[EN] How to Trick Epic Games Not Enough Space When Transfer From Backup Files

Zydhan Linnar Putra
This video will guide you how to trick epic games store “not enough space” when you downloaded game files from other platform or maybe copying from your friend but you receive “not enough space” notification in epic games and unable to install that game. In this video i’m using GTA V as an example.

Sorry for bad English, i can’t speak from microphone because when creating this video i don’t have good mic, and sorry for poor video quality because Microsoft Photos can’t maintain high bitrates from source videos, if you have recommendation about other free editing software please share in comment section below.

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Recorded with OBS Studio 25.0.8 (64-bit)
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Computer specs:
– Dell Latitude E6230
– Intel Core i5-3340M 2,7 Ghz
– 2×4 GB DDR3L 1600Mhz
– Intel HD Graphics 4000 Mobile
– 250 GB Samsung 860 Evo SATA
– Windows 10 2004 (19041.330)

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  1. Can u please help me. When i was downloading gta 5 it said note enough space. It alaso said my c drive is full

  2. How to do i Copy and Paste It I Have No Idea How to do it and why wouldn't you show us that part?

  3. I created the new disk and when i download something and in my other disk the my spaces is just gone can u help me

  4. My game in drive e not c if i cut it from e to vhd does the storage of c will lose? and is there any sulutuion

  5. thanks a lot dude! I guess most useful content I've ever watched on yt lol.

  6. But i solved my problem without creating an another disk space partision

  7. I was trying to download nba 2k21. At first I thought it was working when I created the new drive and saved my download there, but my original C drive keeps overflowing and the downloads keep snapping off. Why does that keep happening? Please help

  8. Holy shit i was about to download the whole 100 gb again thank you so much bro

  9. bro how to cut and paste the game if i dont have it

  10. bro, you save me a day, now I only need 1 hour to do instead of 10 hours.

  11. Can I ask u a question? After I have downloaded the game to the virtualdisk, can I just cut it back to my main disk and eject the vdisk entirely?

  12. it says not enough storage in the disk please help

  13. bro, my c partion is full and the moving didn't complete what the solution

  14. Omg works i had only 60 gb yet i have gta 5

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