Defending the Base against ENDLESS Bugs in Starship Troopers Extermination!

Starship Troopers Extermination is out! Today in Starship Troopers we defend a base against endless bug invasion and see if the game is any good! Want more Starship Troopers Extermination?
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  2. loved the premise for the movie love how this game looks although Im going to wait until the devs polish it a bit more

  3. This game is literally the funniest thing I have played in a while. The amount of people who just start playing mariachi music in voice chat and start charging the arachnids head on is insane

  4. That was surprisingly really fun to watch and im sure it's even more fun to play. I like the whole idea of Building a base, defending the base from a onslaught horde, and then running to extraction while respawns are off. Reminds me of Call of Duty Ghost but in the alien game mode.

    Buying this game next weekend. ^^

  5. They have a really good game at their hand. Hope they go the elite route

  6. Hope it makes it to console some time id never be able to play it on my pc

  7. Baron i want more raven field paint the town red and starship shooters

  8. I'll be honest, The game looks bad.
    The reason is that the bugs are too basic and not doing action like in the movie.
    Example: if the arachnid attack you with their mouth, the whole body of the character supposed to be trapped between the jaws and if the marine cant get out from that situation…. They will be split in a half.

  9. if their statement is not that they will not add community servers, server browser, mods.. i would play it. sad

  10. Hopefully this is good as Earth Defense Force games

  11. Your all ignorant and never read the book 🙄 they had power armor! Why do game companies keep basing them off the movie?! When they finally did show up, it was the last movie at the end! When in the book it was at the beginning!

  12. It would be nice if there could be a Starcraft version of this game.

  13. i bought and love the game, i think this might be the next satisfactory, in terms of how good it is and show good it will become

  14. I bought the game immediately after seeing this vid the game def has some bugs that need to be fixed but overall I'm having an absolute blast with it

  15. Thwi game made me upgrade my computer it'll be here on Friday 🤣 can't enjoy it to the fullest when I got 30 fps

  16. TBH, game is way too "hold left mouse" from what I can see.

    Would've been much much more interesting if you were like a squad leader and you had like your NPC squad, while other players build their own squads their own way.

    This way you can kind of "play with abilities" without it being basically a magic system.

  17. It would be cool to see u blitz and drae trying to fight the bugs off

  18. This game should've been made a long time ago. I can't wait to play it. It looks so addicting.

  19. 16 randos working together in a uncordinated mess?

    that's the mobile infantry BABIE!

    16 friends working together to squash some bugs?
    thats the Roughnecks 2-0

  20. I’d love to see blitz and intern on multiplayer

  21. Not sure about the game, but Skellyhead was that matches hero

  22. enderman boyМальчик Эндерман says:

    This game look familiar it looks like a game called combat troops

  23. This game gets most fun when there is everyone saying quotes and enjoying the game through laughter and panic screaming in the distance. They are all doing their parts.

  24. This game is heaps of fun, and it's only going to get better. The community is filled with DRG players, so you get a lot of that level of friendliness in your matches. Occasionally someone takes it too serious, but most people are there to quote movie lines and bask in the chaos. 10/10 would recommend.

  25. When you build your base right in Starship Troopers Extermination:
    "Good luck getting in here you bugs, not even I know how to get out."

  26. Can you start saying what the games you play on are on

  27. when your first round to review is SO GOOD, the game is going to be legendary, hope so. Maybe reduced player maps in the future incase player base drops off, HOPE NOT, this looks sick af and a good chaotic repetitive but RNG gamers dream. They can only add more right, hope in befor the micros.

  28. It's easy to get this many people to work together, when service guarantees citizenship.

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