Everything You Always Wanted from a Space Game… (But it’s Not Starfield)

Now Bethesda have announced the Starfield release date I started exploring the sci-fi space game genre to see what it has to offer. Today we explore the open world RPG Spaceborne 2 which promises many of the gameplay features Starfield will apparently have and more. Spaceborne 2 is a single-player, open-universe RPG and third-person shooter game with an abundance of features, including role-playing, mining, trading, piracy, crafting, and deep exploration. The story picks up where it left off in SpaceBourne, but now the player’s goal is to build a new empire in the galaxy, with the methods of doing so being completely up to the player. This is a first impressions of SpaceBourne 2 gameplay, in this part 1 walkthrough I will give my first impressioss of Spacebourne 2 and compare its gameplay to what I’m most excited about in new Starfield gameplay. Bethesda have recently announced the Starfield release date to be the 6th of September. The world of space has always fascinated us, and the thrill of exploring it is something that many of us have imagined. As Starfield approaches I want to delve into the space game genre and explore space gameplay from Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky, Kerbal Space Program, Star Citizen, Eve Online, Freelancer, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, FTL Faster than light and the Star Trek games to see what they have to offer.

➖ Time Stamps ➖
0:00 Spaceborn 2 Summery
3:15 Character Creation
5:12 Ai Voice Acting (Placeholder)
8:14 Leaving the planet
10:01 Warp Speed
12:00 Space Combat Gameplay
13:41 Ship Cloaking
14:35 Attacking a space station.
18:40 Trying to land my spaceship.
20:20 Perks
20:57 Protection mission
23:13 Giant Space skirmish
25:30 Space Station gameplay
27:45 Planet Locations
28:30 Flying into a planet
30:29 Planet Surface Gamepaly
34:20 Planet atmosphere ship combat
24:58 Taking out a cargo carrier
38:14 Returning to the space station
38:30 Companion abilities & loyalty
39:37 Final Thoughts on Spaceborn 2

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  1. he made bank off of this video. they paid him good

  2. SpaceBourne1 was awesome, might have to pick this up.

  3. Already on my wish list on STEAM. As far as paying out cash for early access, NOPE they sit on the list until full release.

  4. Would love to see Freespace 1 & 2 remastered with a new engine. They were epic.

  5. wait its single player ? if yes i dont see this going good

  6. You're either bored or full of motivation to keep on making a game on your own.

  7. And how is this better than Starfield because you can only play it on steam or PC? What about the Xbox owners? They don’t get to play it who cares about your PC games everybody’s gonna get Starfield just because it’s a new IP by AAA game provider nobody’s gonna go buy steam or gets steam or buy a PC just for this gamethat you’re talking about

  8. I don't even have a pc and I just bought it.

  9. This is a WOMBAT* Everything I don't want in a space game. So you want to do this, but first you have to do that and then that and then that. The constraints of this type of "decision tree" game of canned text and canned reactions became stale as hell 20 years ago.

    *Waste of Money, Brains, and Talent.

  10. The game is updated every friday bugs fixed, new items its a nice game and the longer you play the more immersed you get

  11. Judging from your reaction to this, you might also like Empyrion Galactic Survival – it has as vast a universe with as much granular detail in it. It's kind of similar in a lot of ways. Difference is that you build ships and bases, and everything is either prebuilt or you build it for yourself.

  12. Is this game single player or multi player only ??

  13. bought it on the steam summer sale. i need more of this content

  14. when a gamer can't find what he want from games from big company and decided to "fine I'll do it myself"

  15. very impressive looks a bit like knights of the old Republic with a side of mass effect my only worry would be seems so much to do that it's hard to focus on one thing. You'd need to invest alot of time and you wouldn't necessarily feel like you are breaking the back of it.

  16. Damn, this reminds me a litte bit of Executive Assault 2. I like it!

  17. Sic game for the price. Just what I was looking for. I have absolutely NO confidence in Todd Howard giving us a game the works as advertised.

  18. 1 dev…one man…constantly updating and coding to high heaven. in fact is weekly making fools out of the huge corporations who use marketing ploys, excuses and conduct nothing but huge rug pulls and call it gaming. lol as one dev he finally did hire some extra help in house but he's still a one man coding BEAST! he also just added a real Ai in your ship called EVE, fueled by chatgpt. he loves space/sci fi and it shows! FDEV, CIG…and this one man does some way cooler stuff lol no exaggeration in any way. get it for the lore if not for the game itself, space fans!~ this is history.

  19. So this is Essentially a single-player version of Star citizen, just with loading screens for transitions between planet/space 🙂

  20. Early access, bleh, no thanks, I'll keep it on the wishlist until release and if it releases in a good state. Still playing X4 for now.

  21. Of course it’s not starfield AAA companies suck at making good games

  22. I don't know why elite dangerous couldn't add walking to the Xbox series X s and their PlayStation 5, when you got this guy you can build all this .
    It's amazing I'm gonna buy this game I've just now seeing it on your channel type of game alike till Tom gets his finger out❤😂😂

  23. I'm not interested in single player, other players bring the game to life

  24. i found the voice acting pretty funny lol but yes its amazing that this was done with only one person!! big props

  25. His chin line is the stuff of legends 😅😂

  26. Qgver, the second person you talk to, has a South African Afrikaans accent 🤣

  27. yeah def not starfield i will wait for starfield with less bugs that this thing

  28. This developer should apply for No Man's Sky 2

  29. Being from NY in the US, hearing him say "get wrecked. Son" is cringe as fuck.

  30. You said it sounds better than starfield, but in my opinion starfield doesn't sound that good.

  31. Why is there a Space Marine drop pod from Warhammer 40,000 at 2:44?

  32. I just bought it impulsively while watching this 😁 this is good!
    And.. still waiting for Startfield (too)

  33. If this game ends up being real and is release. I will donate every organ I have that won’t kill me! Aaaand I will willingly have sex with the ugliest human I can find, record it and show it to my family at thanksgiving!

  34. Looks like star wars physics instead of accurate laws of momentum. Deal breaker for me unfortunately.

  35. I think people are thinking everything they see was made from scratch by one person where a lot of it is heavily borrowed assets

    HOWEVER, it still is an amazing feat and just imagine what a whole studio filled with people as talented and motivated as this single developer could do

  36. I’m confused, is this starfield or spaceborne? I heard both.

  37. This definitely looks like Galaxy on Fire 2… same gameplay in the space portion, same space structures and structuring… And Gof2 is one the best games I’ve ever played

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