Dead Space – Original Version – Part 14

(14) This is Dead Space 2008, not to be confused with Dead Space 2023


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  1. I'm with Zach on this one Calisto protocol and Dead Space 23 hyped for.

  2. I fully agree with all of this but I think Zach would especially agree with me waiting for beyond Good and evil 2

  3. @Zach keep in mind (this should not be an excuse) your suggestion about fixing the unstable FPS and increasing it to 60?

    That wouldnt make them money. Corporations are required to increase their profit BY LAW! That is the real problem with corporations.

    If its not going to increase their profit margin the Corp. is not going to do it.

  4. I gotta say I agree with Mike. Dead space 1 doesn't need a remake. It holds up super well even un-modded

    Mgs1,3,&4 remakes but for the love of God don't have the voice acting from twin snakes, have the original voice acting. The Grey fox scenes sound so wrong in twin snakes.
    Star wars empire at war remake

  5. Yeah, I am definitely excited for the Dead Space remake. The amount of visual improvements they're making are good enough for a remaster, but the fact that it's a complete remake with improved gameplay, added features, bigger and better maps, seamless exploration of the whole ship without tram loading screens, etc. Not to mention the inclusion of great voice acting for Isaac.

    Honestly, I want to ENCOURAGE good remakes of old games. Fuck lazy remasters like Halo CE Anniversary, I want classics remade to modern quality. Assuming they're WELL made to those standards, I'm perfectly okay spending money on a game I haven't spent money on yet have continued to play and enjoy for years.

  6. I'd love for a Resistance: Fall of Man series remastered.

  7. i couldnt think of a game i wanted remastered but i did remember a game one of my friends would love remasted and the ty the tasmanian tiger 4 because they had the bright idea of taking a 3rd person game and making it a side scroller and its just not right

  8. This game is like 14 years old and still holds up better than games newer Than this (like 2009-2010)

  9. I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 3D. Might play it later lol

  10. @mikeburnfire fallout 3 goty s free for the week on epic games

  11. Ironically, AC4 Black Flag is one of the worst Assassin games in the series. But it's one of the best damn pirate games we have.

  12. With AC I'd say 1 was new and okay for being new. 2 was good. 2-2 was more 2. 2-3 was stretching it. 2-4 was back to 2. 3 was pretty fucking bad. 4 was great, mostly because it pretty much cut out the modern world and focused on the actually pretty good boat gameplay, diving bells were crap though. 5 was literally unplayable originally. Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla are….alright. Rather generic, the best thing about them is just getting to go to egypt, greece, and viking britain and the fun they could have with that. Almost every game not mentioned here was trash, I think ONE of the PSP games was considered good?

    As for remakes….not sure why Horizon is getting one but the big thing for the deadspace one that people are looking forward to is potential voice acting for Isaac in the first game. I also know there are people who really want more remakes of old horror games to get them with graphics that aren't crap.(I don't play them personally but I kinda feel like making them look and control better would simultaneously make them less scary. The only remake of this type that seems to have done it well is Resident Evil 2 because Mr. X was goddamn terrifying in spite of everything being made better.

  13. I'd more say American Companies are all huge on profit. They get told there aren't enough of a thing selling like hotcakes? They mass produce the hell out of it to sell to as many as possible.
    Japanese companies? They want profit yeah, but when no one in America can get it they just go "Are we meeting sales quotas in Japan? Yes? Good, keep going the way we've been going." because Japan is their only true priority. Its fairly common for a lot of Asian countries really. If they have a thing that sells AMAZING in America but shit in Japan they won't make it anymore, because they are selling to Japan, making a profit off the rest of the world is secondary. Chinese companies are HUGELY this way, they bought a company that didn't make a Chinese version of their MMO's and had them make a chinese version. It didn't sell in China though. So they took down the entire MMO that was making a steady profit and about to put out a large update that would have boosted the money it made if they waited even one more week before turning it off, purely because it didn't sell in China and they had a MMO they thought would sell in China in the pipeline. (It was Wildstars. That MMO that died horribly. They killed City of Heroes for it, and made stupid expensive waste of money that died immediately. They had another more recent MMO called Champions Online that was was shit and barely sold at all but did better in China then CoH. Its STILL running despite it's player base probably being able to fit with space on a single server.)

  14. black flag is good because it is a mixture of 2 different games

    1 more assassin's creed boring garbage with the same old missions

    2 fun pirate stuff cool enough to make the game entertaining and memorable when you're doing anything other thing than the assassin's creed part

  15. If anything needs a remaster, it's skyrim.

  16. I love how you two can argue and then immediately snap back to teaming up on whatever random thing comes up. It reminds me of me and my family lol. I love you guys!

  17. Mike. You literally need to mod dead space on pc to make it playable with mouse and keyboard because of how ass backward its sensitivity is. That alone is worth a remake. Its lore is no longer consistent with cannon. Why does the marker want you to stop the outbreak? How does the nicole hallucination interact with a console? How do the necros see her to attack? Hell what happened to the dead space field the marker supposedly has? Which kills necros that get too close. Why would a marker Have that?

    None of it makes sense.

  18. #AnotherOne, Only AC game I liked was that Brotherhood one, it made a lot more sense for there to be more than one or two assassins, it was fun. I have not, and will not, play Horizon Zero Dawn, nor the sequel, the gameplay is boring, I love the story, it's nothing revolutionary, but I do love when a synthetic isn't immediately the bad guy, I just like that they didn't follow that trope like so many have.

  19. Vote with your wallet, if you don't want to play or use something, ugh, so many just, Death Stranding, if you look on the Steam reviews they are majority positive, but on the sites you don't need to play the game to review it, it's review bombed, it's mostly tween and tween brained people hating it cause it isn't COD: Another One.

  20. A functioning society doesn't need to send out planet cracker mining ships, it's like really bad, It's like if Singaporean Capitalism goes off the rails.

  21. Kingdom Hearts does not have Lightning McQueen making it automatically the worst game in existance

  22. I love Bloodborne, but i bought my PS4 pretty much only for red dead 2

  23. Anyone remember dino crisis and how its never been remade

  24. Mike and Zach, I think y'all need to be less mad at remakes and remasters and be more mad that Bethesda is still selling the actual same game since 2011 for full price over the course of 3 console generations and across all platforms, even on things that aren't gaming platforms. I'm genuinely surprised that they haven't found a way to port Skyrim to mobile.

  25. The only japanese company I can somewhat see as good is probably hololive lmao.

  26. Right after watching this I saw a news article about a silent hill 2 remake

  27. as far as remakes out of actual necessity go, Splatterhouse 4's a good choice since that game needed a good comb through its hair and a bit juicier violence. Parasite Eve 2 really needs the REmake treatment, adjust it how you like, just keep the game intact to its identity (and maybe preserve some of the hokey acting), maybe do a non-DOS version of the original Dark Forces, build that shit in the Battlefront engine. Better STILL, you make Splatterhouse 5, but have it be like that game Condemned for the X360– Rick Taylor is now a jaded older guy that is using his position as a private investigator to hunt down the forces of evil that took Jennifer from him this time, following leads that she might still be alive somehow.. old and busted Terror Mask, FPS fisticuffs, crime scene analysis, holy SHIT this is actually a cool idea~!

  28. Sony doesn't even need to devote any resources to Bloodborne. Just release it as is for PC. Within a single month, modders will have the game running at 120 fps, 4k, and of course give all the horrid nightmarish monstrosities giant boobs (because modding). It would literally just PRINT money for them.

  29. Man KH3 was fun to play but not fun to playthrough. Exposition out the ass and the Frozen world was horribly paced. Should've had the subtitle "So you didn't play the side games?"

  30. Photorealistic Bear. Mike is branching out into Banjo creepypastas! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. So….if that guy is being controlled by the marker and he's doing what it wants…why are it's minions attacking the person doing the work?

  32. Hearing Mike and Zach complain about remakes and game companies not being user friendly instantly puts the "Let's all laugh at an industry that never learns anything, tehehe" jingle in my head

  33. Here's something for the Dead Space remake:
    When at 23:07 you enabled gravity, a box that had been on the ceiling the entire time should bop you on the head coming down if you keep standing there for a second or so longer. Just for comedic value.

  34. Honestly still happy that the Xbox is backwards Compatible over 3 Generations back…
    My old Copy of KOTOR still works and it even got some graphical improvements for free…

  35. Doesnt the dead space remake all three games remade into one. Like what happened with the mass effect remake

  36. Man all this talk about remakes make me sad because I know that dino crisis will never get a remake.

  37. I'm one of the bloodborne machine owners

  38. Maybe the Horizon Zero Dawn "remake" is more of an update like the Spiderman game was when they wanted to bring it to PS5?

  39. Am I the only one surprised they didnโ€™t mention skyrim and all their remakes

  40. I would buy a PS4 to play Bloodborne but I get physically sick from 30 fps ๐Ÿ™

  41. Fallout: New Vegas with Fallout 4 graphics.

    Literally an infinite money generator.

  42. Times like this I wonder if the gaming landscape would be any better if Sega stayed in the console wars, because the prime three have sure become abusively complacent without extra competition, not to mention all the satellite game companies seeming to pick and choose which games to support by a roll of the dice; and Linux isn't really advancing fast enough to give Microsoft any concern on the gaming pc front either.

  43. Mike: "They don't need to remake Dead Space because it is a perfectly viable game!"

    Original Dead Space: in game physics are freaking out at any FPS above 30 on and you have to turn vsync on just to make it through zero g sections.

  44. Are you guys going to play Destroy All Humans1-2 remakes?, the second has 2player ๐Ÿ˜
    The third was an interesting choice ๐Ÿค”

  45. Well Mike, Bugisoft is currently remaking The Sands of Time, a game that will be 19 years old next month, and everybody hates it. So I guess Zach is in the right this time. At the very least, he is about remaking Horizon Zero Dawn. I love this game, it's one of my favourite games out there, but with how recently both it and its sequel came out, even I can see that remaking it at this point makes no sense. I assume it'll just be a remaster for the new console generation instead, but hey, stranger things have happened

  46. Dead space needs nothing. Bethesda can die, and activision has more aids than magic jhonson.

  47. ok so heres a thought since yall are talking remaking games. Prototype.

  48. Zach: Gets pissed that Mike is ripping on a game he likes
    Also Zach: Starts ripping into other peoples favorite games

  49. I found the 1995 pre-special edition vhs trilogy collection in my local thrift store for 9 bucks

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