DF Direct Weekly #27: Dead Space Remake, Psychonauts 2, Game Boy Games Heading To Switch?

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Welcome to the 27th DF Direct Weekly! This time it’s John Linneman, Audi Sorlie and – of course – Alex Battaglia talking about the biggest gaming and tech topics of the week including the early access footage to Dead Space Remake, taking a look at the WATA grading situation and discussing the number of departure of Japanese talent to join Chinese backed gaming enterprises. All that and so much more!

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:31 Dead Space Remake early showcase
00:11:19 WATA Games Controversy
00:22:08 Sony announced PlayStation Showcase for Sept. 9
00:26:04 Psychonauts 2 impressions
00:34:26 Breeding Stud Appreciation Fest
00:35:13 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 60fps patch
00:37:47 SEGA and Bandai Namco talent leaving for Chinese game start-ups
00:44:16 Game Boy games coming to Nintendo Switch?
00:47:23 DF Content Discussion
00:52:48 DF Supporter Q1: Over time, I’ve come to appreciate the look of 360/PS3 games on non-native panels (eg 768p, 1080p, and 4K). Is this just nostalgia goggles?
00:54:44 DF Supporter Q2: How do you gentlemen think the Big Three (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) feel about upscalers such as they OSSC, and RetroTink 5X?
00:56:48 DF Supporter Q3: Curious how Alex keeps up with the new and emergent technical aspects of game development?
00:59:05 DF Supporter Q4: Have there been any games that you’ve had to play for the channel that have pleasantly surprised you?
01:04:43 DF Supporter Q5: Why do you think AF levels are still kept so low on console?
01:07:31 DF Supporter Q6: As a person who hopes to someday get into video game journalism, what advice would you give?
01:13:21 DF Supporter Q7: Are there plans to do an episode of Digital Foundry to bring attention to the fan-made project Shenmue: The Dragon and Phoenix Collection?


  1. I can relate John, I feel the same way. It's hard for me to be surprised anymore because people shove spoilers in your face everywhere and I am finding myself disappointed more often than surprised as I get older.

  2. Regarding the Rare Gemes investment arguments. Almost all of the rare games worth money are objectively Terrible games. They we so bad that hardly any were made as no one wanted to buy them. Collectors then buy them, not to enjoy the game but to enjoy the exclusivity and boasting rights. If it were not for investors of rare items these would be worth nothing! It seems strange and hypocritical therefore the criticise the none game loving investors who are seeking these out as profit potential. When the original owners do not intrinsically appreciate the core aspects of the game. The so called true gamers who collect these are suckers for rarity, instead of quality in gaming.

  3. Awesome you’re talking to Will Rouget! As a composer I’d love to see more content like that DF 🙂

  4. Audi's advice about getting into video games journalism was wonderful and really show's he is a genuine guy, just like all the other Digital Foundry team

  5. alex “i dont play consoles” battaglia port begging returnal? 🤔

  6. I hope in the the new dead space that when the flesh is shot off from necros, lumps of flesh stay on the ground in the final build rather than see them disappear. That would be an advancement this gen. I think when they get to 3 they should go single player only and put it in a new setting and create a totally new story. That way we could have more dead space sequels. The original 3 was that bad they shouldn't retain anything from it. 3 should be there shot at making their own deadspace game. That is if 1 and 2 remake go well.

  7. Thanks for bringing up the question about anisotropic filtering on consoles. It would be interesting to see DF do a whole episode on the subject.

    I have been forcing high quality 16X AF in all PC games since I had an ATI Radeon X1900XT at least. I remember being annoyed by blurry texture-filtering all the way back to Half-Life 1.

  8. We need Breeding Stud remake in Unreal Engine 5.

  9. Based on what John says about Psychonauts 2n being a contestant for game of the year. I’m gonna do a play thought on my channel. I’m gonna play part one as well since it got a 4K bump on xbox series x. Great up load guys

  10. In the side by side the Series X version of little nightmares 2 looked better to me. I have both consoles, I love them both but sometimes for me SSR looks better.

  11. John's off the hip review of Psychonauts 2 was probably the most genuine review of a video game I've ever heard.

    You could tell that it was one of THOSE experiences.

  12. That "I don't care" from John really encapsulates the classic fan reaction to the new "Assassins Creeds".

  13. I finished Psychonauts 2 the other day and absolutely loved it, definitely high up there with GOTY

  14. Some more recent law changes with regard to gaming in China. Tencent and others saw pretty massive drops to their stock values. Not sure what this will do going forward, it might see them push even harder for foreign consumers.

  15. Yes, please return Assassin’s Creed to its roots!

  16. I blame the tabloid websites like IGN, The Verge, etc. for their incompetents "journalists" which are a bunch of kids lazy and ignorant, for writing down these articles with the only objective to clickbait and make money on the website ads

  17. Fuck me his "beard" is bothering me. I know it shouldn't. I tell myself every time. It just does. Don't know why, but it so much does. Is it on purpose? Does he know how bad it is?

  18. Double fine completely screwed PS5 owners on Psychonauts 2, I will not be purchasing.

  19. 54:44 the "big three" are probably not even aware of upscalers.. that's like asking if Duracell is worries about people using potatoes as power sources.

  20. I’m really enjoying psychonaughts 2 on my series X. I’m on an LG C8 so only 4K 60 but it’s fantastic. I’m really looking forward to a technical breakdown and a comparison on that and 1440 120. Having said that while I loved John talking about this amazing game I found it a tad on the spoiler side. Hopefully it will still wow me when I reach those bits. John you’re right though it is just so good and such fun and refreshing. My GOTY so far.

  21. While John can play psychonaughts 2 at 4k120 on the pc, he chose to play it at 1440p120 on the series x. Shows how much he dislikes the noise that pc’s make

  22. "…the feeling of surprise has all but vanished for me…I feel disappointment more often. And that's a shame." – John Linneman

    Heavy, man. Stay strong, John.

  23. I'd take PS360 era graphics all day as long as it was a locked 60fps

  24. GPUs are going for more than $5000. Do we really need ray-tracing up the wazzu for a remake?

  25. Was awesome seeing John gush over psyhconauts. Not used to that lol

  26. You telling me DF couldn't find time to do a benchmark on Pschonaunts 2 or they were told not do one? I go with the latter because this game was hyped

  27. Why haven't you guys done a video on the quake remaster yet???

    Or are you waiting for the current gen patch?

  28. Psychonauts 2 is a wonderful game and it was nice to see John’s childlike enthusiasm for it … but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Alex look quite so bored as when John was rambling rhapsodic. 😂

  29. Maybe some new IP from Sony?
    Or something.
    Many are wondering, after Horizon, God of War and Grand Turismo 7,what then?
    What after those games?
    Well else,if anything they have to offer to humanity?

  30. I'd really enjoy a Dead Space remake but the idea of throwing money at the compagny (EA) that killed the DS franchise would make me feel like a beaten up prostitute still faithfully bringing her hard earned money to the pimp that beated the shit out of her last night.

  31. Breeding Stud Digital ᶠᵒᵘⁿᵈʳʸ Edition
    Includes all your favourite video game analyzing Studs

  32. I'm surprised you keep addressing the fanboys' conspiracy theories. It's always been like that and will stay like that sadly. Not sure it's worth wasting your time on these 🙂

  33. Psychonauts 2 is one of the best platformers of the year and of all time.

  34. John, get new glasses, man. Or ride them much higher when wearing those headphones. They cut through your eye line hence the need to constantly adjust. I think you need a larger pair, though. Just looking out for you my brother.

  35. graded games are kinda pointless, makes the game unplayable. only non-gaming rich pseudo collector does that.

  36. All this talk about Psychonauts 2. I do hope you eventually find some time to squeeze it in for a video. I know how hard these videos can get now with these hepta-format or even octa-format comparisons.

    It's also got me curious about how all the different ways to play the first game compare. I keep hearing how rough the PS2 version is, or the emulated PS2 version on PS4. 😬

  37. Xbox 360 looks absolutely fine on a 1080p led tv. I presume it would look fine on a 4k led tv too. I used to play it on a 480i CRT and it was blurry as heck and couldn't read the text in certain games. HD CRT tvs are impossible to come across at anything close to a reasonable price so I wouldn't recommend that option. So I have to say I disagree with Digital Foundry on that one. Xbox 360 and PS3 were the first consoles made with HD in mind. Xbox 360 anyway on a 480i CRT not recommended at all. Play them on your LED TV and enjoy them like I do.

  38. Psychonauts 2 gets my vote for game of the year.

  39. Any chance of at least a Digital foundry article on eurogamer on the recent quake release please?

  40. Psychonauts 2 deserves its own video! This game needs as much exposure as possible. John, a DF retro showing the different versions would probably help too.

  41. Apex Legends was the best release of the last few years, no prolonged build up and launched in a great state.

  42. 49:35 So, in other words, you are covering your own ass to not lose access to review copies. Gotha!

  43. Also in Psychonauts 2 features ray traced surfaces. For example the chef game show mission you mentioned, or the bowling ball after that.

  44. Sega really need to port the new Shining Force to PC. Leaving it on mobile is wasting a lot of money that could be on the table.

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