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Fortnite Mythic Halloween BOSS Chapter 3, Season 4 gameplay with Typical Gamer!


Music by Epidemic Sound:


  1. Bruh I stayed up till 6 a clock trying to kill wolverine and now we got this

  2. He is known for his builds, AND NOW HE IS PLAYING ZERO BUILDS

  3. I’m being ghost face up for Halloween👻

  4. Don’t lie who else thought he said wolverine boss

  5. one thing that i hate about fortnite that people will follow you to the same location were your going to so many other places on the map

  6. awesome video good info love to watch your videos you are the best on fortnight ✌👍🌟

  7. Tg you are my favorite YouTube and how do you keep being level three hundred

  8. hi tgplay my name is towfik i be very happer if you can i

  9. Im actually disappointed on how unscary fortnite is. Now don't get me wrong fortnite is a good game but you're just way too family friendly to be a scary game. Sure we got jumpscare zombies, but there mid. I Fortnite/Epic Games wanted to, they could make fortnite a terrifying game. They have so much potential but they decide not to make fortnite a scary game. Its fortnitemares we wanna be pissin ourselfs with fear, fear that could be lurking about behind every corner. Plus they need to up there "scary" skins. This is all in my opinion, please dont take offense to anything i just said, its all one big idea not an insult.

  10. @tgplays are you posting that viewers win a gaming system??

  11. Why can't fortnite do something right and give us a stranger things battle pass and event like marvels chapter 2 season 4

  12. Oh man its so satisfying to see you destroy random peeps… keep up the good werk

  13. NO CAP…I LEGIT Fought this MONSTER…and WON…..SOLO!! 😁😁😁

  14. Keep up the good work you are my favorite youtuber

  15. I love the wolf 🐺 claws 🦞 and the mask

  16. TG just makes me so happy and I’m glad he makes me happy because I’m sick right now 🤒


    Bro I was so confused when TG didn’t pick up the first crown and figured it was for a reason but then he picked up the one at the end 🤣🤣

  18. It has the same stats as the gold superseded Smg 😂

  19. Double gamer I am sorry but I think you’re a hacker

  20. What happens when a boss runs out of ammo😂😂😂

  21. You should do a mythic only challenge with the claws, herald burst rifle, and the mythic smg

  22. Zombie chicken was eating the other chickens meat pause tg 😂

  23. Hey everybody can we just can we just ignore the fact that that house that that that that that groom gables looks a lot more like the pennywise house from it then it does then the stranger things house but if you look closely at the grandfather clock the the face is actually upside down so maybe it could be like a double so maybe it could be like a double up date

  24. How do you jo t have an icon skin yet, your one of the biggest circuits YouTube's in the world

  25. How do you not have a icon skin yet, your one of the worlds biggest fortnite YouTube's yet

  26. plz dont juge my user cuz my mom made my name-_-

  27. Dude I haven’t watched your videos since 2020

  28. Bro you can lots of crown 👑 wins but right now I have 3,892❤😂🎉

  29. I like how TG doesn’t know that Netflix canceled their collaboration with fortnite😂😂❤❤

  30. He says LOOK AT THE STATS"Btw there the same

  31. When the boss shot a rocket at me I jumped over it an rocket rode it lol

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