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MC Stu
The 3rd Event has been annouced for the 2024 campaign in Star Trek Online. You can not miss this event to complete for free if you have not started.

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  1. Started playing this game today. Just wanted to thank you. Your videos have been most informative.

  2. Nice vid. I have to say, the game is so boring now, and without anything to do with all the gear I have, that I missed the two event campaign.

  3. Love seeing videos for Star Trek Online!

  4. Good to see! Two weeks with no Stu.. feels bad man. Excited for the two most expensive options in a weapon pack being given out on account unlock.

  5. Yes, those 20k Dil is lower, but not by much. Last time it was 25k so…

  6. I didn't realise it was all three as event campaign rewards…wow that's really good!

  7. Great content, and I have really tried to play this MMO for well over 500 hrs. now.
    Was at least able to get some decent budget builds started, at least to the point they don't fly apart when the paint chips. Your past content was great in getting those started. After all that time, it's still difficult to get through an event without getting dropped half the time, and dropping in the middle of an instance tanks any progress, so it's frustrating and just not worth the time. Still, it may drop to a 'short playtime' option, it's nice to at least get some good information on budget builds and other options you provide. I may even keep trying to get some of those events knocked out if they don't take longer than 30 minutes when the disconnects kick in.

  8. I'm one of those players (or whales as Nic would say) that buys out the event, and continues to play it throughout to get the rewards quicker. Very informative video MCStu.

  9. This is a hard pill to swallow, all of those TFOs aren't actually short unless BOTS with a pre-assembled team that knows what to do. Also, I was hoping for a quad AP cannon.

  10. You can also play it twice on the day you finish the require times to get the events prize. It will let you run the TFO again and give you another 50 for atotal of 100 on that day.

  11. I'm a new player and I'm still confused. 7 days for first contact which isn't the event that I have to join TFOs, some of which are ended or something?

  12. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:13 🎮 This event is crucial for free-to-play players new to the game or those who have not participated in previous events this year.
    00:28 🔄 This year's campaign offers more generous rewards, giving participants all three major prizes (a promo ship, two tier six coupons, and 1500 lobi).
    01:07 ⏳ The event's extension allows more opportunities to earn points and make up for missed days, helping players complete the campaign.
    01:47 🎯 Engaging in all four remaining events is essential for completing the campaign without financial investment.
    02:29 🎲 The upcoming "Demon Slayer" event offers choices between three different tasks daily, contributing significantly to campaign progress over 14 days.
    03:51 🔗 Continuous participation even after earning the main prize for an event can provide additional campaign points and resources.
    04:20 💸 Options for buying out event parts are prorated, meaning earlier buyouts yield more points, but active participation still benefits overall point accrual.
    05:57 ⚔️ The "Demon Slayer" event will award unique space and ground weapons as prizes, enhancing gameplay options.
    07:36 🌟 A detailed discussion of event rewards and strategies for maximizing Delithium earnings emphasizes the importance of diligent participation.
    08:45 🛠️ New weapons added to the game include a wide arc dual heavy cannon and an omnidirectional beam, increasing tactical options in space combat.
    09:24 🤝 The community Discord server offers support and additional resources, including a significant in-game currency giveaway, beneficial for new and veteran players alike.

    Made with HARPA AI

  13. been two years since i played. I heard cryptic is bough over? any changes or improvements to server and coding?

  14. is there a level cap? just hit 40 with first toon.. hate to miss out on it

  15. so I have 50 points so I can skip one day, time to grind the event

  16. "You can't miss this event!" oh yeah? watch me 😛

  17. Sweet I just started playing 2 weeks ago after a many year break. Good to know I still got time for this event I assumed I was going to miss out.

  18. Thanks to the Steam Deck, I've got 1150 plus another 1150 for the last two events. Nice to get this events knocked out sooner rather than later, and with the Deck you can just have your PC with you anywhere you go really, just set your phone internet on it and I can complete the daily tfo early in the morning anywhere

    I'm liking playing the game on PC now which really is thanks to Steam and the Steam Deck, it really helped with the transition from console. I even made a control scheme using the Steam input, that makes playing with a controller better than m&k, which for most console players is really not good. Plus I have four rows of skills available in simple combination of buttons, which is like 40 skills I can easily activate, while having the more fluid ship or character control, that a controller can provide, all that using a DS4 or the Steam Deck controls. It makes playing the game with a controller on pc, even better than on consoles actually

  19. Do you know of an event where a new T-6 Dyson ship will be the reward or will it be just a C-Store pack?

  20. For the new players: you should ALWAYS either complete enough of any events to get the rewards or buy out, FTP or not. Why wouldn't you want access to extra gear even if you have no immediate plans to use it? It might come up months or even years from now and events are always cheaper than Mudd's Market.

    Am I the only one who thinks we will all see a bunch of really tiny characters running around with giant maces in the social zones for a while after this event?

  21. i completed first contact didnt get event campain points

  22. But the current event(for that rather useless ground weapon) and previous event(which are the only two events I've played so far as a new player) rewarded all 3 rewards so that doesn't seem like something new or starting with the next event?

    This event had a ground weapon(which is brief fun for one-shot kill memes and then binned tbh since overall a poor weapon) along with a pretty useless model Phoenix(to launch while goofing about a space station or perhaps mid-mission for reasons?) and a Phoenix hologram to turn your nice looking ship into a dumb Phoenix rocket thingy which I won't ever use and guessing that's what it does but point being, I didn't have decide what poor reward I wanted and instead got all 3 bad rewards.

  23. So if I start tomorrow and don’t miss a day after, I’m good? (New player)

  24. Lots of recent antiproton rewards. Can I dream with a fleet grade T6 Obelisk?

  25. Pretty cool there are so many new players to an ancient mmo that is on her last legs. Good luck and Godspeed to them all! (I love playing with freshies! They're such terrible DPS)

  26. This one is gonna be nice. The weapons sound really great and can complete a ship build

  27. For even more campaign/event progress you can also run the events every 20 hrs so basically if you do that you gain an extra day of progress every 5 days (used to set timers for this, but couldn't this year)

  28. wow, I get to pull an "Actually Jingles" moment on you… 21 days per event so far… but the event RESETS ever 20 hours!! Dude, Im sittin at 2950 waiting on the third installment, thinking I can finish the WHOLE even by the start of the 4th!!

  29. Dude. Change the title.

    It makes it sound like all future events are gonna cost to take part in.

  30. The Herald omni and wide arc DHC sound pretty good. I hopped on and picked up a set of Herald DHCs for a reasonable price as soon as the news broke, and the price shot up not long after. Hopefully more people will be opening the Herald boxes now and the prices will come down, as they have pretty nice looking visuals. I'd love a set of beams, too, but a set would be ridiculously expensive right now.

  31. I’m still really new to the game, but at level 64. Can I still get a little head start on the grind for this? I’m not sure what the current event is except for the Duty Officer one, and I’ve skipped it while I’m learning the ropes. Console player, btw.

  32. As a player who just started earlier this year, I deeply appreciate these explanation videos!

  33. I have completed the first two events but you have more progress than me, can someone please explain this. Thanks

  34. Wish they also give us a Herald Torpedo we could upgrade. The ones that come with the ships only go up to Mk. X.

  35. I’m super excited. I’m so happy that they made it so you don’t have to choose which reward you get.

  36. Thanks for reminding me about this. I don't play STO often anymore but with rewards like that, I cannot miss out on it.

  37. But another omni beam that you can’t match up you can only use one as a time

  38. I want to check, is this coming later for the console version? Or at the same time as the pc version?

  39. Sooo are the events still starting later on console compared to PC. Are is my game just bugging.

    Because it's showing the tholian event hasn't started yet on xbox for me.

  40. I know you get this a lot but thank you for your videos as they have helped me out a lot .

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