Comparing The Largest Player Owned Ships In Space Games

With the introduction of Fleet Carriers into Elite Dangerous, the game now joins the ranks of other space games such as EVE Online and No Man’s Sky that allow you to own super massive ships. Carrier of course, are the largest player owned ships in Elite – and in this video, I’d like to take a step back and see how they compare to the largest owned ships in other space games out there.

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  1. Elite has Fleetcarriers, their largest Playerowneable "Ships"
    And yet, in Star Citizen i can have like 2345times more fun (probably still a understatement) with a Nox.
    A Nox. A friggin Spacebike.

    You know what, forget the Nox, i introduce………

    THE GREYCAT, your personal own Space-Golfbuggy!

  2. The Javelin of Star Citizen IS finished, the game itself just still lacks stability and gameplay features to implement this fully controllable and explorable Behemoth of a ship

  3. The Star Citizen Bengal Carrier won't be sold but instead be placed in the universe as derelict vessels that can be patched up and controlled by large player-orgs. It will be persistent while the Javelin will despawn with logout of the player

  4. Star citizen has a capital ship in-game, the 890 Jump. Also why did you use such outdated footage of the Bengal Carrier? Theres tons of new stuff regarding the big ships of the UEE. It may seem like I'm accusing you of having a personal bias against the game, but that's because sometimes I suspect you do.

  5. Any star citizen ships larger then the Javelin will be persistent

  6. Bruh…is it just me or does he sounds like a clone/Jango Fett

  7. Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but the bengal is not going to be purchasable in SC.They have said you will be able to find derelict ones and spend resources to get them operational. But these are still gonna be ultra rare and for large organizations who can maintain them to use.

  8. the javalin (and the idris another cap ship) could be in the game right now since they kinda are with this event since they fly around right now but players wont own them in game till after squadron 42 since CIG is weird like that and wants your first experience with those ships in the single player game and not in the PU

  9. I like how professional gamers define " a short amount of time"…. -.-

  10. the star citizen bengal will not be sold for real money , you can find one in the universe and repair them , maybe later you can buy one with ingame currency

  11. The Javelin is now in game in Star Citizen. Although, they are AI piloted and without an interior currently. Also, the Javelin is persistent, will have upkeep cost, and will have storage using it's cargo bay.

  12. So that's the Big 4 out of the way. A part 2 for largest ships could go over the "Little 4."
    I'm talking Evochron Legacy, X4, Rebel Galaxy/Outlaw, and Star Conflict.

  13. Also, The Titans of Eve Online have the ability to act as a mobile jump gate and the lovely named Doomsday weapon 🙂 and the cost of these ships when they go boom 🙈😳

  14. man i was dissapointed there wasn't a x series comparison

  15. Fleet carriers are great in theory but need to be revised. I think elite or eve online win in this one.

  16. do a largest player owned controllable ships cus fleet carriers u cant do bumper cars

  17. A 2,500$ ship sold to be and still isn't in the game years latter? Ya you shouldn't of included that. Please in future only include real content in your videos.

  18. moded X4 has some BIG ASS XL ships 🙂

  19. I don't get why anyone would pay 2G for a ship they can't even play, use, or fly. It's crazy why they even did it to begin with, I don't get it.

  20. i think planet side 2 should have been included.

  21. I don't like all the Fighting exp!oration in peace is well I'm in awe but I don't understand why there's so much violence especially in the new evolving creation

  22. You can park your carrier around Midderand Hollow?!?! Now I have to try this

  23. imagine paying 2k for a ship then not get it after years and years.

  24. You forgot about Star trek online. Every ship there are massive. Mainly the Universe class, which is as big as a space station.

  25. It was stated that Bengal WON'T be sold to players from the start, and it will NOT be able to be owned by a player, it will be OPERATABLE by players, however, in form of capturing/repairing a destroyed one then running it with a massive group of players, the ship is persistent so it will never disappear from the universe even if everyone onboard logs off and it cannot be stored away.

  26. Surturs and Brimirs from the old BSGO game be like: :'-)

  27. No man's sky would be so much better without the constant crafting and shit. Plus more meaningful combat would be nice too.

  28. kinds sucks u cant directly pilot carriers in Elite, aand they just kinda "warehouses"..

  29. Jesus Christ, imagine spending 2,500 dollars for a product and not receiving it for more than 6 years. In any other industry, that would get a company sued so hard. : Star Citizen really is a scam.

  30. I don't think it's fair to add ships that 'might exist some day' or are 'planned' to exist. Star Citizen seems to have been one part pipe dream to 3 parts scam. Next to Eve : online or even the theft class carriers from ED they are literally nothing.

  31. improve your audio and change your voice and accent i hated this video, i couldn't comprehend any shit you said

  32. My favourite would probably be space engineers the size of the ship can be anything from a Death Star to a tie fighter it just depends on what the block limit is. For console it’s not bad but pc is where it at. To be honest my only problem with the game is the lack of weapons for your ship. This is why I use mods as it greatly improves the game.

  33. Star citizen def shouldn’t be on the list

  34. i would love to dd the other games cap ships

  35. I really love no man's sky, but it is disgusting that you cannot drive your own freighter or merchant ship =_=" and also cannot use its own mounted turret.

  36. Hate to nick pick but their are some upkeep associated it. It has ammo requirments and two of its 3 FTL capabilities had a fuel requirment.

  37. how to get a big ship in any game: don't have a real life

  38. The Javelin was actually in game earlier this year. Not ready for players yet, partly because SQ42 has to release first, but it was insanely cool to log in and walk around in one.

  39. too bad this video wasn t made this years, you could have some interio ( partial) of the javelin, video of it in action( npc control) ann even seeing flying the bengal.

    javelin isn t persistent, but for the bengal it won t be sell, BUT CIG stated that player could find somewhere ( later when game in beta end or release i guess) a derelic bengal that they could repair and make it work, but and that is important, first jsut to use it you will need a big organisation ( guild) with lot of ressource to repair, fuel etc it) and it will be persistent, meaning if nobody of the org stay inside or protect it any player could take control of it and run aways with it. as for number i heard about having 1 or 2 of those ship derelic ( or maybe player will fight the human navy to try to still it , but a 1 player for 9 npc that gonna be hard XD) also it grew a little, around 1km or a little less

  40. Whatever happened to part 2 of this video?

  41. I have to say that the freighters in No Man's Sky come in varying shapes and sizes. The largest freighter would dwarf any on the ships on this list. I call it the city ship, but it's known more as the Venator style. The ships in NMS may seem smaller but that's only because NMS doesn't prioritise long travel times to pad out the gameplay. You can jump from one planet to another in less than a minute in some cases. Flying into and out of the atmosphere also doesn't take ages like in Elite. NMS also has, by far, the largest game map of all time. Not only billions of star systems, but multiple galaxies too

  42. no mans sky freighters do play a combat role, since they have turrets on them.

  43. Elite Dangerous does not even compare because you can't fly the carriers. They might as well be stations. No mans sky is the same.

  44. Basic Elite fleet carrier costs around 260mil per year upkeep, and the most I've made while trading using mine in a day, is a bit over 1 billion, so I wouldn't really say they have a 'massive upkeep'. On an average day I make enough to pay the upkeep for 2-3 real time years. Obviously if you install services this cost will increase a lot, but even so, its not nearly as bad as it sounds.

  45. I really like to see more things to do with carriers in NMS. I hope hello games do something more with them.

  46. Wtf I was about to buy into star citizen…. But f that, they are mega mega greeeeedyyy, with a budget of a Sony or Microsoft game sometimes more, yet it’s taken years and years, wow took 1 year, silent hill took 2 years without a budget lmao…

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