Dual Universe Beta Release Date & NDA Lift – Space Games News July 2020

Space Games News 2020.

Discussing Dual Universe Beta Release and the upcoming NDA Lift.

Dual Universe Beta is set to release on August 27th 2020. This event will also mark the end of the NDA, allowing us to discuss Dual Universe.

Dual Universe Beta Release Date:

Dual Universe Beta Info:

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  1. A paid beta. Yikes, they should have just charged more for beta access during the investment phase.

  2. i have no prob with the sub and im also a lifetime sub backer from the kickstarter

  3. Yeah, well…. I played a fair bit of EVE. I know the kinds of people that will play these kinds of games. Seems like there will be no shortage of pirates and players who want to destroy other's games, or strip mine planets as fast as possible to leave nothing for anyone else. With the sub model I see potential for limiting skills/ progression by length of time paid for, much like EVE, so – probably one I'll just watch from the side lines. Neat to see gaming turning in this direction, but as I have seen so many times – the coolest systems are destroyed by out-of-touch devs or players who ignore the spirit of the game and it's intended design. Cheers Squid thanks for the video!

  4. A monthly subscription? Oh dear. Not a game I'll be playing then. 🙁

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