FreeOrion Gameplay Tutorial – FreeOrion 0.4.2 – Space Strategy Games (Best Free Games)

FreeOrion 0.4.2. NEW FreeOrion Gameplay, Tutorial & Review. One of the Best Free Games of Space Strategy for PC, Linux & Mac (Games Like Master of Orion).

In This Video: FreeOrion Gameplay from FreeOrion 0.4.2 Final – FreeOrion SVN 6030.

Want to try the most recent FreeOrion version? (may be unstable):

Free Orion is an open source game that is free to play. I love space strategy games, and will continue to do a FreeOrion review every now and then.

If you enjoyed the older Master of Orion games, or games like Master of Orion, make sure you play FreeOrion and give it a chance because it’s a great game, and one of the best free games I’ve played.

FreeOrion is a project that has been in development for a long time and continues to develop. Free Orion is a wonderful addition to the space strategy genre and is developed for free by developers and contributors to the project.

I have also created other videos that serve as a bit of a FreeOrion tutorial, and are quite thorough. If you are interested in videos showing how to play FreeOrion check out my playlist for more:

About FreeOrion Combat : If you are interested in the FreeOrion battle side of things, at time of creating this video there is a 3d combat environment however it remains in development and probably will for quite some time and is not an active component of the game. You can find more information on the Official FreeOrion forums.


FreeOrion is under development, it’s a free to play game for PC, Mac & Linux.

Check it out at:

Official Website:


Additional Credits: Thumbnail graphics from FreeOrion (CC BY-SA 3.0)


  1. Its a great game, its got a long way to go with development but it is highly playable.

    Thanks, I did a few new intros for different stuff 🙂

  2. You explained the game mechanics quite good^^

    That seed option is a great update, every playtime will be different now. Also technology tree is much better now.
    I like to develop Laser first so i can get Plasma Cannons quickly, after that its kind of easy to protect colonies.

  3. They've done a great job haven't they?

    You're right about lasers, but im sure the balancing will be in flux as the game continues to develop.

    I love space strategy 🙂

  4. It sure is. The official forums probably has a bunch of information regarding multiplayer.

  5. with endless space and sins of solar….this game will have hard to impres:/

  6. Since you play the game too, I always get the void monsters special and it gets on my nerve, it appears around turn 100 and it says that it might destroy the planet it is on. But the only planets where it apears are every single one colonized by my species. Have you ever saw it? Do you know how to get rid of it?

  7. This game, amazing, people should play this more. Period >.>

  8. I really like this game , but I seem to keep running into a problem the menus in game overlap each other then freeze. The ship screen shows up but displays nothing like many other screens. Also every turn a message screen comes up displaying nothing so I have to click the x it's glitched so there's another in the middle of the screen. I should have started with this but when I try to start a game there's no enter seed option . Yes I have the version you have. Help would be very helpful Thanks

  9. I think it's worth mentioning in the comments that this project is VERY well documented. If you're interested in getting into open source development (especially open source GAME development), this is a really good first project.

  10. Great video mate; really helped me a lot with learning this fascinating game.

  11. Isn't this just a primitive version of Galactic Civilization?

  12. thank you this was very helpful
    just downloaded the game thanks to you

  13. Thumbs down for considering fleets of ships and space monsters as male and failing to notice that non-researched tech has borders around the plates while researched ones use solid color.

  14. I really wish there was a q&d 'let's play', but every thing I see has a 15+ minute tutorial….

    I guess the internet has screwed with my attention span.

  15. Playing this game for years – it`s 0.4.10 now. Real fun. And the reason is that rare game this days just works and provide a simple fun without much bugs, glithes, issues, reading a lot of guides… I just sit and play when its time to play – nothing else, thats why!

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