Downloading PS4 Games and Add Ons – Free Up Hard Drive Space By Doing This Simple Trick

John Hammer
In today’s video, I show the best way to download PlayStation games in order to optimize free space on your PS4 hard drive. I also cover where to find, access, and download game add ons, which weirdly is not the easiest thing to find, and is buried in a few menus in order to discover. But once found, you can see all the add ons that are available for each of the games in your library, along with how much they are to purchase, which is really cool.

How to Get The Best Game Deals Possible In the PS Store:


  1. I have a question: My PS4 is stuck on copying add on for Warzone and won’t pass the 7.17gb. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Hi John! Got a question regarding add ons: do add ons require extra space on the PS4 hard drive or external hard drive?

  3. Please upload regarding how to change nat type to open

  4. hey plz what is you tv name and is you tv good ps5

  5. Good sir today you have my subscription, thank you for this!

  6. Hey bro I need help I accidentally signed out of my account and when I was on it I was trying to change the email to the one I use and I forgot my password

  7. I have over 200GB free and it say I only have 50 I only have 1 game and I can’t play it because I have no space how do I fix it

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