Eve Online vs Elite Dangerous – Comparing the Two Largest Space MMO Games!

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These two games are different enough not to compete, but similar enough to compare! The epic nature of both of them cannot be understated! Let’s compare and contrast the setting, game play, and learning curve of these two games!

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  1. Eve feels like driving an expensive car through a bad neighborhood and it breaks down.

    Elite feels like you are space trucking expensive cargo, but its not your cargo.

  2. Eve is a sandbox MMO. Elite is a space opera sim. Comparison is stupid.

  3. I like Elite dangerous because it feels so real. like he said the exploration is incredible and astronomers or not will like it. But with the Elite dangerous odyssey coming out you cab walk on planets. almost gonna be like Space GTA.

  4. 2:30
    EVE Online: I have the most star systems!
    Elite Dangerous: No I have the most star systems!
    'What was that, punk?'
    No Man's Sky: AMETUERS.

  5. Ive been playimg eve for like 5 or 6 years now. I just downloaded elite dangerous and i think im going to enjoy that too

  6. Eve is a complex and hard core reward and consequence game that's very well developed and extraordinary. Elite is a game that you simply play pretend that you are playing a game. It's not even an MMO with a real economy. It's like comparing uncooked eggs to sashami. You guys talking about losing some painite are just proving you know nothing about Eve and there's no comparison. I have ship worth $80 with clones flying them worth 160 and that means NOTHING. Reputation and power mean everything.

  7. I don't know for Elite but I know Eve online is full of bugs.

  8. I really liked the concept of Eve. Tried liking it, but the concept of a being one with the ship irks me off.

  9. So how big is it a difference that you can't walk around your ship in elite dangerous 😐

  10. This was interesting to watch because I had the exact opposite opinion on starting out. In Eve online I had absolutely no clue what was going on and felt like I couldn’t progress without online tutorials whereas I have had previous spaceflight sim experience with the old X wing games and Star Wars squadrons and already had a HOTAS to fly in. In my opinion it all comes down to previous experience

  11. Really want to play ED but need to buy a new PC to run it, so thankful I found Eve which probably fills the gap ESP with the autopilot features as I really don't need to be trying to drive a rocket after a few beers while watching TV plus kids at same time… Is hard enough doing all that in just a car….

  12. Eve Online and Elite Dangerous are no longer the biggest Space MMO sandbox games – A new mobile space MMO game with cross platform into PC is out there called Second Galaxy. I would love for you to compare Second Galaxy vs Eve Echoes (esp the PvP mechanics between the two). I know you reviewed Eve Online.

  13. I can't understand what is eve online and how to play this game help😭😭

  14. Which one doesn't let people destroy your ship and steal your resources in your inventory?

  15. Eve is like using a spreadsheet for work as you access lists of things to click on. Elite you get sit in the cockpit and feel like you are flying a spaceship.

  16. Eve Online caters to griefers and bullies and CCP has no intention of changing the game for casual players to enjoy it more. Elite Dangerous is similar, except that it seems the devs actually care about the casual player's enjoyment.

  17. EVE sounds really fun for the first month until you realize everyone has at least 4 alts and is multiboxing everything. Thats is when you wither join them and multibox yourself or just give up. I personally gave up since that is not my style at all but I can sympathize with people who enjoy it.

  18. “It feels like there is no pressure” homie when you have a full inventory of gold in what is the slowest and least maneuverable ship of all your slow and unmaneuverable ships so far, totaling around 2,000,000$ and profiting 500,000, you begin to feel pressure when you notice “hey that little dot changed its’ trajectory and it’s coming right at me. Good thing I outplayed him and deliberately took a slow route to avoid pirates.”

    Let alone when it goes to “holy cow I DIDNT KNOW THEY COULD FIRE IN A STARPORT INSTANCE!”

    Docking never felt so relieving.

  19. imagine Eve and Elite fuze into one game with a working system that is not overlapping to hard and Unreal Engine 4

    rip PC

  20. Eve reminds me of albion online with their pvp and economy while ED is more like an old wing commander game.

  21. if eve had a different type of control he would be much more famous than he is today

  22. The immersion of Elite is something I value a lot in sim games, but Eve does have a lot of appeal that I wish Elite did

    In the end I'll likely be playing Elite Dangerous though (or maybe Star Citizen will be out by the time I try either)

  23. As an eve vet, this vid does absolutely nothing to describe what it's like to play. Was thinking about trying elite dangerous but this comparison doesn't help at all.

  24. Both games are great at what they do. I think you nailed it, they are different enough to not compete, but similar enough to compare. Different style of games. Okay to like one, the other, both or none. I'm a flight sim/space sim freak… but I absolutely LOVE playing EVE. Knowing that there are 30,000 other players in game with me all on the same instance and free to do whatever they want really adds a degree of tension.

  25. 4:14 idk where that is but I wanna go there to take some pictures for an album cover. I been trying to find something like that on Google and NASA’s public domain pages but can’t find anything similar enough.

  26. It's really great you mentionned that eve's universe isn't scientifically correct, I hard never thought about it. Good Job.

  27. Aright guys, let's be honest here:
    Elite flight sim (it has an economy believe it or not too, it might be small a poopy but it's there) with fights there are strategy's with earning money there are guides and engineering maybe a little bit of a grind but it's the only reason I started exploring.

    Eve: is a strategy game, if you have more units with better stuff you win, if the other guys has more stuff he wins, and ye the economy is expansive but the map the gameplay just don't leave much there it's just a big spread sheet and i don't see how it's more fun than just looking at the stock market

  28. I'd play both, but EVE's Omega subscription pisses me off a lot

  29. If you master eve then congrats ou deserve a PHD in economics or political science no joke

  30. "you probably wont see anyone in elite" Within 20 minutes of my first time playing i was killed and then ganked for 3 hours till i quit

  31. Elite dangerous has no depth and it's boring.

  32. i have yet to try elite dangerous since i'm mostly too busy with EVE. but i really want to try it now after watching this.

  33. the true shame on EVE online, is that a very toxic pvp game , cant do anything or going anywhere .

  34. Eve onlinen have more players pvp action then elite dangers while the Elite look good but expect most of time is just u playing solo unlike eve online where you interact with other people in many things and be proudly about it I say eve is fun unlike elite dangers with all respect to its players

  35. I like both, but I think EvE has much more of a learning "cliff" then ED

  36. Watching you smash around inside that station had me shuddering with delight as those fines rack up 😋

  37. The lore of eve may have aleins although it is not confirmed

  38. There are absolutely "rookie systems" in ED. The pilots fed sets you up with a few low risk low reward systems for you to get to know the game as much as you want before heading into the bubble.

  39. EliteDangerous has great potential as a learning tool for Astrology and Astronomy,

    Eve has just as much if not more potential as a way to reverse engineer some of the technology?

  40. Someone who says EVE is "spreadsheets in space" have NO clue and never realy played EVE. EVE is PVP in its purest form on countless layers and EVE is a TRUE Sandbox. For example: Nealy all stuff you can buy in this game is produced by a player.

  41. I like elite more than eve because it feels right. I can fly anywhere, I dont need to set a location, I can just fly around and do loop de loops in space if I want. Eve feels too rigid for me to enjoy it

  42. I just want to play a game where I can see my ship flying and shooting homing missles beautifully on enemy ships from afar… Is it too much to ask? Does a game like that exists?

  43. I dont like eve… it just take too much out of me also need to pay for important stuff and wait years for others or just pay a lot to get it faster.

  44. Tried Elite Dangerous, even picked up a HOTAS. Played for a few hours and a buddy said "hey try Eve" – haven't logged into Elite since.

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