Eve Online vs Elite Dangerous – Comparing the Two Largest Space MMO Games!

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These two games are different enough not to compete, but similar enough to compare! The epic nature of both of them cannot be understated! Let’s compare and contrast the setting, game play, and learning curve of these two games!

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  1. I don't understand how elite is a sim? It's ships literally have atmosphere like speedlimits, you can fuel scoop stars while at warp. Also ftl communication, warp capable impact triggered scanning probes, lazer weapons lose 90% of their damage at 3 kilometers, railguns cant hold charge and fire hitscan… How is this a sim?
    I do play elite a lot, used to play a lot of eve as well and I enjoy both games.

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  3. I really like both. However, I have the opposite feelings towards them (for the most part). While I'm doing work, or focusing on something else, I play a lot of EVE. Mining, distro missions. It's more passive for me. Where as Elite, I put on my good headphones, get some tea, and I LIVE IN IT. They both scratch that "do what you want to do … but in space" itch. Thanks for the video <3

  4. I play eve online on a 5 year old surface pro and get 60 frames it runs better than any game I’ve ever played

  5. I used to play EvE years ago when I was unemployed.. lol. That game just takes too much time.
    Elite is in the Milky Way and it's awesome if you are into astrology.

  6. ED : work to grind
    EvE: Pay to grind

    that's my perspective

  7. Eve is designed by the Devil, they own a black-magic bowl there, to control souls, when you're logged in the app.

    That's what "persistent world" stands for. This is not a joke.

    Hiding in plain sight, remember? :))

  8. Eve online feels more like a prison simulator… Always watching your back in the shower.

  9. I have only been playing Elite Dangerous for a little more than a month. Even though there is a PvP element, it is just lacking. Eve is way more intense and player-based. Even the markets are player-based. Player Factions have real effects. Elite Dangerous just seems more PvE than anything else. Eve is much more dangerous and exciting. Too bad no one has mixed the two elements creating an FPS that had the community and player-driven aspects of Eve.

  10. ED is the Definition of Pressure but in a fun and scary way
    not played much EVE seems ok but less control over what i do imo (i dont know much about the mechanics)

  11. I love Eve and Elite. Both totally different with totally different gameplay. Play both enjoy both

  12. Eve online, were the inmates run the asylum

  13. I did end playing EVE Online and go back to WoW just because one dam dude did target me and even in hi sector and I lose 100m ISK easily when I did go out. This happened month after month and I did try to get CCP to get that harassment dude off my back (really, I do PVP so I don't mind if there is action and so on but this was just targeted after me and my chars) but they did say that it's a sandbox so I did say CCP to fuck off and stop paying 3 accounts what I had used from 2010 and this was 2014 summer… Blizzard takes harassment seriously, CCP doesn't.

  14. u drive while in dA CAR U FLY while in the cockpit. Grow up

  15. Elite Dangerous is beautiful.. my only issue is that it is SOOOOO difficult to grasp the controls. I have it on the PS4 console. I wish it played like No Mans Sky & could be more exploration based. But… for now NMS is my go-to space game. I wish it wasn’t so cartoony at times & had mixed realism mixed in. Lol but anyway… Elite is cool looking just hard to actually play.

  16. They’re too different to compare and contrast. Totally different genres.

  17. Just combine those 2. Manual travel of ships in EVE would he epic. Planets moving and game physics… man i am dreaming a lot. Just combine them !!!!

  18. Elite is the most boring space game ever .

  19. "Eve online has dedicated rookie systems" lol it gives you a five-minute tutorial and then says here's a ship darn you.

  20. Clearly, ED is better than Eve. For some reason very easy to understand. ED, you pay for have the game and you have the full game, you can play it. I prefer that than Eve where you must pay every month for have the full game. In Eve, i am frustrate i can't drive by myself my ship and clearly, i am piss of every time i try to go out " safe " system, always a cancer ganker coming and kill you, you can't evolve by yourself. In ED, you are clearly free, you can choose if you want to play or not with player, so better choice.

  21. Good video. I have never played Elite Dangerous. I played EVE on and off for several years. Every time I played it, I was reminded why I stopped playing it. EVE encourages some of the worst impulses of humanity. I suppose that can be said for many games, but it's surprising how this game goes out of its way to invite some of the most base and perverse behavior by players, and even reward such behavior. I've never seen so many rude punks, pervs, and scammers in one online environment! Add to this, CCP has a habit of not canceling subscriptions when you most definitely canceled your subscription. I filed a complaint about them with my bank, and got some of my money back.

    That said, I think EVE will not last much longer. The simple reasons are that 1. It continues to turn off new players with its inherent "pay-to-win" (and still lose…unless you pay a lot) structure; and 2. It's boring.

  22. too bad both are dying, elite from devs being disconnected with players and eve is now going past its time, and is definitely showing its age.

  23. Im thinking of buying this game . Advice please for those that know already: can i design / customize/ upgrade the ship and character or is it just preset ships and preset characters. Can i change the clothes masks helmets and wings and body types of the ship and character. Which is better

  24. eve online is best than elite dangerous if you want to explore or war

  25. I gave EVE a try. I really did. But i cant get behind their greedy subscription option OR the actual community of that game.
    It says its free to play and 100% NOT pay to win.
    Right. Except all the best ships, all the best skills and all the best modules are gated behind the subscription pay wall.
    Take your shitty Alpha account alt out and take on an Omega player and the odds are so stacked its laughable.

  26. Bruh Tarakah is only 89 ly away from my home system wtf

  27. I feel like if certain aspects of both games were made into a single game it would be an amazing experience

  28. great vid. I'm a new Elite player and its more my speed. Eve does sound cool. im looking for a little more story and GTA from Elite i hope it can evolve.
    but i enjoy it non the less.

  29. I just starting playing it. Is only me or the combat system in ED feels really bad with keyboard and mouse.

  30. Thanks for this. I've often wondered about Eve and, from what you've said, my place is probably here in Elite Dangerous. As many have said below, it would be nice to have the best of each in one game – but who is to decide what bits are the best. People have different opinions.
    I went for ED because I played the original Elite on my neighbour's BBC Micro when I was at University in 1984 and remembered it fondly.

  31. While I've played both, I have way more time in Elite. And I would have to say I enjoy Elite more. It does seem more relaxed. In Eve I always felt that leaving secure space was incredibly risky. Whereas in Elite, I almost always play in open and I've had few problems, but then again have yet to fly around with several tons of expensive cargo. Ironically, in Eve you're at more risk of attack in low or no sec space, while in Elite, just due to the size of the game, you are at more risk in secured space.
    In the end the endgame of Eve is very competitive with alliances fighting for control of space while Elite seems more working together to understand the galaxy. Though that's just my personal observation.

  32. EVE is gate camping online and Elite is all space and no content. There summed up both…in short there is no good space game yet.

  33. I played EvE seriously from 2007 to 2012. Had a dozen paying accounts, my own corporations and a lot of characters. Then RL started interfering in my gaming (hate that …) and I couldn't play that way any more.

    Since they came up with the Alpha Accounts I've been playing more and had 3 Omega accounts I was playing (with all new characters) but I'm pissed off at CCP right now and taking a break.

    I bought a copy of Elite but – it will not connect to the server … Haven't figured out what the problem is – though suspects are that I'm trying to play over a WiFi connection to my Cable Router and using a $300 computer … More RL interfering with my gaming …

  34. 6 minutes in and i still have no idea how my experience will be in the games. Get to the point already!!! Instead of jumping around details of the game! ffs

  35. i love playing both games and they are very different types of gameplay. But i will say that the explosion visuals are way better in eve . excuse my language im polonesian.

  36. Elite dangerous all the way, Fuck eve's paywall

  37. I only have one issue with Eve and that's the controls. It's the only aspect keeping me from playing it.

  38. For me, if you want a fun, scientifically accurate space simulator, ED is the way to go. 1st person piloting and natural systems make for an incredible atmospheric experience.

    On the other hand, if you want an immersive universe filled with realistic player interaction, player-driven economies, politics, and wars in a scale unmatched in any other video game ever, EVE is where you want to go.

  39. I think I will move to Elite Dangerous. I've been playing Eve off and on for over ten years, but they lock my account randomly, and then it's such a pain to get it reactivated. I love the idea that the Milky Way is reproduced in Elite Dangerous, and all I do now is mine on Eve so the lack of human contact is fine by me. Good video. Thanks.

  40. Eve player base is friendly HAHAHAHA jump into lowsec with an Ephital or tried to convince a coorp to lower the taxes in a POCO . Eve players thrive in the sorrow of others , that is the reason why CCP is desperately adding content to HS

  41. Personally, I loved Eve Online before I found ED. Now, I love ED.

    They're very different games, and maybe I'll go back to Eve at some point, but that point is not now. I never really enjoyed the feeling of running everything behind a virtual spreadsheet though. You don't get that in ED.

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