Exploring Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader but I can’t help myself…

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Exploring the world of Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader but when I see Elves… Well I can’t control myself.

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  1. Can't romance the Sister of Battle, needs DLC

  2. As an Aeldari enjoyer, I will embrace the heretics

  3. That chaos space marine entrance was wild! looking forward to play it between christmas and new years eve

  4. I'm sorry but maybe acting like a racist jackass in the Warhammer universes the reason why humans are always getting murdered by elves and always under attack by chaos maybe if you didn't give in to your murderous tendencies You wouldn't have certain chaos beings trying to eat away at humanity and maybe you can actually team up with the Elder to murder chaos

  5. You missed the chance to take the space elf with you, letting her stand in front of the group in every fight and watch her getting mowed down hundreds of times. Why kill her once when you can make her suffer as long as the Emperor has to suffer?

  6. To me it looks like a Baldurs gate, but in Warhammer 40K universe.

  7. Owlcat sucks, they can't even make a GOTY…

  8. that Arsenal is exactly what i wish for Darktide!

  9. In the grim darkness of the far future, elf still ganna die

  10. I know it might not make much sense, but I was kind of hoping you'd be able to get an Ork as part of your playable crew

  11. Yeah… The second worst thing a Space Wolf can do to you is offer a sip of his astarte-grade Alcohol, that will literaly melt you stomach and everything bellow !
    That's telling you how good they are at the first thing ;7

  12. Ah, 40k. Where not only is the racism tolerated, it's the default. Imagine working with Xenos filth

  13. Oh yes! Killing Elves is always a good idea!

  14. Graphics coming straight from 2006 – pass

  15. I love how toxic and ignorant but true to being a real human Zerk is😂 never change Zerk👌

  16. We're making it off the endangered species list with this one, boys. Oh wait… oh no…

  17. Oooh! That 3 way "alignment" system is really nice. Puritan/Dogmatic can be a bit much at time, but radical/heretic is way too much. Iconoclast seems just right as the other descriptor.

  18. was so hyped for about a minute and then got pissed off when i saw it was fucking turn based combat

  19. I am getting too old for reading walls of texts. Would prefer BG3 level voice acting.

  20. Imagine what Larian could do with this universe.

  21. If i wasnt a early backer of the game already this video would make me buy it, very well made sir, very well made indeed.

  22. 59 from pcgamer….lower than they ranked gollum. What a bunch of morons

  23. D- 100 is 2 d 10 first dice is tens second dice is units.

  24. "The level up menu is a bit too complicated" trust me, this is already alot more comprehensible than the level up menu of their pathfinder games

  25. This game looks awesome but Owlcat has a habit of introducing a mini game (kingdom management/crusade mechanic) that ends up deterring me from finishing their games. Is there one in this game?

  26. I am a table top gaming nerd. Essentially, they have made a D&D/Pathfinder in 40k here, and it will be glorious

  27. im excited to get this gamw

    but i was hoping itd be real time with pause

  28. Thanks for your video, it helps people to see how the game actually looks.

  29. I hate to be that guy… but imagine a game, full of planets and solar systems you can visit, that actually has quests/lore/interesting places to visit, all of it seemingly handcrafted. The game also features the ability to extract resources from a system and set up a logistical hub in an intuitive way… Bethesda and Starfield, take notes lol.

  30. Yay, another game where I have to play as the Imperium. Again.


  31. This game is very high in my Wishlist, I do hope there is a decent discount this Christmas sale.

  32. Pelinal Whitestrake smiles from on high at your dedication Zerkovich. Bravo!

  33. I'm seriously addicted to this game. Been playing it non-stop since release. I think its the best W40K game ever made and I've played pretty much all of them. The game is just so damn good and everything I've been looking for in a W40K game. It is complex in places but I'm one of those who love that kind of thing.

  34. what about issues? Or its purely promotional paid video?

  35. The good guy decisions I encountered were always iconoclast. The dogmatic ones were not good….not at all.

  36. Great immersion but with selective voice acting and no signs of body language with NPC during dialogue…

  37. My man actually said "dogmatic good guy" decisions. Lmao.

  38. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's not an UM….but why Wolf? Why not an interesting Marine Chapter?

  39. Check out the beard on that Space Wolf!

  40. i know its not about graphics but cmon, its 2023.. srsly.

  41. 8:35 Did Zerkovich just called dogmatic "good guys"? ………. ooh my.

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