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Video games are shaping human communication and cultures. At CCP Games we see games as virtual realities. They are about creating experiences unattainable in any other form of media. Virtual reality is about true human interaction and true human emotions in a living and evolving world.

A study of @EVE Online’s player community reveals a place that provides the building blocks for meaningful real-world friendships.

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  1. Alienating times just like how you alienated your entire player base with bait and switch tactics? Then proceeded to raise the price of the game while simultaneously giving everyone the finger during these "hard times" that you have just said yourself?

  2. lmao CCP YOU are not my friends.
    "Friends" don't destroy their friends favourite video game and then go on to increase the subscription fee to 20$ for those few of our friends that are still hanging on.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. Unfortunately it's not friendship shapes eve, but virtual employment contracts created by the sandbox economy

    The only drive force behind eve's player politics(drama) is profit and innate demand for RMT

    Put that into your corporate portfolio, CCP, with your playerbase rapidly declining due to lack of new content might just turn eve into a truly free RMT heaven and milk the last few cents before the server shuts down

  4. You fat fucks at CCP dont even play EVE. Get new developers, youre gonna ruin one of the most important video game of all time

  5. Pester CCPBEE to assist with this friendship problem, he has the ability to bring all the nerds to the yard and have people enjoy his content.

  6. Have you removed injectors yet?

  7. Eve before the pay to win was the Friendship machine. Once you could pay to accelerate your learning Etc it became just another toxic shooter.

  8. CCP ice cream is my biggest friend. He banned me for a YouTube video that hurt the feelings of one of his contracted employees that is a CEO in game.

    CCP destroying their own game.

  9. theres other space games with better gui's

  10. Cool! All my friends left EVE because SOMEONE had the brilliant idea to make the game that is begging you to have Alts the most expensive Subscibtion Game ON THE PLANET.
    SOMEONE also hasn't released any meaningfull content in 3 YEARS.
    The same SOMEONE also nerfed a LOT of fun Playstyles into oblivion and ruined the ingame economy and industry gameplay.
    And seeing as Playernumbers are now scratching on the four digits I'm not the only one that gave up on the idea that SOMEONE might wake up from their delusions.

    Seriously CCP your game is close to critical mass in Playernumbers. You need to do something drasic soon or EVE won't live to see the year 2024.
    The FW update won't save anyting. The current Sub cost and ingame plex prices just can't stay as high as they are if you want the game to survive.
    Or you need to add some serious value to the Sub. (like an adition character per sub or general MCT)

  11. Fix the game? From a lover of eve online, I would like to see some of the clear issues of the game be fixed. CCP, you're doing a great job on the FW expansion so far, but there are things that need attention and have needed it for a long time. Cheers

  12. Ok….. Does this video seem creepy to anyone else? Or is it just me? Especially the first minute was super creepy

  13. hahahahahahahaha oh boy hahahahaha oh man, this video.

  14. I miss Rookies Alliance. Goshee too
    Maybe not Goshee

  15. CCP do anything with NFTs yet? Is Hilmar still pushing that shit?

  16. CCP will do literally anything, including a cringy video, instead of fixing their game.

  17. I played Eve for 17 years and quit without regrets because CCP seems intent on running it directly into the ground and I don't want to be there for its degradation and final ignominious death.

  18. I wanna play with my friends from Eve but I don't wanna have to play Eve with them.

  19. That's an old video from over a year ago when CCP jumped on the Corona bandwagon.

  20. is this a joke? just add some cat ears already

  21. I wonder if this garbage video is the type of content they hyped and promised us at fanfest, when they decided a 20 year old game with a dying player base and dwindling content was worth raising the sub price

  22. Dang eve really is trying to tank the content and mold people into a pacifist follow the rules type of youth.

  23. I used to play this game with my friends and made videos about our adventures together. I met some cool people over the 15 years I played Eve, but I also met a ton of sociopaths, who were drawn to a game that advertised that they can be the villain without the fear of reprisal from the law. My advice to people reading this comment is that you can make good friends in Eve, but be careful your new friend doesn't turn you into a monster or steal your stuff. The most valuable thing about Eve to me was the life lessons I learned cheaply for the cost of a few 1s and 0s.

    I kept the friends I made, but we mostly play other games together now.

  24. Here's an idea. Cut your price in half. You get double subs. and a better game bc players make the game in eve

  25. I think it's time to take EVE out behind the barn with a shotgun. It's the kindest thing, sad to see it like this.

  26. This company preys on the lonely and depressive.

  27. $20 a month we will make a killing CCP brainstorm 🤣🤪🤣👍

  28. Just don't let your friends fuck your corp over when they get bored.

  29. just like mass banning friends and decade old social communities from the chat system because some ISD got butthurt? lol stfu ccp

  30. I know adding links in comments is a common spam tactic, and I know self-promotion is frowned upon, but I can't think of any better way to get across my feelings on your game than to link my own meme:

    Little Dark Age: EVE Online

    I used to love this game, and you ran it into the ground. GJ CCP.


  31. I smell the Soylent Green from here. This is a mockery of the real meaning of "The Friendship" in EVE. What's next? To fight climate change, we'll be shutting down server nodes in these locations for 4 hours. They bring out these tree-hugging PR videos instead of making music and music videos. Music with lyrics that had meaning to the players and the people at CCP. "Virtual reality is about true human interaction and true human emotions in a living and evolving world." I don't drink this transhumanist garbage.

  32. CCP, please do shut the hell up, you don't care about any of this and we all know it.

  33. Ok, but why is Chester Bennington in the thumbnail?

  34. Eve is dead. After having accounts since 2003 I have finally quit. CCP has killed anything meaningful the game had to offer

  35. Ya know if they actually did WIS (walking in stations) and ground play. Oh and not charging ever more for the game. I think it would have attracted a larger audience. But we have Star Citizen. 😉
    Eve Online requires second job like hours to do correctly. Otherwise don't bother. There is a lot to like and admire in what CCP has created. But what is the ultimate vision for the game? will we ever get out of our spaceships again? (No). Will there ever be another DUST ground game that compliments EVE? Maybe???! Project Legion was talked about 6 years ago. Did anything come of it? Don't know.

  36. Yeah the hordes of high sec gankers are really friendly to me in my marauder I spent years grinding the shit pve for

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