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Chillhop Music
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Welcome to the Chillhop Radio, playing the best jazzy / lofi hip hop beats from our label to get you through your day. Enjoy your stay! 🐾

💬 Chat Commands
!love ⇨ Upvote the current song (Also works with !like)
!track ⇨ Get the name of the current track. (Also works with !song)
!next ⇨ Show the next playing track name.
!previous ⇨ Get the previously played track name.
!spotify ⇨ Find the current track on Spotify.
!apple ⇨ Find the current track on Apple Music.
!youtubemusic ⇨ Find the current track on YouTube Music.
!youtube ⇨ Find the current track on YouTube.
!soundcloud ⇨ Find the current track on SoundCloud.
!google ⇨ Google search the current track.
!hug [NAME] ⇨ send your friend a hug!
!commands ⇨ see a list of all other available commands

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