I’ll be showing you how to get a new free limited item on roblox
🎈Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Bag (Graphite)

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Samsung Space Tycoon

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  1. I'm subscribed for the free ugc's but not for the limiteds 😢

  2. Me early be like: chat something for fast like ❤
    Me late be like:find the first person

  3. Bro posted 19 minutes ago and got've a lot of likes

  4. Can yall stop saying "WAKE UP THE QUEEN HAS POSTED" yall r making urselfs cringe

  5. POV there’s 100 people saying they’re first ;-; :

    “Idk if it’s 100 or not but ye 🥲”

  6. I love how she just makes a short intro then she starts on the free items❤

  7. Thank you lanah your the best 😊❤

  8. Who else noticed her avater when she was showing us how to level up?

  9. By the way Lana some things I don't understand is that you only had a 1,070 but we need 5000

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