Everspace 2 Closed Alpha Release | Space Games News June 2020

Everspace 2 Closed Alpha Release was announced!

A first iteration of the game will become available to eligible backers this Monday, June 15th!

Everspace 2 Closed Alpha Release info:

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  1. Squid what happen to the SC videos? Its fun listening to your videos with that awesome accent.

  2. With a few thousand hours in Elite I was really looking forward to this carrier update but the upkeep cost is a deal breaker.

  3. Missing your videos my man…wish we heard from you more often!

  4. Still trying to beat the first everpace…ah rogue likes! I really have to be in the mood to have my posterior end handed to me every 1/2hr. Lol! Everspace 2 looks pretty. Any story content info?

  5. Dude I’m so excited, this is looking to be exactly what I’ve wanted from a space game!

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