Death of a Game: GunZ: The Duel (& GunZ: the Second Duel)

nerdSlayer Studios
“That guy is definitely hacking…No…dear god…he’s playing Kstyle”

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#DOAG . Death of a Game is a series dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the death of a game or company. nerdSlayer defines the term “death” in the context of the show as either… 1. Literally dead. 2. Had a mass exodus of players and never recovered (expectations etc). 3. The company ceased to exist. We follow a timeline of events, to uncover clues concerning why a game or company doesn’t do well, and attempt to put it all together at the end for a deduction explaining how or why the game failed based on the evidence gathered.



  1. This brings back memories of months wasted on playing this 17 hours a day. Wasting time with clan match.

  2. Gunz was the most intense game ive ever played as a kid on ijji. I still mimic key presses to this day of butterflying. It def had an effect on my hands but i wouldnt take it back. Much love to my guildies from Silent Cry, Damned Swords and Flippy. Kitsunie misses you all!

  3. Lol the mobility+gunplay in this reminds me of warframe

  4. Look like anime 3rd person Unreal tournament 😜

  5. I remember playing this and getting hate because I had the audacity to shoot my gun normally

  6. even though i was born too late to speedrun carpal tunnel with this game when it came out, i absolutely love everything about the game gameplay wise. it pains me to see it in a state like this where all the support comes fromt he community itself.
    if i one day have the money to buy the rights and revive the game, i 100% will. i feel like not only everyone who already plays the game, but a lot of other people, me included, would love to see this game on the big stage again.

  7. Finally!
    A Ragnarok Online episode is coming!

  8. In melee L-cancelling was nerfed compared to smash64.

    I remember reading that wave landing was intentional (possibly why it was brought back to ultimate) but wavedashing was an unintended use of an intended mechanic

  9. Gamers these days thinking they have insane skills because they can build a wall and 360 no scope in fortnite, meanwhile we were destroying our fingers, keyboards, mouses and the egos of our opponents in GunZ YEARS before games like apex and fornite were even a thought.

  10. before even watching im dropping a like. if you knew how to butterfly you know why this video is so huge.

  11. Man I remember playing this game back in the 6th grade.

  12. I remember I played this one several years ago and thought it was shit. Seeing it again, I've confirmed it

  13. I remember playing duals in GunZ. Must bow first and no guns.

  14. Thanks for covering GunZ again, and thanks for mentioning the source code release, I really didn't have any ill intentions in dropping it on ragezone back then, the game was already basically shelved and had no real updates by 2011, theres been tons of great things people have done to keep the game updated/playable in 2023. widescreen support, fps locks, bug fixes, total new game mods/content. (CTF is fun)

  15. Wish you could remove the last part, playing detective is the worst and the most cringe moment of every video. However, most of your work is genuinely well put together

  16. Admin, he's doing it sideways!… no wait, that's how most people do it here…

    I love this game. Someone really needs to take a hard look at it and try to make a refreshed version of it for all to play, i'm hoping for some indie studio to get out and really let the game breathe.

  17. Bro what an awesome game like always 😭 i hope gunz community will live for as long as possible its really an unique gaming experience that sadly too ahead of its time. Excited for Rag, im already preparing the tissues, posters and cds containing the installer to cry over them while i watch the nexr video HAHA

  18. hey slayer I was interested in if you would like to cover a game called wolf team. It was an FPS that defined my middle school and highschool years. The key concept being you would play as a werewolf shapeshifter. It had interesting game modes like humans vs wolves etc. and the game had incredible events team where they would make events depending on the state of the moon like new moon event that boosted humans or full moon event that would boost the wolves. It was incredible though it kinda died later on. I don't know why as before that happened I had switched to LoL but yeah I am interested to see why such a popular game where you could see everyone play in PC cafes, prior to LoL of course but I don't think LoL killed it as they are different genres. I am making this post as I saw a clip from wolf team in the video

  19. legendary game tho if i remember correctly at one point it got infested with hackers and thats when i quit.

  20. I remember teaching my friend to butterfly and thinking i was the greatest. We were on dial up internet and omg im gonna go cry

  21. I almost forgot this game ever existed but watching this brought back old memories of playing this in 06-07

  22. I remember going to a friend's house and being introduced to GunZ, I guess it must have been during the beta period, because I distinctly remember changing schools in 2006 and losing contact with that friend, but either way, I was amazed by how that game played, it was like it came straight from the anime shows we used to watch, it was unlike anything else out there, it was flashy, stylish, fresh and difficult as fuck. I never got into it, because I guess I must have missed out on the launch, and the game was so niche that you wouldn't really hear about it unless you went out of your way looking for information, so it just came and went for me, but it did leave an impression on me, I still remember playing GunZ, however briefly, and loving it, so much so that when I saw the thumbnail that immediately sent me back.

  23. Since you talk about gunz why not also take Warrock and Combat Arms into consideration both are dead aswell.

  24. I absolutelly loved Gunz The Duel!
    Thanks for this awesome video! What a reminder of great memories….

  25. Never played gunz but a lot of players in the Naraka community i am in came from this game. Think i would enjoy it back in the day, but the graphical drop is too much to try it today. Love all the tech tho. The ping diff i can relate to from naraka tho

  26. OMG this game I played on my city's cybercafe back then and it was crazy, we would come out from school straight to the place we would play. After this game died we all went to S4 League, which was stylish and similar (my favorite game for so long, deserved so much more)
    this video is so so good to see, oh the memories!! I love it!

  27. Holy shit, this brings me back… Sneaking out of my bedroom middle of the night, circa 2007 to practice my "kstyle" so I wouldn't fall behind my Philipino best friend who was fucking God-like at the game…

    Good times.

  28. This was the very first free to play game I had ever played back in like 2004, or 05. I have a lot of fond memories playing late at night getting cornholed by hackers and K stylers haha

  29. I followed the game too closely from when I was first introduced back in 2006, to the day the game got officially axed. It was all the rage back then.

    It was the only game I know from memory where I could actually wall run, before switching to a launcher while still on the wall. And hilariously got "voted to be kicked out" a few times by a disgruntled player who wrongly accused me for hacking; what I actually did was as sneaky as COD martyrdom perk, except it's more akin to setting a timed-trip wire-like mine.

    Take the map where we end up converging in the centre of this mansion. So I'm on the first floor, and there's a player charging from ahead, knowing I'm behind the pillar. I might be the only guy who did this trick, so far, but I hope to find another who also exploited this.

    The trick is that I timed the other guy's movement by throwing the grenade to the pillar. I threw both grenades in succession, so when the other guy arrives to try stunning me, he gets the explosion instead. What I did after throwing the nades? I dashed left off the balcony, quick dash forward, and then immediately dash to the right back onto the first floor to get around the pillar. By then the other player would've missed my movement as he/she runs into the "trap" as I ran the opposite direction.

    And somehow, it always works. And most times, I'm often accused for "hacking" by the player who didn't "see that coming."

    Unfortunately, I never had a screen recording app at that time when I used to do this, so I never managed to document this hilarious "cheap" strategy during "free for all" games.

    Oh, remember the time when shotguns were like shot and switched in succession? I recalled team play where one side takes turn charging onto the other, we used that so often, its almost like the "alternative for folks who still cannot butterfly". And it was a primary strategy among double shotgun enthusiasts to beat the firing rate limit. It was something that unfortunately couldn't be reemulated by the time second game comes in. 🤣

    I missed those days. But at least I'm on a private server now. Although I missed the times where I used to play on mouse and keyboards that weren't as sensitive and durable as today's equipments. And my reaction time in the past was way better than when I replayed with better equipments today.

  30. Gunz online was kinda like the ultimate matrix video game.

    The skill system was a double edge sword though. One side the whole k-style added a true player skill level over just your gun having higher numbers. On the other hand it alienated a large part of the player base and made some matches just boring. Once I was in a 1v1 turtling/butterflying fight for like the entire round while the rest of the teams could just watch.

    Then the cashshop started to become PayToWin. It was no longer about player skill, but about who got the stronger guns. And the hackers/cheats were rampart, so I quit. I still look back fondly back to this game though.

    (I also played and like RaiderZ)

  31. I remember playing guns in its earlier years though not quite the american launch and it was a damn good game. I vaguely remember alot of its slow decline was just kind of due to it aging out of the zeitgeist even for its niche gaming type. Great game, loved it and love it to today but gunz 2 kinda killed it by being not what it needed as a sequel.

  32. Why have I never heard of this game? Consider my mind boggled.

  33. As a 30 year old i enjoy gunz 2 as it slowed it down just abit while still keeping it fast paced…as playing the og version im too slow to keep the apm required for k-style and getting a headache watching the screen pan like crazy. I think the skill ceiling is fine but the p2w gear was too much in both versions. Winning duels against Rena or Ivan while playing as Max is a feeling that has no match.

  34. Man this is on point! Also learning about raiderz haha amazing. Somehow it has some monster hunter vibes. I remember Gunz 2 release laggy / buggy and feeling like a slowmotion version of 1 on my student laptop was just a bad dream. I played it with a friend for 1 day and just gave up. Thanks for super duper content. MOAR!!

  35. wow bro thanks for the video a gunzs player way back in 2006 always played in gladiator lobbys

  36. i saw this game born and die here in brazil, published by Level Up! games.
    it was so fun and dashing when i played it, but then hackers start their reign of terror and ruined the game in brazilian servers, closing the game soon after, when steam became a thing and gunz 2 came out.
    it was a very sad time when the duel died. i remember i played for hours while listening limp bizkit's greatest hits! so awesome! ^^
    good memories. could live it again if i could.

  37. Boy I used to play the heck out of this game. I was one of a handful of d-style lovers and I trained a hell of a lot of people back then. Drilling people into using every variation of the Yoyo (essentially a mid air dash with the weapon out that required doing a sidestep at the correct frames at the height of a jump) such that they could do the wall hop, swap, dash hop yoyo's in their sleep forever without touching the ground and until they were proficient and consistent enough to do enough to travel the entire city. Using that gimmicky pve mode to drag people in 100% dagger only until they properly learned how to daggerlock and form a perfect unbreakable circle. Then took them back to town to teach the more offensive techniques, how to setup the various lunges, the few situations in which an e-lunge (extended lunge but it's probably got a new name now) was ever useful.
    And then finally teaching them my own personal shotgun+rocket style (the meta has/had nearly always been double shotgun) and all the tricks that included including 100% surefire landing the combo on k-stylers, rocket hop yoyo's and how to near 100% dodge k-style butterfly shotgun loops (admittedly not many people had the reaction to do it consistently).
    Though I doubt that survived me once I moved onas a small but growing chunk of people I trained who came from k-style eventually returned to k-style.

    Ultimately like Cysote who came before and inspired me (look up Cysote Do Dagger 1,2, and 3 on youtube) I eventually had to put the game down once my adult life started. Pretty fond memories though.

  38. This is the game in which I made online friends for life. Never drilled a game as hard as this, what a god damn masterpiece of a game. Still rarely run into people online on different games that recognise my username from GunZ that I use on everything

  39. I remember how bad the hacking got in gunz, there were players who could fire missiles and all manner of rounds with a swing of the sword.

  40. I remember trying to get into this game and it wouldn't work. It just would not let me play no matter what, something to do with my router. I could forward and open ports all day but it would not care. When I finally did get to play it, it was full of people zooming around like spazzes killing me in seconds and I had no idea what to do, so people would hurl slurs and insults at me and gang up on me for being new. I think I played all of twice and had the same experience so I just gave up. EDIT: Also i got a couple of kills and people got extremely pissed because I didn't get the kills the "right" way like they were.

  41. I'm trying to look for it, but has there ever been an episode on megami tensei Imagine online?

  42. Oh man the good old days gunz snd s4league two games i was playing with a passion. I miss them

  43. I played so much GunZ and S4 League when i was younger, sad to see it go but after so many hackers i was done with GunZ

  44. Guns the Duel is what happens when you take a casual game designed to be casual
    And then turn it comp.
    But then
    Instead of just making an infinite franchise like other companies, they keep things samey so it's easier to pick up and put down.

    After a couple generations worth of zoomie zoom zoomers picking up this
    Half casual half comp
    "Sweating" became a rather addicting avenue for playing the game because… Well it's just not casual anymore once everyone else plays the meta way.

    Meta meaning most effective tactic always
    Being to move a certain way
    Cancel and cycle actions a certain way
    And switch weapons, fire, and reload them at certain intervals to push character actions to the extreme limits.

    We've been seeing people do this to their fingers
    Just to be able to play something like COD
    At the speed of a Quake Player.

    The thing is.
    Kids do this because it is a casual game first and foremost.
    Casual games will be the first to add extra button requirements to stop you from going light speed like doomguy.
    When a kid sees this, they are like "ok so everyone who plays it the intended way will just die as long as I do the meta strat better than they can. Ez win"

    It is honestly making so many things unenjoyable.
    Meta players will literally walk up to anything you love and kill it.

    The board girls episode of South Park made it seem like chicks are the only ones who try going Meta at everything, but it's a pretty gender neutral mentality.

    It still makes boardgames unfun.
    Casual experiences.

    Turning casual comp
    Is introducing a thief of joy where it did not belong.
    You should honestly consider it the same thing as clubbing a baby seal.
    Or a coughing infant vs a hydrogen bomb.

    You will be playing Warhammer 40k
    And it's like
    "Ah a chill gam-"
    And someone just walks into the card shop with the gray modeled win_button army
    Solely to eliminate all of the atmosphere in the room.

    You will be playing MTG because your deck is moreso just kinda funny, and you have whatever cards. Maybe experimenting with style… Y'know… The reason casual gamers play Ultrakill and Elden Ring now ironically…. Experimentation.

    Meta players don't experiment.
    Only copy. Because evil cannot create. Only destroy and corrupt.

    They bust out the blue black counter + exile deck

    Or maybe it's not that
    But they went out of their way to buy all the cards to make the perfect urza.

    and practically spawn kill your matches and make you feel like you wasted an hour of your time to even show up at the card shop.

  45. Funny thing for me, GunZ was the first game that taught me gamer etiquette. From learning what GG stood for and letting players honorably duel it was a strange time, but those were the early online gaming days.

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