CSC Crypto Space Commanders – Mining Tutorial | Blockchain Games

In this video I will be showing you how to set up a small ship with mining equipment and giving suggestions on playing CSC.
It’s a completely free-to-play Blockchain game, you can download from steam.


Link to cscgame site –

CSC Discord –



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  1. how much can you earn per day? just a hypothetical question

  2. Is there a place in Sol or any system anywhere that I can mine safely, without being attacked by NPCs? I got stuck in the tutorial when it sent me out to kill 4 NPCs and I think maybe I got one shot off before they killed me. I'm glad you're doing videos on this game because there doesn't seem to be a lot of helpful information available for new players.

  3. Thanks for the clear and detailed tutorial!

  4. I got to Jupiter docked and now can't leave cuz it says I have to unload my cargo and I cannot figure out how to do it I have been searching all over in the game and online and still can't find anything on how to do it. Please help me!!!!!!! Love the videos by the way!!!

  5. Is it possible to make a few dollars a day playing this game? if yes, is any investment necessary?

  6. I played six minutes into csc then realized I didn't have enough time to play another epic mmo sci fi game im already putting in 4000 hours into elite dangerous. These types of games require a huge learning curve.

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