Earth🥺 vs Venus☠️ vs Uranus💀 #shorts #cosmology #planet #universe #space #astrology

Earth🥺 vs Venus☠️ vs Uranus💀 #shorts #cosmology #planet #astronomy #universe #space #astrology
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  2. Bro took Diamonds In The Sky to reality💀💀💀

  3. This is why ur-anus is valueable, kids. 😂

  4. and in the robloxian planet it rains tacos

  5. Teaching you how to go to Neptune: step one: go to the NASA factory-step two: tell them to go to Neptune-step 3: you'll be waiting for the rain diamonds-step four: if Neptune's rains diamond take them and be rich and lucky

  6. Not only! Neptune has also diamond rain

  7. Astronauts have found A planet that rains oil!

    America:That planet deserves some freedom

  8. Fun fact "Uranus" planet is smelly and human an*s is also smelly💀💀💀

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