Flipping from Wheat to Dctr’s Space Helmet, then giving it away #14! Hypixel Skyblock

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this Minecraft YouTube video was made on Hypixel. Hypixel is a server with lots of games, such as Bedwars, Skywars, and Minecraft’s biggest MMORPG Hypixel Skyblock. Hypixel has has a lot of notable players, such as Dream, Technoblade, and Tommyinnit. Hypixel Skyblock is Hypixel’s most popular game. Some of the popular items are the Hyperion, Necron armor, Storm armor, overflux, plasmaflux, the 50mMidas sword, the Aspect of the end, the Aspect of the dragons, the valkyrie, and many more. Some of the bad things on Skyblock are Duping, irl trading, and scamming. I hope you enjoyed these words which are all relevant to the video! Also, a new farming island was added which has the Golden Ball item, which no one owns and is one out of one (1/1). Rat pet is cool. Swavy, Timedeo, Fairy Soul Guide, Money Making Method, and other things are all part of the server, along with Refraction. There is this mode called dungeons where you fight with your team to defeat necron along with other floor 7 bosses. Master mode is a thing as well. They recently nerfed the strength stat, making a lot of dungeons classes a lot worse such as Berserker and Archer. Mage, Healer, and Tank should be fine. God I keep adding so many keywords, this will be an entire bible soon. The hypixel admins have completely removed sword swapping and killed the bonemerangs. The giants sword is also dead now. The Astrea is still trash. This is a Hypixel Skyblock Tutorial, or a Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons Guide. please fix negative strength because of the Soul Eater enchant, and buff archer. #nerfmage tho. I voided the Hyperion, so sad. I love Technoblade and Dream and Tommyinnit and 56ms (Swavy) and Thirtyvirus, not just because their names get views as meta tags. This video is not a Dungeons Guide, Money Making Method Guide, Hypixel Skyblock Guide, or anything of the sort. Recently, Hypixel released the SMPS, similar to the Dream SMP with members like Skeppy and Sapnap. This is long lol. I recently hit 500 subs. Then 600 the next day. Then 700 the next day. What the freak! I AM AT 800 NOW GG! Also Hypixel Admins released an enderman slayer boss quest thing, and it is pretty difficult to kill which is why you would need an enderman slayer guide or tips and tricks on how to beat the new enderman slayer. The Juju bow is really good. I also like the warden helmet and Necron Armor. I recently got SCAMMED!!! They took my Strong Dragon Chestplate, I am in tears. At least they didn’t take storm armor or superior armor. The crown of greed is bad. I crashed the NEW GAME MASTER RANK and got BANNED ON HYPIXEL! The anticheat Watchdog is broken. RATS. Floor. Catacombs. Badlion is not very good. I played dungeons not using the new Terminator bow, which is very op. Thirtyvirus does not like the god potion, he says it is not a good item. Personally, I am impartial. Recombobulators are cool though! Rend VS Soul Eater ultimate enchantments, which is better! I think Legion and Chimera are cool as well! Hypixel is currently down! Large DDOS attacks forced the server to close to resolve the issues. This video is NOT an auction flipping tutorial or Bazaar Flipping tutorial. It is not a money making method video either. The mini wither can bother some people if used in a certain way. Scammers are desperate in Hypixel Skyblock.


  1. Great series! By the way what time will be the stream for the finale? I think its unfair you have to be in the stream because of timezones.

  2. I've definitely been getting better flips since watching your series, just reached enough money to start flipping wither armor

  3. This guy can become a millionaire in his sleep

  4. Now that i have covid i desided to see some YouTube

  5. Dude the guy u talked about in the last vid is trying to rat me

  6. wow keep up the great work i'm sure i cant do it my self

  7. Great video! Are you willing to sell the rancher boots that you have on every video? Without putting any new on in the videos. If so, how much?

  8. Ur just making me start thinking that my crafting flips suck

  9. Is flipping wither armor like goldor and then turn it in necron a good idea?

  10. Yo amazing channel! Some of the most entertaining skynlodk donrent out ther. Keep it up!

  11. I’d avoid the dyed items as in the time you spend waiting for them to sell, you could’ve got more flips using the money that was invested into them. Anyways, nice video

  12. Love to see uploads in this series. Last time you uploaded an episode I was at ~200M coins out of 1Bil for hyp and now I'm at almost 700M if my ah sells haha, maybe next upload hyp is already in my hands, who knows!

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