FREE SERGEANT CASTUS INTERCESSOR – Games Workshop Exclusive Miniature – Space Marines Ultramarines

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FREE SERGEANT CASTUS INTERCESSOR – Games Workshop Exclusive Miniature – Space Marines Ultramarines

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In this NEW SERGEANT CASTUS INTERCESSOR – Games Workshop Exclusive Miniature video, you’ll see the new miniature from Games Workshop for the Ultramarines Space Marines. Let me know what you think about the ORK KOMMANDO DAKKA BOY – Kill Team Fighter In Focus for WARHAMMER 40k KILL TEAM in the comments below. Any good for Kill Team?

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  1. Gotta spend $500 nzd to get him 😭

  2. So spend $420aud/223pound? Yeah it's a pass.

  3. Not much of a “thank you for supporting us with one million orders” promotion…🙄

  4. Lots of folk complaining about a free model?? This community… 🤷🤦

  5. Big nope. looks cool,, but I think anyone with a couple very cheap Necrons and Space Marines could kitbash something just as cool. Def not worth having to spend over $200

  6. Zero interest and a big No! I'd rather throw £150 at Footsore minis and complete a handful of Saga Warbands.

  7. You have to spend over $400+ AUD to get this. I’m going to kitbash instead.

  8. Wow, so the NOT-free model is a celebration of their 1,000,000th customer/order, which I guess in itself is a good accomplishment for them, but for myself, I think they should have done it as a White-Dwarf model as they used to, and not ransom it for an order of over $200 to juice more business. But in the end, I guess it's all cool. Would also be cool, if you could order $200 plus from your local game store of GW stuff and also get the model. Sucks I just dropped over $500 on my last order prior to them offering this, my bad timing. 🙂

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