Distant Worlds 2 – Space 4X – Steam Release – 24 – To Kill an Emperor

Let’s play the release version of Distant Worlds 2! The epic space 4X game returns is better in almost every way. This may simply be the best 4X game: all the greatness of the original space empire simulation, with better graphics and a coat of polish.

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Distant Worlds 2 on Steam:

Distant Worlds Returns! Distant Worlds, the critically acclaimed 4X space strategy game is back with a brand new 64-bit engine, 3D graphics and a polished interface to begin an epic new Distant Worlds series with Distant Worlds 2.

Distant Worlds 2 is a vast, pausable real-time 4X space strategy game. Experience the full depth and detail of turn-based strategy, but with the simplicity and ease of real-time, and on the scale of a massively-multiplayer online game. The Universe is Yours!

Huge Galaxies with up to 2,000 star systems and tens of thousands of planets, moons and asteroids are yours to explore and exploit, whether peacefully through mining and diplomacy or by conquest! The complex process of generating a galaxy ensures that every new game will be different and the many galaxy setup options ensure incredible replayability as well as the ability to have your game be just the way you like it.

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  1. A new candidate for “Litter Box” has been found! I say colonize it, take it for yourself. 😛 After all, cats don’t like cockroaches…

  2. I think first fleet was refueling before going to attack those space bugs

  3. 33:04 – Not certain, but I think you had that mining station there before they colonized that system, which placed that system under their color.

  4. I'd be interested in seeing you do some serious experiments with tractor beams in this playthrough and possibly area weapons in your next playthrough.
    In DW:U I liked to put one tractor beam on my large ships to pull enemies towards the main cluster of my fleet. Also on large stations. I have yet to try them in DW2.

  5. Son unos QQGIRLS.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤️ Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla 1, se que estuvoq sorprendente…

  6. Apreciando a una mujer tan hermosa. 2:7 sentadillas son unos YOURGIRLS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world losj mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

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