Dead Space – Original Version – Part 14

(14) This is Dead Space 2008, not to be confused with Dead Space 2023


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  1. I look forward to MS acquiring Sony and making huge bank on Bloodborne.

  2. got to say I'm with Mike fuck the dead space remake especially with Calypso protocol comeing out

  3. One game that has been forgotten in my opinion is republic commando

  4. I would have been happier about the remake if the publisher didn't run Visceral into the ground and filled Dead Space 3 to the brim with micro transactions and an intrusive multiplayer that makes the solo experience terrible for building atmosphere. I will always be reluctant to buy whatever EA is selling.

  5. on the subject of remakes id love to see the orignal splinter cell to be remade

  6. Second time on this series: Zach says PC Master race.

  7. "It is only for the sake of those without hope that hope is given to us [Nur un fer Hoffnungslosen willen ist uns die Hoffnung gegeben]". — Walter Benjamin

  8. I'd love to see a No One Lives Forever remake, but it's stuck in licensing hell, unfortunately, and it will never happen as a result.

  9. personally, dead space remake, maybe a little unnecessary, TLOU 1 and HZD remakes, definitely too soon. RE 4? eh, i think it's showing enough age that a remake is justified.

  10. 1:02 My exact response when a family member asks me the same question 😂

  11. Aloy's model in the first game was considered 'too unrealistic' despite being based on a real-life model they literally hired for the purpose of being a model. So they 'fixed' it in the second game, the remake will likely 'fix' her in the first game as well.

    Sony doesn't care about video games anymore. It became clear when they outright ignored the potential of backwards compatibility after the Ps3, and its why I haven't bought a Sony console since. A friend of mine gave me his old copy of Bloodborne, and I've never played it because I can't be asked to buy a console that is already in the back of Sony's corporate mind. I used to buy nothing but Sony Consoles, Ps1, Ps2, PSP, Ps3, and then they decided to be vague about whether the Ps4 would feature Backwards Compatibility until the last minute.

    They also made the idiotic decision to let Nintendo 'take' Monster Hunter from their handheld console, which was the single game that sold PSPs more than anything else. Sony cares only about upfront profits now, think back to when they thought the great Tomb Raider reboot (which made quite a lot) was a 'failure' because its domestic sales weren't 'that high'. Ignoring that a western-style action/adventure isn't extremely popular in Japan to begin with.

  12. i was thinking about selling my ps4 earlier today lmfao, i never played bloodborne but it is on my list of games to play. guess i gotta keep the ps4

  13. why the hell are they remaking Horizon Zero Dawn? A remake of Ruff Trigger would be infinitely better in my opinion.

  14. I'm with zack on the whole physical media thing, when everyone keeps flocking to streaming and getting irritated about music playlists being interrupted with ads and possibly removed due to controversy, I'm not having that. I bought a big ass 80gb Ipod classic and am just going to keep on using that as a music base. and among other comparisons I'm not going to be some sort of paypig or media serf beholden to a company, this kinda thing is getting way out of hand and needs to be stopped by the people.

  15. I wonder if they'll actually release the next Elder Scrolls game before I die of old age. I doubt it. we will get Skyrim 100th anniversary edition before we get the next Elder Scrolls game and I genuinely want to punch somebody because of it.

  16. I wanna remake of mgs or mgs3, cod waw and sly cooper

  17. One game that does deserve a remake or remaster is lost planet 2, good luck playing that on any modern system.

    That said I don't think graphical upgrades(sideways grades for some game) are a good enough reason to make one, this looks perfectly fine as is so it's good that there'll be changes.

  18. tbf changing Bloodbourne to 60fps would double the speed of enemies and in some cases would cause more bugs and problems.

  19. Honestly the reason bloodborne might not getting a remastered any time soon is the fact fromsoft and bluepoint are working on other titles with from its practically confirmed to be armored core 6 and for bluepoint it’s own original game

  20. Nope that’s not true lol I bought a ps4 because I wanna play lords of iron destiny 1

  21. god i would love remade original version of the metal gear solid series with all updated everything it would be so amazing

  22. I actually have OG Empire on VHS right now on my bookshelf. Can't remember if we also had episodes 4 and 6 as well, but if we did they're probably in a box at my parent's house somewhere

  23. Honestly Nintendo online is very cheap in the industry. Its 20 for the year. Or 4 for a month so its a 65 is percent discount for bulk buying. I personally like the whole expansion pack thing cause i think of it like Nintendos version of the bonuses your forcefully opted into for other companies.

  24. I hate this new trend of naming things with a pre-existing name. It’s what got Prey in such a messy situation with fans of Prey. Oh, which Prey am I talking about? I don’t know. Go figure
    Same thing for God of War 4. It would have been the easiest thing to just add a 4 after the title but nope.

  25. Jak and Dakster trilogy remake.

    Sing the petition.

  26. Copyright law is really dominated by corporate and capitalist interests. Pretty easy to get bang for your buck when most people don't know anything about the topic. Artistic and consumer interests would probably show some different priorities.

  27. A Deadspace remake would be viable if it was reasonably priced, and it wasnt coming out basically right next to the Calisto Protocol. Which may as well be Dead Space 4. But it wont be, and it is.

  28. Personally did not watch any of the new stuff for the remake, yeah I know the story got all the achievements, got platinum on the PS3 version, got the disks still for the PC both 1 and 2, got the special edition tiny plasma cutter but I don't want spoilers

  29. I look forward to seeing Zach's reaction when the Dead Space Remake actually comes out. 😛

  30. Original Half Life, Starlancer and Fallout Tactics. Those are the three games I would love to see remade. Can't wait for System Shock, it looks so good.

  31. Original Half Life, Starlancer and Fallout Tactics. Those are the three games I would love to see remade. Can't wait for System Shock, it looks so good.

  32. I’m with Mike on this. Make new stuff, stop remaking games that don’t need to be remade

  33. 16:00 I grew up with the first remastered versions of the OT, the ones with the Leonard Maltin interviews in front of the movies. I need to put those on DVD at some point…

  34. Remake Crimson Sky's for the original Xbox, that would make them alot of cash

  35. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but Zach Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t really about the gameplay. The story is what drew me in. The mystery of what happened to humanity. How is their such futuristic tech yet you are using spears and bows? I personally rarely replay games for story purposes. That game drew me in. A month later I had the platinum trophy.

  36. I want Halo 3: ODST to have a remake, or Oblivion

  37. Zach you're arguing with a man that canonically eats crayons. what did you expect?

  38. You know, speaking of companies or people purging things for one reason or another, my grandfather once owned a DVD of some WWE matches from back when they were still WWF, with the logo intact.

    They had to purge all those because of the copyright strike about WWF, but every so often you'll find one that made it through the purge. No idea if they are worth anything, but it is neat.

    Sadly, we lost that (and a lot of things) in a house fire some years back.

  39. y'know, i'm curious about your guys' thoughts on the Silent Hill 2 remake, what d'ya think of it?

  40. doctor Cliner? I didn't know this was Freeman's Mind

  41. it’s not just few lines of code to unlock the framerate on bloodborne since the frame is tight to the core of the engine, fromsoft games always have trouble with it

  42. If you played ape escape did u play the metal gear solid 3 thing with it?

  43. 14:48 Yep that's why I've started buying movies on disk instead. Can't take those from me.

  44. Never forget that the original version of Silent Hill 2 is the best version because Konami FOR SOME REASON destroyed all of the original source code so the remake had to be built back up from the ground up and it was a complete trash fire.

  45. So with the recent news that Konami is high on life with like 4 Silent Hill projects I dont think a Metal Gear Solid Remake is too far fetched. Because Kojima now actually has his own Studio Konami could literally pay the man to make another Metal Gear Solid.

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