Falling FROM SPACE in GTA Games! (2001-2022)

In this video, we’ll be Falling FROM SPACE in GTA Games: GTA5, GTA 4, San Andreas, Vice City & GTA III! GTA 6 will also be covered on this Channel whenever it releases.

In each game, we’ll get to & fall from the highest point. On the way down, we’ll check out how the map looks, the speed, fall logic, animations & many other elements, with funny gameplay moments in between! GTA 5 Enhanced & Expanded + GTA 6 will also be coved on this Channel whenever they release.

GTA III – 00:00
GTA Vice City – 01:47
GTA San Andreas – 03:12
GTA IV – 05:20
GTA V – 06:38

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  1. Αλεξανδρος Βασιλειαδης says:

    Bruh when bots going crazy is so funny 😂😂

  2. Etzio would be proud with their leap of faiths

  3. 8:50 – Anyone else wince seeing him smash his spine on that fence?

  4. I clicked on this video it said 2022 none of these games were mad in 2022

  5. Funniest GTA moments I ever seen. It's kina scary when those characters going to space and down if they survived. Great vid as always.


  7. Ahhh yes.. the good old days of San Andreas, where randomness meets chaos…

  8. Granpa: Hand me my liqueur, am not feeling good.
    Grandpa at 5 in the morning: 6:11

  9. at some point gta games wont belive lol

  10. I thought the mute boy wont scream

  11. 6:28 Людям из стран СНГ наверное очень стыдно стало

  12. In gta 4 people were saying in Russian: Секс утром и сигарета в постели which means, Sex in the morning with a cigarette

  13. i do not even know what to put in this channel says:

    i coundlt stop laughing of the effort

  14. Nice videos 👍👍👍

  15. Wife*What was Your day Like? Husband*Just Like a normal day in S.a

  16. whats a ENXGMA San andreas with no Gta Sa traffic A.I

  17. i cant stop laughing on gta san andreas😂😂😂

  18. I love GTA 5 is real Life mod is best of would

  19. Sir rockstar said, you will only get hurt when you fall down.

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