Doc Plays KILLER KLOWNS from Outer Space: The Game | Early Preview

Doctor Wolfula
Doc plays #KillerKlownsfromOuterSpace in its #EarlyPreview period, the latest asymmetrical multiplayer game based on a classic horror movie!

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  1. This is great I've been waiting for someone to finally play the game and who better than Doc📺🎮🐺

  2. Not only can you play as mike and debbie, but they are also voiced by Grant Kramer and Suzanne Snyder

  3. Thank you for reviewing it so we don't have to get it, this game looks like dog shit

  4. I just noticed he ran into Delirious and Catroonz lol

  5. AyUWoKi ,the Michael Jackson horror survival is creepy AF

  6. I've been waiting for this game for so long! ❤🤡

  7. If you have any interest in this game at all you need to play it at launch. All of these asymetrical horror games are empty within 3 months and the only people left are the try hards and cheaters. Evil dead is the last one of these i'll ever buy. Spent 60 bucks and it takes 2 hours to get a match one year later. I missed out on chainsaw it was completely dead before I got a chance to try it.

  8. Dr. Wolfula game should be a buddy comedy point'n'click adventure game with Dr. Wolfula and Goulash

  9. WHAT AN AWESOME AMAZING GAME! Can’t wait for 12 pm eastern time so I can play 💚🤡💚🔥

  10. When I heard they where making a Killer Klowns game I thought "cool, as long as it isn't one of those asymmetrical games." This truly sucks.

  11. The problem with Evil Dead the game was that they tried to make everyone happy. Focus on your core fans. They were all over the place with game modes.

  12. Honestly this makes me wish for a John Carpenters “The Thing” (1982) game, it would work. Imagine staying out of the cold or you freeze, and have to figure out who is the Thing.

  13. Idk illfonic has a pretty good track record with sticking with thier games so far plus they have the backing of the movies orginal creators so idk i feel if they keep up with content it can last for a bit

  14. If you played friday the 13th its that just skinned over to be killer klowns

  15. It’s a quick cash grab and I don’t care I’m going to buy it just to put it with my 5 copies of the movie

  16. Found you from cartoonz playing this game. All the comments pointed it out😂Much love ❤❤

  17. Here from the Cartoonz gameplay of the same game. Saw the comments were saying how surprised they were to see Dr. Wolfula in the vid. Had no idea who that was so decided to look up the channel and liked the content being put out so I subscribed 👻

  18. You were playing with cartoonz and them so cool ! wish they could have heard you would have been a great Collab

  19. Yo I’m here from Cartoonz’s vid and I gotta say this was a fun video to watch glad I found another YouTuber to watch

  20. 5:53 “Oh look, there’s a guy to fuck up!”
    ** Proceeds to get obliterated **


  21. Everyone is mentioning cartoonz and delirious, but nobody’s mentioning that he ran into Slash’N’Cast also!

  22. Thanks for giving this game a go. I feel the same way about streaming games these days that force you into group and online play only. Oh I remember the days of standalone and solo gaming only but eh. It is what it is.

  23. Doc running into Delirious and the rest is so funny. Grew up with Delirious & Vanoss, plus Doc is a match i wouldnt ever thought id see. & the Cartoonz crew is fun to watch too

  24. Damn also ran into Ohmwrecker

  25. Yo i can't believe you actually played with some members of the vannos crew (H20 delirious and cartoonz)

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