FreeOrion Gameplay 0.4.2 – 01: Free Space Strategy Game (Best Free Games)

FreeOrion Gameplay. FreeOrion is one of the Best Free Games like Master of Orion(Space Strategy Games). FreeOrion Tutorial is also available.

FreeOrion is a Space Strategy and Galactic Conquest game inspired by the tradition of the Master of Orion games. Free Orion is an open source game that is free to play on Linux, PC & Mac.


Follow-up in Part 2:

More Follow-up in Part 3:

In this gameplay video we take a look at some of the different features of the game.

We also discover that in this version of the game you need to apply some kind of strategy to what you’re doing 🙂

This is release candidate 1 of 0.4.2 released on 5th Feb 2013

■ About this video:
It’s a bit of a raw video, I literally just installed this build and started recording – so it shows a true representation of my time with the game. It’s not a fancy video as I was still learning how to record but the game itself is an absolute gem. Check out Part 2 for a smoother, more detailed video. I, Shockpuppetz, am the creator of the original commentary – the game is a creation of the FreeOrion team.


FreeOrion is under development, it’s a free to play game for PC, Mac & Linux.

Check it out at:

Official Website:



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  1. Dumbed down space lanes… checkNo custom race builder… checkSame old single choice tech tree… checkDumbed down slot based ship design… checkThe zeal to reproduce the success of the Orion series is matched only by the mad desire to purge it's best features and never reuse them in a game again!! :)But at least they tell you when a battle happened… That's polite! So video liked!

  2. Note: Right-click on an uncolonized planet for a "Suitability" report – helps a lot for figuring out what's suitable for colonization.

  3. I'm finding things out in-game by clicking around. Like everything it's easy when you know how.

  4. Almost everything has an informative tooltip..

    Many icons have give you more information with right-clicks.

  5. I don't blame you for not knowing, much of the right click stuff is new since the last stable release.

    More videos by players after they have got comfortable with the game would be welcome. This kind of video is useful for the developers to see where we need to make things less confusing.

  6. …when I click the turn button to end the turn, nothing happens at all…

  7. Looks like Crusader Kings 2 meet EVE. Impressive for an opensource project!

  8. You've also got a colony, if you scroll down the fleet list.

  9. Great! In about an hour my latest FreeOrion video goes live, check it out – its kinda short and it covers most things. Make sure you download 0.4.2 svn 6030, its much improved!

  10. Is that the current version? I've moved on to 0.4.2 6030 (I made a new video on it, with a download link) and its all good on my computer.
    If you run into any bugs, the guys at the freeorion forums would love to know 🙂

  11. Did you make this game? If so can you enter an easter egg like, "lol nice try!" whenever someone tries entering the Doom Godmode code? Or are you way ahead of me here? If so then even cooler.

  12. Endless space in my eyes is the best turn based strat

  13. Looks boring sorry I am into space combat action packed online games.

  14. open source game!?? wow, never heard of such thing, and according to your cool video the game looks promising, downing NOW 😀

  15. I don't know if you know this already- but I think why it says battles occuring in systems without forces is because populations on hostile planets resist your forces in that system.

    Oh wow this video's 3 yrs old

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