Eve Online vs Elite Dangerous – Comparing the Two Largest Space MMO Games!

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These two games are different enough not to compete, but similar enough to compare! The epic nature of both of them cannot be understated! Let’s compare and contrast the setting, game play, and learning curve of these two games!

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  1. What do you think of Star Citizen it seems more real to me I have tried them all and this new game has some bugs but they keep adding new stuff to do and it very good at times.

  2. You said that 'Eve is more social'… There's nothing 'social' about it; at BEST, you have groups gathered together to either A: be psychopaths together, or B: cower together AGAINST said psychopaths.

    There is NO 'solo play' in Eve online; you go out, and EVERYWHERE you go, EVERYONE is a potential threat. The joke of 'highsec', where suicide gankers, teamed up with scanners looking for 'phat lootz' wait at every gate, and at every port of note.

    Your 'ammunition' isn't what's in your guns, it's your BODY; die, and download to a fresh clone. Run out of clones for the day, you're done with that character (and believe me, if you play in low or nullsec, you're likely to run out).

    Eve has a saying: 'The moment you undock, you consent to P.v.P….' Suicide gankers may blast you 'just because they feel like it', even in high security areas, even as you start out on your very first adventures. Certainly, there are a few 'rookie' areas, where you're not SUPPOSED to fire on newbies, but there's always those that do, and, it's a pretty simple matter of 'baiting' a rookie into either stealing from you, or opening fire on you first.

    Eve promotes 'tear extraction' as both a motivation, and recruitment tool into player corporations; also pirate gangs thrive off of these sorts of provocative, tormentative activities.

    Eve started as a 'social experiment', and has proven the point: leave people to their own devices, and they will fall to the lowest common denominator. Bored players, waiting for something to happen, having 'pirate' alts, whose only goal is to make others suffer, back-stabbing, thievery, double-dealing, double-crossing, lying…

    …the only thing Eve is missing is CHEATERS, of which the game managers are EXTREMELY strict about, often monitoring public and private conversations, and interrogating, and eventually outright BANNING anyone even so much as SUSPECTED of cheating the game somehow.

    And if you're looking for help from the N.P.C. factions?

    Forget it.

    The only N.P.C.'s that do anything of note are the 'space-cops' (Concord), whom don't STOP 'crimes', but only 'avenge' them. Players have long since worked around this mechanic with teams of suicide gankers, scanners, and collectors, all working together to ambush unsuspecting players of anything of value (or, as mentioned above, 'just for laughs').

    Five (or so) great 'Empires' which are powerless, (and pointless) versus the players of the game.

    Finally, there's the 'stuff'. You can spend REAL WORLD money to buy PLEX. PLEX is a 'game time extension', which you can sell in-game for in-game money. There is no limit on how much real-world money you can spend on PLEX.

    MANY newcomers to Eve quickly find out that blowing a couple of GRAND on rare ships and equipment soon gets you robbed, ambushed, and humiliated, your hard-earned money in the pockets of people that are sitting in corp chat, laughing their asses off at you (ask around about the Italian guy who dropped six grand on the game, and tried to sue Eve).

    You don't adventure, like in Elite, with possible dangers…

    …you dive into a malestrom of death, deception, turn-coats, and robbery.

    Don't waste your money on Eve.

  3. play elite since it's in ps4.. now on ps5, yeah 😄.
    never played eve, but it's worth a try

  4. combine them games.. make it " EvE Dangerous or Elite Online "🤷‍♂️

  5. If I wanna be competitive even break in game law I would pick eve online, If I am just goofing around Elite. In Eve everyone is out to get you while in Elite I have no fear of jumping into a anarchy rated system and smacking my ship face first into the nearest planet to see if I can get my SRV to become a space craft.

  6. I played EVE from 2007 until about 2014; been playing Elite since 2017.
    Didn't have the time to join a Corp and do Corp stuff that EVE ultimately demands, and the flight mechanics weren't my favorite. Indeed Eve reveals how nasty folks can be.
    Elite allows me to enjoy spaceflight, exploration and missions without dealing with a**holes. It's a game, for fun; I get enough real-life every day.

  7. Umm… Star Trek Online has more than twice the number of ships as Eve.

  8. I'm trying Eve again after years of having tried it before, and though it's fun when you first start, I start to wonder if it's worth $15 a month, then people say "You can make enough ISK in game to pay the sub", but then I think "Why play a game that you play only to pay for the next monthly fee?". And I don't care what anyone says, but a new player is not making enough to pay for the sub. I've known people who mined in the game with large ships 24/7 using a bot and they didn't make close to enough to pay the sub.

    I'm finding the game pretty toxic as well. There's a special chat channel called Rookie Chat for helping new players but a lot of people use it just to belittle the new players and offering smartass answers to their questions. This is not how to keep a new player. The decline of the player base in recent years and the company being bought by Black Desert Online supports this.

  9. for the beginning – eve online isnt about celestiol bodies. not considering Pi its about anything but that

  10. I gotta say, in Elite it's nice that you don't need to pointlessly train skills for months in order to be competent, it all comes down to ship design and individual skill. Not to say it's balanced, or that anything other than combat is fun for me…

  11. I loved the dynamics of Eve…but the company doesn't give a crap about screwing players over with game changes without any compensation…so fukk those A-Holes and started playing ED…and I like it…

  12. Eve suffers from not having a solo mode… Too many new players end up leaving after being ganked in high sec…

  13. The worst part of Eve is that all the top gaming A-Holes live in it… Even the Eve forums are filled with troll dipshits that you want to beat the crap out of…

  14. EVE is Runescape in space + facebook. ED is farming simulator 2020 in space + dogfights.

  15. I was considing getting Elite Dangerous but recently (About a weeke ago) started playing Eve Online. ….slowly starting to move forward…

  16. eve vs elite ? you mean a money grubbing calculator of BS numbers vs a proper space simulator right ?

  17. you missed one BIG difference. EVE Online is actually FREE TO PLAY.

  18. I do not remember 2003 being before the advent of modern astronomy.
    Having made up Planets is no excuse for not having the move

  19. I had played EVE from 2009-2020 and picked up Elite Dangerous in 2020 or so, and stumbled on your video! Overall your analysis is on-point. EVE is more of a science fantasy and MMO strategy game whereas Elite is more of a spaceflight simulator (now with on-foot exploration and combat elements in spacesuits for extra immersion). EVE has a constant pressure and backdrop of the potential for other players interfering or even destroying what you've built up for years (which is what spurred my leaving and burnout from the game). As I got older and IRL career stuff going, that constant pressure simply wasn't enjoyable anymore. Elite on the other hand is much more relaxing, with 95% insurance on your entire setup if you die it's a much more forgiving game. Even though I've been ganked half a dozen times, I know I'm not losing anything as long as I have money for rebuys, so it's much more sporting and lower pressure. The to-scale Milky Way in Elite also towers over EVE's two star clusters of only thousands of systems (New Eden and Anoikis). They're both good games, but Elite is more relaxing and forgiving once you've learned how to fly (DCS World helped with that learning curve).

  20. I haven't played it, but ED doesn't look like a game that would hold my interest for more than a few weeks.

  21. Played both, love Eve a bit more due to the more expansive depth but daaamn Elite Dangerous gives me an entire galaxy to myself

  22. Played both
    Elite gets old and repetitive at some point
    Eve always has something new to get into

    Though I haven’t played elite since 2018…..
    But I don’t want to fork over the money for spacelegs

  23. Ive not played Elite yet. Eve on the other hand. Always watching your back. Even from people that call you friend. However, one can definately find great friendships too. Over 20 years of gaming and Eve is the only game i will pvp in. This is odd im sure because in eve you literally can loose nearly everything you have spent years of accumulating. High adrenaline, high stress and high action. Pvp in eve brings one to the very basics. Guts, skill and willingness.

  24. This comparison is a godsend. I just started playing Eve online but hearing about Elite dangerous made me rub my hands, hearing that i can also play to chill in games like Elite dangerous.

  25. Great games, the thing they share, of course, is farming, very hard farming (hours of life) for both games.
    Personally I prefer simulation so I played mostly Elite, but EVE´s awesome in community events. Elite is not a introspective game, but not so conected as EVE.

  26. EVE is for people who arent married, have no kids, no job & OCD.Only then you MIGHT have enough time for EVE.

  27. Star citizen makes both of these games obsolete.

    Any spaceship game where you can't interact with your spaceship to make the spaceship game about spaceships feel like a spaceship game in space completely misses it's target. Can't walk into your ship and decide when you want to sit down and pilot??? GTFOH. These games aren't space simulators they are economy simulators. Everything regarding spaceships and gameplay is dull and poorly executed.

    Star citizen is the only game worth playing if you want to experience space and spaceships.

  28. I love EVE because it has a breathing universe. I used to play Elite but never seeing any players got to me, I realized that Elite is kind of alive but you can never find any players.

  29. Which game is better for playing just 2 hours per day?

  30. I just started Eve a little over a week ago and I like it alot it's complicated but I don't mind the challenge and love that it feels like I still have a long journey ahead of me.

  31. Elite dangrous to me just sounds likr microsoft flight sim in space. Like idk. There are missions but progression? Dose not seem to be much of a thing. I perfere eve

  32. Elite screwed up allowing offline or solo play mode.
    When players can just mine or traffic without the threat of other players interacting it became boring and removed any semblance of mmo emergent game play. Worst thing to happen to the game. Now you can just mine with only threat from AI.

    The other issue is the fact that people could be in the same system but on different servers. The player cap is something that really hurts the experience. I understand there is server limitations but you'd think they could make it more populated and more likely to randomly come across another player.

    The other issue with elite is there is no compelling narrative reason to play. They tried to do it with community goals (which was a good try) and powerplay. But the power play missions took to long to effect change on the system and you couldn't siege or blockade a station.
    You should be able to at least disable a station and it's function within the persistent economy. Territory control should've been more dynamic.

    The economy should be felt being manipulated by reducing resources or changing their supply.

    And there should've been straight up player factions and player generated missions with rewards provided by actually player accounts.

    All of this should be in a much smaller universe to push people to interact with each other.

  33. its very simple : Elite Dangerous is the best But its Buy to play coast money / EvE its Free to play

  34. Elite Dangerous gives you an idea how small we truly are. Tiny specks of stardust in a vastness that boggles the human mind.

  35. Lol whats the difference? Eve online is pay to win, elite is not….shouldve been the entire video.

  36. all ill say on the matter is i laugh when people complain about elite's grind

  37. yeah elite has a "learning cliff" if you have some mental illnesses

  38. I game on Mac. I know blah blah blah pc better blah blah blah compatibility… EVE just got an ARM compatible native Mac port. My no fan minimum spec 8gig m1 MacBook Air can run eve at max settings for 16 hours on battery. Now if elite makes an ARM native Mac port, then I will buy it in a heartbeat. Give it time, ARM chips in Macs are pushing the boundaries and will be a huge market that devs will waste money not marketing towards. Some of these newer Macs with the M1 max are just insane on the performance, its only compatibility that is holding them back in any way whatsoever. I hope to see this change soon! Apple nerds like me need devs to save us!!

  39. Never heard of Elite Dangerous. Sounds interesting. I just came back to Eve Online 2 weeks ago after not playing it since 2016. It was Eve or go back to KOTOR which I haven't played since 2017. I've been playing World of Warcraft since beta, but feel the need to retire just need my last 15.8k honor kills for an achievement then retire. I also play Star Trek Online.

  40. Elite dangerous is (sometimes) NOT a chill game. It can be stressful even when just transporting cargo. And I think personally the game is not that hard to learn I started 3 days ago and I have gotten the hang of thing at the moment. Eve online I tried but the “helpful” people there to help did not do much for me. And I think the biggest upside for ED is it is on console. I play it on console everyday with my friends. I find eve a game a bit too complicated for my tastes. There is just so much HUD. ED can run into the same problem. But it is NOWHERE near as bad. But both are good in there own ways. I just don’t agree with the “chill” part of ED.

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