Destiny 2 has become a Microtransaction Hell

Bungie has turned Destiny 2 into a Microtransaction Hell. Today we’ll be looking at Destiny 1, the current state of Destiny 2 Silver, Eververse, Pay to Win, Event Cards, Dungeon Keys, Seasons, Expansions, and Free to Play Content. Please watch this video in its entirety and let us know where you stand on this topic.
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Researched, Produced, & Edited by @LukeLockwood & @honor.lockwood on Twitter
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0:00 Datto Video
2:06 Free to Play
5:12 Confusing Pay Structure
7:52 Dungeon Keys
9:13 Season Price Increase
12:08 Events
16:10 Eververse
17:34 Manipulation
20:37 Pay to Win
28:50 Paying for Other Games
33:12 Final Thoughts
Shattered Suns Excerpt Courtesy of @jamesthistleton

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  1. Yeah i bought season then had to buy dungeon key also. Never again

  2. It’s simple as hell. Bungie, like any company will always try to maximize profit over ANYTHING. They will toe the line to get as much money as possible without completely pissing off the players. It’s the players responsibility to stop paying and playing and to continue to complain until something changes. The power is literally in the players hands if they would all agree to revolt for change. But likely won’t happen and people will continue to pay for whatever. Glad I stopped playing honestly.

  3. You sir are not wrong on any of your arguments. Fully on point.
    That being said, we're all addicted and we'll put up with it because we can't quit this game.
    I admitted this to myself a long time ago.

    No matter what Bungie does, I'll be back and I'll keep playing… That's just how it is.

  4. They doing what EPIC did to me, I bought this cool fort building zombie defence coop game for 100 bucks, then they made a BR instead with my money and refused to refund me when they totally abandoned everything they promised…

  5. Every game does this now, how are they ment to keep the game running without money? Bungie out of all of the companies, are the only decent ones. Ive been here since 2014, im okay with paying for content

  6. Who the fuck actually played Destiny 2? Destiny 1 was such trash and a huge indicator of Bungie’s priorities. $$$

  7. Wait, destiny sucks? Wow, ive been saying that since playing the beta for the first game 😂

  8. This video is an incredibly persuasive argument against the current pricing scheme, not just of Bungie, but of the industry as a whole. Why I'm even bothering to write this comment is because this video made me think of my history with Destiny. I actually purchased my first gaming console (Xbox One) just so that I could play Destiny's Taken King. What an incredible game and story. I must admit that I also enjoyed the expansions. D2 Vanilla and the Curse of Osiris changed my (and everyone else's) perspective of the game. I dropped it in favor of Red Dead Redemption and Sea of Thieves. It feels like we're back at that moment. The seasonal and pricing model has overstayed its welcome and I, much like many others, have grown weary of the whole "Cli$$hanger model." It's a sad state of game development for Bungie, but this won't change until gamers collectively agree to disagree with this pricing scheme. I'm moving on until there is a full story within an expansion, not a cookie crumb trail in which we pay for each small morsel.

  9. As is with all things that go sell out to the big dogs in the industry they have to milk you somehow. At least its not acti-blizz level of cringe.

  10. They need to fix some of this shit man. Dungeons need to be part of the season. Not 20$ on its own then 10$ for the season aka 15$.

  11. Many powerful mods are now locked behind the seasonal artifact.

  12. Fun part is we buy this content and a year later…poof no more.

  13. I wish I didn't think you were right, Mr Cross. But you are. I wish you didn't make your case with such a careful, logical use of public data using Bungie's own words. But you do. You'd have made a good attorney. After watching this video and reading many of the comments, I have to say I'm more disappointed in Bungie than I was. I'm a new gamer (2 years of D2), and an old baby boomer at that, so maybe I don't have the right to be so pissed off. After all, my generation helped to make Bungie what, and who, it is. But I also want to say that what I do feel better about is you, Cross, and the other content creators, and the thousands of folks who have had the strength and courage to show genuine emotion and authentic moral indignation about this. Bungie is what it is: they won't treat us as persons but – like you point out – as just a bladder of silver piss to make their cups run over. I have no hope for them. But now I have hope for all of you, and maybe for the world, because you all stepped up and made yourselves heard. Bungie today – maybe you'll make a better world tomorrow. Thanks for that.

  14. I've quit Destiny at the start of D2 for college, came back during the time they left Activision, then left again for good after the anniversary DLC. Haven't looked back since because of how much it devolved into a front for Eververse that had gameplay with bad servers.

  15. The video has the same conclusion all Destiny players come to…
    This all bad, but I’m not gonna quit playing….bro. Destiny players are enslaved at this point.

  16. Pay to progress, even in PVP, will never be P2W in my opinion. People work for a living.

    Unless it take like < 50% of the season lifespans to grind for the item that is trivializing PvP, I don’t see a reason to complain.

  17. I played in 2018 or 19 idek. It was a microtransaction fest back then. Those exotics emotes and skins were always for sale.

  18. As a person who loves d2 and has money to throw around, I log on every new season to buy to 100 on season pass and never touch the game until next season because the game has truly died

  19. Bruh their servers are not even worth what they be doing

  20. I stopped playing when they removed Escalation Protocol, wish I didn't look back.

  21. IMO skins should be $1 and expansions should $15

  22. This was the first Destiny content that Ive watched in the last year. Yikes. Great video Cross!

  23. I actually wanted to give the game a try, but fffffuuuuuuck that man. Great vid ❤️

  24. To paraphrase Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart in regards to pay-to-win:

    ”I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it.”

  25. The Destiny community was warned about this YEARS ago.

  26. NGL I really enjoyed Destiny 2 when I played it a while back. Then I encountered literally everything in this video. Tons of microtransactions, a confusopoly in the shops, a bunch of esoteric bullshit. Like PVP was FUN. But then I played on the same handful of maps for the several dozenth time and it's like… why am I wasting time on this when it doesn't seem to value mine? It's the game which made me realize I hate battlepasses as well. I like playing a variety of games. I don't want a lifestyle game, fuck that.

  27. I drew the line at seasonal content in the first place. Every game has it. Its becoming a predatory method of content distribution

  28. Guess aztecross doesn’t wanna get invited to anymore Bungo events

  29. You guys play too much to notice that this is a problem, that's why you complain about $10 skins, when a cheeseburger these days is $20

  30. It's even worse when you aren't American. As a Brazilian, the cheapest dlc you can buy is at least 250 bucks, as in irl money.

  31. Also somethinf that makes me infuriated is SOMETIMES I CANT EVEN PLAY NIGHTFALLS WHICH ARE A VITAL PART OF THE GAME BECAUSE I REQUIRE A DLC so that is a whole week locked out of a whole aspect of destiny 2

  32. All I see on youtube is people whining about microtransactions. I don't really get it. I buy a full year of destiny because I always play a full year of destiny. I might take time off for one reason or another, sometimes skip an entire season, but I get to catch up after it ends (as long as it isn't the season before an expansion). I'm never wanting for loot because I can get it to drop, I never care about the stuff in eververse… dungeon keys don't matter to me since I buy deluxe edition so I get dungeons anyways, I don't play events for themed eververse shit…

    Other than this game being horrible for free to play players or recent gripes with narrative, or the relatively dull seasonal content (which bungie said they are somehow changing soon), I've never really had an issue with this game. Nothing they've done regarding prices has really hurt those who consistently buy the deluxe edition afaik.

  33. It's pretty funny to say that D2 is "Pay to win" because of early access to exotics. The game is free to play, but the free players having zero access to the new exotics (and apparently certain old exotics as well) should make it pay to win. The free players having zero access to "good loot sources" should make it pay to win. The free players being able to be matched against non free players in the crucible (who have exotics that literally inaccessible to free players) should make it pay to win.

    What blows my mind is that you would THINK selling out to Playstation would make things better.

  34. Shortcuts to power have already been sold in the form of the battle pass

  35. My guy a little late to the party… once they started getting rid of content people payed for to replace it with new content everyone I know stopped playing this game for good they killed Destiny 2 cuz they are to greedy for money

  36. As someone who stopped playing around the first season because of this, and who plays warthunder now. If you guys see this as a genuine problem then you need to do what the warthunder community did for economy changes

  37. Dungeons have never been part of a season though?

  38. Haven't played Destiny since the season before Witch Queen. Heard the newest dlc story is garbage, and now I'm hearing that it has become micro-transaction hell. I'm happy to see that I am not missing out!

  39. 11:08 I noticed that the $20 can only buy you one season also, due to it giving you 2300 silver, when 2 seasons are 2400. If this isn't scummy, predatory, and ridiculous, then there is a problem with the current gaming industry. There is no excuse for this when Deep Rock Galactic has free seasonal content every few months, a completely free battle pass system, and no game exclusive currency. The way they support their games are a few cosmetic packs and the purchase of the game ($30). This game is so beyond dead due to the limited motivation to put out a semi-decent story without trying to scam out their most loyal fans. Utterly disgusting

  40. only reason i play it, its because my friend shared his account and i get to enjoy the expansions but you have to buy dungeon keys. Its just crazy. People keep buy they will keep selling

  41. 30th Anniversary was the last straw for me. I've played since D1 Beta, paid for every expansion, season, etc. since then, and then they expected me to pay to celebrate their anniversary? GTFO!
    Won't be back, but I still support the homies that still love the game.

    Great vid, Az, thanks for sticking your neck out for the community.

  42. I drew the line after finishing D2 Red War. Yeah I was an OG D1 and D2 player. I am glad I never bought into anything more. Just stop playing and stop buying into this practive.

  43. This video was not intended to call out Datto or ensue his rage. Please do not harass him, he has battled against Microtransactions longer than anyone else in the Destiny Community. He is with us in spirit, if you need more context, watch this video.

    Datto also has an excellent follow-up to this video as well if you're interested!

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