Elon Musk owns Twitter. Now what?

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On October 29th, Elon Musk officially took ownership of Twitter, and he’s already dissolved the board of directors and installed himself as CEO. But can he run a social network the way he runs SpaceX and Tesla?

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  1. I disagree, I think Elon is banking on a bunch of Silicon Valley Tech Bros pounding at the door of Twitter HQ foaming at the mouth to work for him. Even if he fires everyone at Twitter, I'll bet there are enough people who idolize the guy that he can keep the platform afloat until he sells it or somehow makes it profitable.

  2. A lot of speculation, that's all this video is. A strong brand media brand like the verge should not indulge in this type of guessing, stay to the facts, the future will let us know what will happen

  3. Very negative. Elon is just very open about how he works. Most companies in the world have hight work pace. Especially the big companies but that's what made them successful. Elon is gearing up to make Twitter bigger than ever. Easy for you to just bash those effort..

  4. Not E Cars in Germany 😃😊🤗 Tesla 😂🤣😅😆😁😄😃😀🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  5. This guy thinks they have to censor basic political speech in order to ban the kkk

  6. This video is a an extremely calm and passive aggressive reaction of being woke-mad that Elon took over and is dismantling your woke house of cards.

  7. "Make life for everybody there difficult" Dude, Elon is a businessman first, everything else comes second. He wants Twitter to make him stakes of cash with in this year, not show him what its like to lose 300+k in a month just for operational purposes. He will make this(most likely) one of the most valuable social media companies ever.

  8. free speech is one of the biggest topics globally why wouldn't there be people motivated to change that. also Facebook etc are having negative effects on civilization so maybe great minds will leave facebook to have a chance at doing the moral thing for a change.

    elon will prove you all wrong again. the staff were lazy and are not cut out to be part of a company ran by a true business genius.

    space x, tesla… if you think elon can't figure this one out you need to get your head checked or get a new job yourself

  9. Twitter is dead. My certain friends will be happy i liked the interface of KOO app. 😂

  10. Awe poor baby dems are crying over 8 dollars a month…

  11. Short answer to the title of this video = Nobody knows. Not even Elon.

  12. It's been less than a week and he's already completely Liz Truss'd up the platform.

  13. Somewhere between 2017-2018 The Verge took a weird turn…

  14. If he doesn't care about the economics of it, why is he adamant on having an $8 membership?

  15. this is good for fairness and for everyone, removing any and all "I feel offended so lets ban this" is the way to go, in fact offensive content should be pushed out there as much as possible, that is the best way get rid of the metal disorder called "being offended"

  16. Hahaha 😁😂. Funny how almost all or all The verge articles on Elon are negative!
    Had thought this was different!

  17. Verification Check is just for public figure accounts which might suffer identity theft on social platforms. Letting people have that mark just by paying an amount just makes that mark lose its worth.
    Consider this, iPhone 2G holds a lot of value now because it’s rare. If everyone could have it easily, it wouldn’t hold that value it does today.

  18. So Musk cares very much about the future of civilisation and not about the economics 😂😂

  19. Liberal whining. Let real and honest software people work at twitter and let the woke activist staff go to another woke company. Twitter will be great with Elon managing it as a real company.

  20. Now what? — queue negative bias content from all left-aligned social media

  21. I wonder how dieter would do this video 🙃

  22. He never run financial company, but made millions of PayPal, he never run space company, but has one of the most successful one, he never run car company, but has one of the most successful one. Everything he touches, becomes a gold. Within a year Twitter will become a social media standard.
    Your opinion is biased, I watched a video, where a young lady who works for Twitter, show her one day. The only meaningful thing she did is to eat good food. 90 % of the stuff there should go.

  23. "You can do anything, but not everything." -Anonymous

  24. It’s clear as day that Elon will only be making Twitter a more tumultuous place.

  25. Musk will sell twitter in less than six months.

  26. I for one hope it burns to the ground. Elon has been corrupted by fame, fortune, and power and deserves to take a huge L.

  27. He's just a slave of the government of united States, same as mark Zuckerberg.. they move and expels the real founders of the companies & take over. they put whoever they want. Scammers! Liers

  28. Verge is so dramatic. Yes he fired most of the people at Twitter as they didn't add any value (have you seen how spoiled Twitter employees are?). Now you say who will do the work? There are so many people that can do the work, it's not rocket science. The people that doubt Elon as the CEO of Twitter are clearly only scared on how it will effect themselves. Hehe so happy to see how scared the woke is now. He proofed many people wrong before against all odds with Tesla and SpaceX just to name two examples. It's also better to kick out anyone that doesn't share your companies vision especially those at the top as they will only be making your companies vision more difficult to achieve.

  29. I think Twitter/X will become huge! The trick is verified user accounts, like bank accounts where the true identity of people is guaranteed, for digital payments and direct democracy etc. User aliases should be possible but the underlying accounts will be verified. As Elon Musk said: "a platform that is maximally trusted" and that requires absolutely verified accounts with government cooperation.

  30. "Please complain. But pay that $8" – Elon Musk

  31. अपणा कू जिंदाबाद भाड मे‌ जाये टविटर

  32. I'm not on Twitter. Have I missed out on something?

  33. Ah! the Verge is miffed by Musk's acquisition of Twitter! tsk tsk!

  34. Yes! Layoffs! Fire their A s es communist a oles

  35. What has Elon really done for society? His underground tunnels that just got taken down and could only house HIS VECHILES? OR..His Tesla cars that he marketed to YouTuber kids primarily? The cars that don't drive themselves anymore because they're dangerous? Orrrr PayPal?? That company he sucked at running so he sold his position off? Orrrr maybe starlink? Those satillites are lucky if they can run a neighborhood let alone a city…idk he hasn't done that many great things and actually fully followed through. His ideas just have good marketing associated with them. plus he used twitter to pump crypto which everyone seems to have forgotten…

  36. Fire Anita & Zoe and end sexist racist woke = broke Anti-everything Cancel Culture

  37. Haha Elon said next step is to remove the "joined date" from everyone's profiles ✨🙏😇🍻

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