Playing a new UGC Limited event called Push Simulator to get the Intergalactic Antlers!

Intergalactic Antlers:

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  1. I bet 20 of the UGC event takes like at least 3 Days

  2. People are just milking kids to get these items. It’s honestly sad that events is being abused like this. I thought we would have something like Sharks egg hunt where it’s a genuine egg hunt that is doable in a reasonable amount of time. Either through parkour, discovery, or puzzle solving.

  3. shankblox I got banned 1 day how to get unban

  4. my avatar is based on purple so i was interested, right? too much things to do ,not worth it

  5. Y’all should grind this game even when this item is gone! They do I gc events every week and I was able to get this easily cuz I was already stacked

  6. Developers are just milking ugc limited and making a super cool limited and making you play their game for hours and by the time you get it they pit it offsale.

  7. bruh they just want dumb play time and premium payout is a big lose for out time

  8. There is a different type of that crown in mushroom race!
    Its a white version
    Im in the game like 10 mins and im in the 3rd zone!

  9. At this point people who created exploit on the games with the most time consuming free ugc event would have my respect for cutting down the time wasted on that game by half

  10. I think it would honestly be worth it if I were to just buy it with robux when it sells..

  11. You we are in trouble when sharkblox said he got bored out of these free UGC event item..💀

  12. I player this game with my friend 8 hours and we didnt get it. But if there is another ugc in the game me And my friend will play together agein to get it.

  13. ʰᵖᵖᵗ •ɪᴛꜱ.ꜰxʟʟɪɴ• says:

    i worked so hard and when i made it was out of copys

  14. im not getting this item ngl but im getting the orange crown it looks to sick

  15. All these new simulator games must be owned by the same company behind the scenes. They're all exactly the same.

  16. the game added like 3 ugc limiteds the first was a crown and then this pink antler now its a blue antlers

  17. Boring grind and accesory
    I need a hoodie cap or shoulder pet and accesory katana like the one in anime dimension not those bullsh type hat head with corny look and torture grind

  18. not spending my time on simulator for free itens 💀

  19. Now there’s lapis ones and it doubles it but still ez

  20. It's been 9 hours and I'm still trying to get it 😂

  21. Once again, a new demonstration of why auto clicker is great

  22. Just a person passing by to watch here says:

    My tip is just grind way earlier I grinded after I got the Sweet Exohelm so getting the other ugc are fairly easy now

  23. i got the axolotl fedora and unless YOU REALLY want the UGC dont grind it took me like a WHOLE day to get the axolotl fedora

  24. Fuck this developer for making this grindy hellish event.

  25. These events are even worse than sponsored events💀yea it may not be the best accessories but AT LEAST it’s pretty quick and and there’s no limit to stock..for these ones,u gotta play like it’s ur full time job for DAYS and u might not even get it…at that point just work a part time job or make a lemonade stand or whatever and buy robux and have a selection of like thousands of ugc items…unless u have premium I don’t really know why u should go for these

  26. BobsEpicGamerSetupFullOfepicgamesandmorehahahahaha says:

    I can’t believe they made the ugc even harder to get

  27. I was grinding that thing its really hard 😭😭😭😭 now im at 4.00M power 💀💀💀💀💀 its haaaard

  28. wasted 3 hours didn't even get it, f my life

  29. nah i cant belive it
    i grinded for a whole day for these UGC and i got so excited when i was halfway done
    but then i saw that it was out of copies which means i spent a whole day for nothing

  30. in this event only boss 4 was so grindy, everything else was so easy ngl and good they put same bosses for Lapis Antlers so i got it even faster than purple ones

  31. I'm too lazy to do this atleast make the game exiting

  32. SharkBLOX: This is going to take AGES!
    Me with my autoclicker: 30 minutes, take it or leave it.

  33. Awe man i wanted thw ugc for my avater and now since that its gone I'm going to be upset and probably not play this game😢

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