Dead Space by LivingLooneyBin in 1:28:38 – Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online

Games Done Quick
Runner introduction starts at 1:30
Run starts at 1:52
Commentary is provided by sharkhat87 and Waifu
AnEternalEnigma is host

This speedrun was recorded during Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online, a week long charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online is just one of the many charity marathons organized by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2021 Online, find us at:

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  1. this was amazing and hilarious. thanks Looney and commentators, incredibly enjoyable to watch

  2. Dead Space, what an awesome game. I can still remember playing it first time at the dorm.
    Too bad the series went downhill on the third game and killed the IP.

  3. im more impressed with being able to actually get k+m controls to perform well. For the life of me i could not get the configs to work so i use a controller

  4. Weird it took this long for Dead Space to pop up in AGDQ. We def. need more games that haven't been featured yet.

  5. Probably my favorite run of this SGDQ! Also kinda snickering at the Among Us parallels

  6. One of the best games ever with one of the most fascinating premises and lore in any sci-fi genre, gone too soon.

  7. Most surprising thing in the run was when he maxed out kinesis range.

  8. Dammn this game took me 2-3 days they did it in 1 hour

  9. I love how he apologizes to the devs. That's the kind of thing I would say if I had the talent to speedrun.

  10. Damn this was a fantastic speedrun, the commentary was pretty funny aswell.
    Thank you LivingLooneyBin for making us hole again!

  11. This was awesome. EYE can't wait for a Deadapace 2 run at a GDQ.

  12. One of the first horror games I ever played. And still one of the best ever made imo

  13. Dead Space is a fantastic horror game, I did not realise it was such a good precision platformer game too. What a great run, I should look up a DS2 run to see how that one plays.

    Weird that one of the commentators referenced a 'Dead Space 3' though. Extraction's more of a prequel if anything, I wouldn't call it 'DS3'.

  14. I was unaware that Dead Space had fall animation…. And I’ve been playing it since 2009… wow! Lol

  15. That final boss fight almost gave me a heart attack. The fear, the anticipation.

  16. The pulse rifle really has the highest dps? It doesn't feel like it when I play trying to take off limbs

  17. Anyone else get this recommended since they announced the Dead Space remake?

  18. "Arthur Asimov" I understood that reference!

  19. 2008 was such a great year for video games. Hard to believe there are kids in high school younger than this game.

  20. 1:31:45 Isaac doesn't look an awful long time at the panels, he watches the Nicole video from the intro but turns it off eventually. But since you've deleted most videos for speed running purposes, you also deleted this video.

  21. when i was in high school in the 2010s, i had a ps2, gamecube, and a gameboy advance. that was the extent of my video game access. we couldn't afford a ps3 or 360 or wii. but then one day a friend of my mom was selling a 360 and 40+ games for $200 so she bought it for us. finally i got to play all the games i'd read about from afar in gaming magazines since 2005- bioshock, fallout 3, half life 2, oblivion, mass effect, halo, assassin's creed, left 4 dead, i had access to all of these games i'd loved from afar for so long. but the first one i touched was dead space, then immediately afterwards dead space 2. i beat both games before i ever even looked at the orange box. ever since then, they've been my favorite games of all time (behind resident evil 4 and new vegas of course). through them i found out about let's plays and challenge runs and speedruns and long story short now i'm here. GDQ has been where i find runners to follow on twitch and so through GDQ is most of my speedrun knowledge. because of that, i haven't really seen a dead space speedrun in years [i've mostly gravitated towards resident evil, silent hill, and dark souls]. and now i gotta say that oh my god it's so different. this is one of the coolest runs i think i've ever seen. all this tech is completely foreign to me, and it's filling me with the same feeling i had playing the game myself for the first time.

    thank you so much GDQ for letting dead space get submitted, and gg looney

  22. Yeesh the run just started and my mind has been blown. I've never seen dead space played in this way. I'm curious as to what other tricks this run will have

  23. wtf ? when was the pusle gun this good and strong ?

  24. Say what you will but I think dead space 3 would make a great speedrun game

  25. Finished the game and just realised I could've reloaded anytime and not just when the ammo count was at zero 🤦

  26. One of the best openings of any game I've ever played.

  27. I really miss the crowd interaction from GDQ, one of my favorite aspects. I am glad they did the responsible thing and hold the event remotely.

  28. "gonna kill these necromorphs and then i'm gonna grab this table"
    just speedrunning things

  29. It's definitely not a platformer but yea 🤔

  30. You know as someone who cant stand livestreams and mostly watches vods the online format is infinitely more viewable getting almost straight into the games with no real setup time is nice from a viewing perspective but I can see how in person is better community wise

  31. Amazing run Looney! Dead Space 2 was on GDQ last night and that was amazing as well. Oh yea guys, I just found out we're getting a Dead Space remake later this year! Awesome!!!!!

  32. Great to watch this again right after the dead space 2 Gdq run

  33. anybody knows how he managed to get dead space with the mouse working without lag? i've tried lots of things but it doesnt seem to help. any suggestion?

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