FRACTURED SPACE – Download (FRACTURED SPACE game by Edge Case Games 2016)

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GIANTS OF INTERSTELLAR CONFLICT FIGHT IN SPECTACULAR CLOSE QUARTER BATTLES FOR DOMINANCE. Fractured Space is a competitive 5v5 arena based space game. The game and development team are both great. Control a capital ship as part of a 5v5 fleet and push down two lanes to try to control territory to gain resources. Controlling the opposite side of a lane allows you to warp to the enemy base, which you can capture to end the game. Each ship can purchased in-game without having to spend any real money, although you can certainly do that if you’d like to. You can customize your crew and ship load-outs, as well as the cosmetic appearance of your ship. There are ships with different roles, ranging from: light attack, to heavy defense, to stealth utility ships. A lot of work gets put into making sure there is no single ship that can’t be countered. If you’re looking for a 5v5 battler in space with Capital Class ships, then this is your game.

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