Eve Online – Keynote very disappointing

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Hi folks, so fan feast Keynote feel rather flat, nothing overly note worthy.

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What is Eve Online – Eve Online is a space-based, persistent world massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by CCP Games. Players of Eve Online can participate in a number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat.

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  1. The keynote was definitely not the "biggest thing we've ever done" as promised by CCP Paragon. It was quite meh actually.

  2. worse than disappointing, it was embarrassing and insulting.

  3. eve is good but not 20$ good..and they didnt anounce anything that would justify sub price increase

  4. Regarding price increase? Do you really pay per month or do you take a years subscription? If you take the two year subscription when it's available, you'll be paying $4.80 per year more… That is less then the current price inflation in the world…

    Not everyone likes pvp! If you want to do pve group content, currently you can run three man Frigate Abyssals, you get bigger payouts without the need to multibox. Similar running certain sites in Pochven… Classic missions won't go away (too many people like them like they are), but the new systems that are being implemented in this Event Arc is what I'm personally looking for, you run the site in T3, double spawn! Imho that has a lot of potential for sites/missions, not only get more or different spawns with a bigger/advanced ships, you could manage the spawns based on the team size…

  5. I think it’s time to cancel subs and play as alpha eves good but not 20 quid a month good

  6. I just came back after a long time away and it seems like I picked the worst time. It feels just like it used to, which should never be the case after years. The IBC sounds like the new AK from back in the day, let's hope it fares better.
    Suziku Mieda.

  7. Faction warfare came out a log time ago, i started off in it not long after it started before i took a break in 2010 from the game, i am not surprised that there was no big reveal today as i was saying to alliance mates that i think this was just trying to be a distraction from the price increase. They got a lot more backlash than they expected and by the look of the recent sales a lot more unsubs than they expected. I did not that that the devs actually had a big new update in mind and started to scramble at after the price increase.

  8. I agree. I kept waiting for The Big Thing and nothing happened. The cynics were right. What a mess.

  9. This is one of the funniest things I've ever heard about an MMO

  10. Friends? Community?? Eve Online is one MMO where I AVOID other players like the plague. I never encountered a game so full of toxic psychos!

  11. Do you remember when skills kept running even if you dropped your sub completely, one of the things they used to throw at you "Go back to WoW" as they had to play to gain xp, back when everyone pushed for you to complete the learning skills first, I always felt it was skills that held me back never isk, I was always waiting for something to finish, to open a ship, or start a new line of skills. I used to offer people the chance to salvage lvl 4 missions, not a single person took the offer up, I went back and looted and salvaged it, the total was 27m isk, they were loads of new characters in system, I thought they might like a boost or to join up, most were alts, they had no interest in doing anything but skill up with injectors to do what they planned.

    I feel its more P2W microtransactions, join the game use a referral, use the plex then inject to fly whatever your plan is, then head to low or null or just gank haulers/miners. They should have pushed incursions, Forward op bases or level 5 and made it more group friendly, seems far too gank orientated

  12. I love your videos. I've been playing for 4 years and your perspective is great. Eve will almost assuredly make its 20th birthday – the 2 year subscriptions will help guarantee that. How many players there will be and what content they will be engaging with? Those are my crystal ball questions.

    Most of my accounts are alpha now and I may be down to one very soon. That's not all on CCP. I decided to stop playing certain content. But, I also don't log in to play my subbed accounts everyday either. I need more reasons to log in.

  13. you got a CEO with limited imagination thats stuck in his own views and really ignores the customer, so many of the old coders have left and either locked there code or the new coders are unable to add new content or decipher existing code, EVE has for many years been fixated on graphics over content because there are more awards in this field then having a great game. Too many players are ore struck on skins and fluffy crap then hard core content with meat attached. A majority DON'T want to fight only farm "mine. mission. explore" so meh I can't make ccp change so its easier to move on which I have now done Roll on Star Citizen ^_-

  14. I mean if I read in the comments that people unsub multiple accounts I think there is the problem to begin with why you have to sub multiple accounts to enjoy this game anyways and if someone gonna say nah you don't have to just have fun with an alpha account then tell me why a lot of player have multiple accounts I played games for about 20 years and never saw such a need of having multiple accounts to enjoy a games content

  15. I don't really know what direction they are going with the skilling thing but if if comes to you shoot x to get skill points, I'd say most of eve would quit. Even if its log in and get you days worth of skill points I think that would be a problem. And if the "biggest thing ever" is making it easier to skill up for new players I could see a large portion of eve players leaving.

  16. Rewarding, FUN group PVE content for sub-5 people is one of the main things this game has always lacked. I have several friends who are very interested in the concept of EVE, but when they wanna farm isk with me it's kinda like…we can do this, this or this, but I'm better off doing it myself, and the activities aren't engaging so why would they want to slow me down when it's not fun anyway? Small gang PVP yeah, but you need to actually know what you're doing to have any real success and it is not sustainable without the boring PVE. Abyssals are sort of a start, but it's frigate only (yawn) and very unforgiving for new players; yes, you can do lower tiers, but to do stuff with friends that isn't severely destroying MY iskmaking, the higher tier frig abyss are not viable for newer players.

  17. Way I heard it they’re introducing a narrative and things like new ships will be drip fed as the narrative progresses.
    In terms of the price increase I’d be pretty stoked if my electricity company absorbed inflation for 19 years.
    Can’t think of any other industry that’s expected to operate outside real world economics.

  18. Playing since 2003, always said EVE is successful in spite of CCP not because of it. All I can say is I feel ya mate, so many times … now you sound like we felt on the day Pochven opened and the content that was released was so bugged it was safer to leave it alone and report it and just go sightseeing/random PVP.
    CCP have always played their cards close to their chest because every time they've talked about what they wanted to do, but found they couldn't reasonably do it, they got burned. But it's not good enough to leave their customer base in the dark and ask us to 'trust them'. Businesses don't run on hope and trust, they run on revenue and this was their time to step up and say why we NEED to pay them going forward. Sigh.
    Remember the weak, slow clap Hilmar got for announcing Eve Echoes at fanfest? Cringe. Sounds like he's still on form lol.

  19. Its hard to imagine a worse keynote speech.

  20. Feeling the same on all levels. Was actually angry, now im just sad and defeated, not even interested in logging in atm either. Wait for fanfest. More like unsub and come back in 3 years, if the global economy will even last that long. And back to angry again now.

  21. Did not see anything new coming for a few months, and now with the price increase and nothing new, IDK how long I will stay onboard for this…

  22. 100% about price increase speculation being "new ships? new missions? new factions? fixing old stuff they can? minimizing the skill categories? going back to the old alphabetical ordering of skills?"…instead we got "bueller?"

  23. I think the character of the keynote this year, and the discrepancy between what was announced and what turned out to be, is a sign of the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult for CCP to keep up the appearance that EVE is a gamer's game, and that in fact CCP's business has totally shifted course from a mission that was about building this wonderous, unfair, complex universe to, as for now, being to generate revenue for its venture capitalist Korean owners. In my opinion, Hilmar is a "traitor" who has sold out, I see him as the driving force behind the erosion of the core values and dogmas, for example that it was okay for things to be complicated, tied with the nature of EVE, as it was from the outset. And he was at it before Pearl Abyss (Christ what a name) was on the radar. I have been playing for about 15 years now, and I can just say – here on the brink of a price increase – that EVE was way way more interesting and deep in all its quirky idealism then – before the dumb "available to all", that goes against the grain in so many ways, became the name of the game and money interests dictate the dumbing down, de-stratification of EVE and its playerbase, i.e. the latest SP changes can be seen as another in a succession of steps to replace skill and intelligence, tenacity, with P2W.

    Already when I started playing, I knew that there were players I would never catch up with in terms of wealth and skills. And it was just perfect and made EVE a much more interesting place to be. True to life, like in many other ways – before all potentials, gradients, edges were "rebalanced" into oblivion.


  24. As far as I understand the changes in training. you get SP over time login and spend the SP on the skills you like to train.

    So if you keep your account subed and do not log in for a longer time you will have all the SP collected and no can spend them on skills no skill plan running out of skills while you are gone.

  25. Currently sobering from pub crawl and talking to everyone. I think Hilmar wants eve IP forever as his legacy. With pearl I expect it will outlive him so mission accomplished. We just assume he means eve the game we play. Faction warefare lady seemed legitimately excited and passionate but her use of hedging makes me think she got the green light to talk because ccp knew faction wareware was expected not because stuff is ready.

  26. I think the disconnect is about how the EVE PVP sandbox is dying, and the EVE Living Universe is being born. But will it work is the question.

  27. The cutscene mentioning bully boys gave me hope but then it was dashed by the guy saying the players will have to find clues and they (ccp) wont be giving info. really really really let down.

  28. 21:21 i feel ya, bro. i really do. i have been and always will be a total fan of mining in mmogs, any kind of mmog. i just love mining. call me silly, but it's true. but, i honestly haven't fucking mined a single goddamned thing for over a year because CCP is such a twisted bitter bunch of c***s

  29. 25:00 the only reason i'm going to steel myself to watch that keynote is because ALL i'm doing is listening to anything that smacks of NFT buzzwords. period.
    i 100% didn't expect Paragon's promises to bear fruit at fanfest, so in that i won't be depressed about.

    look, you gotta realize that in the space of a month CCP not only got knocked off the NFT bandwagon really hard (probably by pearl abyss clutching its pearls after that 600m dollar heist of the leading NFT gaming companies crypto) and then jumping hard onto Runescape's bandwagon of raising prices by at least 15% (ccp was like, hold my beer let's double that so we look good to pearl abyss)…you know absolutely without a doubt that this fanfest was all planned around the NFT craze…and without it…well…heh

  30. Yes, I watch the keynote. No, I don't play much anymore. I believe you misunderstood the skill points change.

    I couldn't get through your whole video because you don't seem to fully grasp the types of changes that CCP is planning to make. So I'd suggest you watch it again with an open mind and an eye for what could be done with the tooling and backend updates they've been working on.

    The visual updates shown will be nice, the plans for more immersion sound great, and the time they've taken to build tools for updating PvE and environment content seems like they've brought internal tools more in line with today's game engine standards.

  31. I just came back after 5 years (Lived in location with no internet). After seven months of relearning the game found it with fewer players and even more difficult to grow. The last straw (which occurred at same time of price increase) was getting ganked and then shortly after lost a toon from NPCs…. Recouping ISK is too difficult for amount of loss occurance. I don't have a problem with the occasional gank… that has always been eve but getting knocked out by NPCs at every turn left a bad taste. I relate to inflation and it would have been nice to have been able to play with my mobile but they never developed that. I think if the game was managed right the prices would have actually gone down and been more competitive in the MMO market due to a larger player population sharing the cost. As it stands now I don't see myself returning to the game as the return in ISK for time investment is not favorable. If you are a pay to play PVP player the game is suited for you. If you are a PVE player looking to build wealth find a game that is goal oriented and doesn't knock you back two steps for every step forward.

  32. There's a round table event I believe for the changes to attributes and SP. We will see more in the next couple days.

  33. Since beta the game was made with passion by people that feel the game. Eve for me was way of life, real friends, real life events, I made real life friends. But as everything in this world money targeted the game and SINCE the Perl Abyss took the game I knew it that this game will go to drain. Now we have koreean games system, Little gifts every login, login rewards this kind of staffs that made game cheep and just made you login to the game not actually have fun in it. Most of the old devs left the company and old vision of the game little by little goes down. The game will go harder and harder on players until PA will sell it and someone will revitalize eve. Sad but this is the world we are living. MMOs are now just a business not a vision.

  34. They seem to ignore all the old stuff to. Like the Triglavians, but things as the Cosmos missions. We lose a lot of players. A year ago there where 30.000 almost al the time. Very sad, there is still a lot of potential. But it seems there is nobody with some fantasy anymore. Now it's seldom more then 25.000. Saw the temprature rising during the vid, from 15 to 29 degrees.

  35. A lot of maybes, a lot of "in the future", a lot of pie in the sky tech demos, a lot of purposely vague because they don't have anything to talk about yet. We've seen how this shit goes. 20% of it might get into the game in 2026. Confirmed that they basically put the game in maintenance mode and bilked money for 4 years while they set up London. Not a good look.

  36. My first time watching, a few good add-ons like customizing, but adding more "social" for PvE style would be awesome to show off my customizations…. otherwise I'll be mining on the belt alone… 🙁

  37. did you actually watch the keynote till the end ?

  38. Maybe they should of included excel in the subscription to justify the price?!

  39. i hope they dont remove the real time sp thing i love that about it just make it so new accounts get more skills so they can do more but just dont fly them as good

  40. How many times have they redone the NPE in recent years?

  41. In a climate emergency keeping a pc on for skills is as stupid as you can get .

  42. great video strange net as usual. that keynote was fucking horrible IGN principeborghese.

  43. i took the change to skillpoints to mean that you'll earn skillpoints passively, to then be able to allocate them later. My concern is what they will set the default rate to – if it ends up meaning I get less skillpoints/hr than optimally mapped attributes, it'll be annoying

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