolling and just limittesting!

  2. Imagine losing to 1-7 team, wtf man
    But yeah, the drama more fun to watch, cant wait for next eg vs g2

  3. T1 is locked in for semifinals now thank you very much G2 🤣🤣🤣

  4. I don't really know why People hyped G2 so much after just two Days. Sure there are Limit Testing quite often, not gonna lie. But their Consitency in big international Games lack.
    For me it feels that if G2 gets behind in early or getting outdraftet, its already a nail in the coffin.
    However i'm open for anything and maybe they proof me wrong.

  5. Even though it's infuriating to see G2 play badly I still think this format is bad. You don't get a reward for being first in your group, meanwhile eg, who performed poorly in their group, have the same chance. I don't understand how that's fair.

  6. Saigon pulled an NA. They played like shit until they were eliminated then started playing for real.

  7. G2 go home please… your a disgrace for EU

  8. I can't fathom the emotional rollercoaster EU fans experience this past few days.
    The win streak was broken but still keeping a streak.

  9. caps is without a doubt best players in league right now if he is not overshadowed by the best jugglers in msi! lol so true.

  10. I saw C9 choke hard but man, this is a whole new level 😂😂

  11. I don't really keep up with these games but last time I checked G2 was the only team has not been defeated in the tournament. Wtf happened or did I remember wrong?

  12. Funny how people never look at the other side of the coin. Maybe Caps just had a good day. Bcs without him doing it G2 does nothing. Every and any win G2 got was all on the back of him.
    Funny to see G2 fans find excuses and talk everything down but their beloved team. Looking at the comment section is almost more interesting.

  13. I remember when G2 fans were saying why allow teams from crap regions to participate in MSI only for them to be beat up by other teams, I guess they were right, G2 shouldn't be allowed to participate in future

  14. Caps greeding for that plate gold, when they saw enemy botlane coming. Very weird

  15. What the heck…
    Credits to SGB, but G2 was so bad I couldn't even watch.
    When your opponents no longer have anything to lose, they might go aggressive, so you better draft a safe teamfight comp. This was ok. But then… starting pointless fights and overstaying to make sure they don't get to later teamfights?
    Huh, I hope they can find confidence again. New members will always make mistakes while gaining experience, so the veterans have to be the pillars to hold the team together. Of course it's not easy.

  16. G2 should thank rng and eg cus they beat psg. G2 needs to take a break go on a date or something and come back fresh for the semi. They lost their balance like wtf…..

  17. The only thing that's more satisfying than having SGB win is hearing Drako's desperate casting "prowess". hahaha. I can almost see his face frowning through his casting.

  18. In what world do you try to kill he gwen when her team is right there? and all Galio has to do is R to prevent it? I don't understand that play at all

  19. Wow after only 2 games in Day 1 Rumble, G2 and its fans claimed they are the "Best Team at MSI", going to win MSI for sure. Only team with the win streak, and "Best Team in the World".

    And now, they are the team with the longest losing streak. G2, like TSM, love to open its big mouth so they can hard choke.

  20. Plumy slowly, putting that T1 jersey back on

  21. Momentum goes both ways. G2 are shook after their first loss.

  22. Few games earlier. Commentators: "G2 definitely the best mid and best jungler in the tournament." I was like … really?

  23. I mean I expected them to grief but not this hard 🤡

  24. that's what you get for making the whole arena into the library🤣

  25. G2 thought process be like “we can’t win msi anyways let’s focus on winning against NA” lol

  26. keeping up a streak that's the EU goal, lets go g2 HAHAHAH

  27. Bot said lets throw, caps trolling with anivia

  28. the bravado and poise SGB claimed this match with was spectacular and second to none! absolute shambles for G2 – LoL is a fickle game haha let's see where this leads

  29. The caster is insane. Only g2 fantards though g2 was the best team in the world after that 4-0 start… stop reacting to bo1s

  30. Every team has a bad days. Good job, SJB!

  31. G2 fanboys? Are we feeling well? I need to read more excuses!

  32. I believe me and my clash team could win against g2 atm, they are so tilted it's not even fun to watch, really embarrassing…

  33. Eu and na known to lack championship mentality. They always fall apart after the smallest setbacks.

  34. GG to SGB, they did their best even if they were just the second seed.

  35. as a member of a "G2 herd fan", I'm really relieved that there's no Kallista

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