Dead Space Differences Deep Dive | Dead Space Hands On Preview

With a couple of hours under our belts of the Dead Space Remake we had a chat about the differences to the original.

00:00 – Differences to the original Dead Space
01:05 – Weapons
03:00 – Is it still scary?
05:22 – Intensity Director
06:30 – Upgrade System
08:25 – Puzzles
11:20 – Initial Thoughts

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  1. I'll be getting the remake on sale not paying 70 for a game I've played to death!

  2. its kinda sad that Isak walking animation is to fast then the original…

  3. So far only thing that feels off to me is Isaacs walk cycle. Seems a little too fast, so maybe crank it down slightly and add more weight to it so he feels heavier. Everything else I’ve seen is looking solid though, and I’m excited to see how it turns out on release.

  4. Dead Space is one of my favourite games of all time, the details of the Remake have me hyped big time, really like the additional details like the Captain turning into a Necromorph in real time, I still remember that scene behind the glass in the 2008 game, + super excited for the new optional areas to explore, January can't come soon enough 👏👏👏👏😃

  5. I don't like how the blood particles when Isaac shot the Captain were too bright and too colorful compared to the scene and the lighting.

  6. I want to see how the new generation of gamers reacts to playing this masterpiece for the first time, especially considering a lot of them thought RE7 was ''too scary.''

  7. in the original you get stasis first and then telekinesis, so it's swapped now? The pulse rifle wasn't given to you either, you had to buy it. It looks like they changed the scene when the lady gives you the telekinesis into her giving you the pulse rifle instead.

  8. im not sure I like the remake hammond, the original hammond came off as a dick and looked like a dick, in this he looks like a scared rookie.

  9. I'm really, really impressed with how much work and forethought Motive have put into this remake. Really excited to experience the story in this new way.

  10. I hope they change that dr kyne model to look like his old one from downfall and the old game.

  11. I cant wait to re-play this game like the first time

  12. The actress who voiced Nicole for the second Dead Space game was nowhere near as good as the actress who voiced Nicole for the original Dead Space. I didn't like Nicole's new character model in Dead Space 2 either. She was just flat, and underwhelming.

  13. Looks awesome. Dead Space was already a great production so making changes here and there to elevate what works is defo the way to go. Bigger changes like the continuous map and AI Director sound great.

  14. The skin peeling effect they added is just chefs kiss

  15. I never thought that, the some minor mechanics from the Doom Eternal will effect on this game so much. Seriously way to spice up the nostalgia 👌

  16. Bought the original Dead Space for about £4 recently from Steam, the game keeps you on the edge of your seat. Looking forward to the remake but not for $70.

  17. Apparently it's going to be open-world in a way in that the player will be able to return to a previous deck and look for any goodies that may have been left behind. But kudos to the developers for not altering the aesthetics extensively and just remaking it with modern graphics I mean it looks a lot more horrifying.

  18. why is there a hand sticking out of the woman with the pulse rifle

  19. Man, the Twitchers are going to look freaky as hell in the remake! 😮

  20. 10:16to be fair he had this voicr actor from dead space 1, all sounds that Isaac makes in first game are made by the same voice actor.

  21. Video logs as holograms screws with me given one hallucination you see the first necromorph kill a security guard separating Isaac and crew.

  22. It would be great if there was a 'thing' remake

  23. For me at least, even once you "adapt" to the situation and the necromorphs themselves stop being scary, and even when the more environmental scares start to get a bit more blurry as you focus more on survival…Dead Space still remains "scary" in a sense because of the amazingly crafted miserable tone Visceral set for the universe in general. Even without the Necromorphs, humanity's situation is so depressing, many of the worst case scenerios of corporate dystopia reaching space having come to pass. A lonely universe, corrupt organizations and religion left and right, principle in low supply. I remember when the game first came out, the promotional for Dead Space really went all out on establishing and building that tone with things like the amazing but unfortunately now defunct No Known Survivors interactive website and it really paid off.

    The tone of Dead Space's universe is so goddamn depressing, it oozes existential dread. For me, even just going back to that universe is scary enough on its own, on top of the Necromorphs' more immediate threat.

  24. It's too dark. In the original it wasn't darkness that scared us, but the necromorphs, sounds and atmosphere. Also why there is so much fog on the spaceship, especially when the ventilation system is still working? The graphics and preserved locations are great, but these two details are a bit strange and disappointing, Ok, maybe one more Isaac's suit looks lighter than it used to be.

  25. I notice certain animations for the nercomorphs have been reused which i love. However a weird pet peeve of mine is how they didn't use the Slasher's running animation. Instead of them going at a dead sprint at you, flailing their arms around and screaming, they just jog to you.

  26. They’re supposed to implement a roaming AI system in the remake where “Necromorphs” will randomly attack you anywhere at anytime through out the campaign and if that’s true then players will constantly need to be observant and one their toes which will create constant fear and paranoia.

  27. theres a difference between design choices and aesthetic… Aesthetically the remake has done it all better. Design wise, yes and no, removing the video clips and having holograms while makes sense for the future, it doesnt help push that isolation and horror.

  28. Two things bother me a lot. First is the walking speed of the player which is too fast. Second is the wall necromorph; i mean it looks nothing like the original, and its animations are very repetitive. The original had such an organic and natural feel because of those irregularities in animation flow

  29. I believe Dead Space is somehow, now more prettier than scary

  30. just played through and earned all the achievements over past couple of days as im doing a spooky game marathon and i only ever finished dead space 2 when i was younger

  31. i don't like that they changed the zero g wall jumping to flying now, and i don't like that they changed the alt fire mode on the pulse rifle to a grenade launcher. the alt fire mode in the original was way cooler and was great to use when Isaac was surrounded by enemies.

  32. I hate talking protagonists. Wish you could select one or the other.

  33. One of the things i most loved of the original game is when being low on health, the noises of pain and the heavy isaac was while running or walking. I hope they improve that aspect, like the aiming is more inconsistent or using stasis.

  34. Warning Ten kiloton mass detected in food storage.

  35. I can not wait to play this..

    Witness true horror ..

  36. I remember the marketing campaign prior the original release was exceptional. It set up an amazing background story. So much so, that when the game finally arrived (although brilliant) landed a little flat.

  37. Making the Ishimura a traversible space was part of the original vision for Dead Space. The developers did have the concept of making it a bit of a Metroidvania, or like System Shock. They just didn't manage to pull it off. This sounds like a cool improvement.

    Bringing the Dead Space 2 Pulse Rifle to the game. This amounts to a big buff. I am a little concerned this will throw off the delicate balance between action and horror in the game, between player power and disempowerment. Lean too much towards player power and the game ceases being scary. The tendency in modern gaming is to make stuff easy and approachable to widen the appeal, making more money. I hope the developers can stick with the original vision.

    Making Isaac voiced is a great idea. The unvoiced video game hero is an outdated convention. It was outdated ten years ago imho.

    Loving the lighting. Really going for a Doom 3 vibe.

    Anyway, as a Dead Space fan, I like what I see so far. Some issues, some concerns, but most of the changes seem to be genuine improvements.

  38. this remake looks phenomenal, the team developing the game did a fantastic job. aside from Isaac's walking I don't really have any complaints I will be buying.

  39. phenomenal video these guys have clearly played the previous games before, excellent

  40. I wonder if the turret section is still there

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