CHEAP Space Games for The Holidays!

Space Games are available for some very low prices on the the Steam and Epic sales. Here’s a look at some of the best titles. This includes some classic space games, as well as some more action / adventure titles

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – X4 Foundations
2:08 – Trigon
2:44 – Sine Mora Ex
3:17 – Warhammer Mechanicus
4:07 – Ixion
4:37 – Callisto Protocol
5:22 – Sins of a Solar Empire 2
5:47 – Arkanoid Eternal Battle
6:13 – Hardspace Shipbreaker
7:01 – No Man’s Sky
7:12 – Mass Effect Legendary Edition
7:25 – Warhammer Chaos Gate
7:50 – Chorus
8:25 – Deliver Us The Moon
9:17 – R-Type Final 2
10:07 – Alien Isolation
10:43 – Elite Dangerous
11:09 – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


  1. X4 Foundations is easily one of my top 3 space games of all time. I feel it has finally eclipsed X3, for the most part.

  2. Just yesterday a massive Star Wars mod Interworlds for X4 Foundations got an big update with new features and ships

  3. I would add "Void Destroyer 2" (less than 4€ on steam now) and "Endless sky" (opensource game completly free on steam)

  4. And again took a few warhammer titles but missed the ones that are pretty much completely focused on the space part of that world under the name Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

  5. A Merry Christmas to Obsidian Ant, and the very best of wishes for the coming year. Seeing as it's the Season, might I also wish you a Happy Luminalia!!?

  6. thanks, kerbal was under £20 for the entire bundle so i decided to get it

  7. For those who haven’t played it, I’d recommend X3 Albion Prelude. It’s a predecessor to X4, and has a super active community over on the SWLU discord that I work on.

  8. Calisto Protocol? On Holiday, let alone to play at all? What kind of a monster are you with recommendations like this? How about NO? Dude, just having SPACE, doesn't mean game is good, ok? And this game in the list with gem like Alien Isolation? For real?

  9. Another worth mentioning is Overload, it's from the original old school Descent developers. Good old style space fps robot blasting action! I'm shocked I've never seen you actually mention it. And it's like 5.99 USD right now, ultra cheap.

  10. You mention Sins which is not release but early access, but forgot Stellaris.

  11. I own a few of these. The ones I don't are in my "ignore" list because of some deal-breaker in the software or the gameplay (I always read the negative reviews).
    This reminded me I was playing X4 and I need to resume playing.

  12. No Empyrion Galactic Survival (-50% sale, 9$), no Space Engineers (-50% sale, 9$), no Starbound (-60% sale, 6$), no Evochron Legacy SE (-20% sale, 17$)

  13. For the real deep dive during the Christmas holidays (and beoynd), X4 is superb. There's nothing like it for those with some patience and prepard to invest some time into a game (universe). Highly recommended.

  14. I think Distant Worlds 2 is worth mentioning also. It's not on sale, though.

  15. a 3rd party needs to pick up on elite for consoles and continue with it. What a waste, when its a gold mine for the picking. We dont need another stupid fps, there are 100s of titles out there for them. The only hope after elite is a new game in the making "haunted space".

  16. Terra Invicta is the best space game to come out this year imo

  17. Empyrion Galactic Survival is very cheap and never gets mentioned in any of these videos. It's definitely worth trying out

  18. X4 is an overly ambitious game ruined by a terrible clucky AI which is even artificially nerfed if you have poorly skilled AI pilots. Even years after release, they still haven't fixed this.
    I would instead recommend Starsector, which is Mount and Blade in space, but even better, with much more depth than Bannerlord

  19. I like you so much ObsidianAnt that you mentioned X4 foundation It deserves the attention from all space loving gamers

  20. Thanks, ObsidianAnt! Happy Holidaze!!

  21. I have No Man's Sky and love it. Played Deliver Us The Moon on PS4 and it was quite a fun game. Wanted to get SW Jedi: Fallen Order but with the requirement of an EA account, hard pass. I just picked up X4 and am looking forward to playing it. Space Engineers and Empyrion are great fun and worth looking into for those that like space games.

  22. I've just finished Chorus and I really enjoyed it. The story is nice and the game is quite fast paced. My only problem was with the lack of customization options of my ship (could have been way more), and the stupid end boss fight, which was simply annoying. Apart of these I can gladly recommend the game.

  23. I would love X4 if I could ever find missions that are reasonable for someone who is just starting the game to complete.

  24. The X series are the best, from X3 to X4 they keep adding more work on them. Awesome! can`t wait to Kindom`s end DLC!

  25. Lol, X-com was inspired by 40K and other DnD type tabletop's but an easy mistake, plus 40k is also a ripoff of every syfi concept out there.

  26. No Homeworld Remastered Collection at 90% off? fail

  27. I'll also give a shout out to X4. I've enjoyed every Egosoft game in the X franchise (except Rebirth) all the way back to the second game X-Tension from 2001 I think? To me, they've always felt like the spiritual successor to the original Elite, and with the exception of the very first title (Beyond the Frontier) and Rebirth, allowed you to play the game however you wanted… be it dogfighting in small ships, leading fleets in capital ships, mining asteroids, hauling cargo, building space station complexes, or just sitting back in a comfy office and directing your minions to do all those things for you.

    It also has a great many factions, MOST of which you can either befriend, piss off, or ignore. They all have their own agendas, and every new game will evolve differently as they fight amongst themselves. It's just as legitimate to play as a pirate as it is to be a bounty hunter for law enforcement.

    User Interface is a steep cliff to learn though… be careful. 🙂

  28. Space Explorers is a really good indie space dungeon crawler where you can fight in space and land on planets, ps1 aesthetic. $3 American on Steam rn

  29. Why did you skip the best of them, empyrion????

  30. what about the best space-themed blockchain game Cometh Battle ? I'd like to suggest it after their huge v0.13 update. moreover it's not 'cheap' it's totally free to play. you can even make money easily from it.

  31. ΔV: Rings of Saturn on steam, extremely cheap and constantly updated and on sale atm, half price.

  32. awesome video obsidian as always and that uk barry white voice, dayummmm

  33. Just a correction, if I'm not mistaken, with the xbox gamepass you get the ea signature service for free, for the duration of your game pass, and there, you get both mass effect legendary and star wars jedy fallen order. About 2 months without game pass thow, can't confirm if it still works like that

  34. Imagine how long it would take to finish all of the X4 bundle.

  35. mechanicus is ass. every time a dev tries to make a 40k game they decide to make it turn-based for some reason even though if you wanted that then just play the tabletop

  36. Really enjoyed Trigon, but it’s so bloody hard!

    Struggled to get much traction

  37. Please please shout-out starpoint Gemini. Literally super underrated

  38. Fallen Order was good, just has that Disney stink on it.

  39. WH Mechanicus all you do is talk about the price??

  40. At this point i feel like Obsidian just refuses to mention Empyrion: Galactic survival

  41. "Avorion" still on sale on Steam (50%). Build your own spaceship.

  42. chorus was bad…
    bad flight controls and for a game thats technically a space flight sim, that not good… not good at all.

    No Mans Sky is good if you dont get into the building aspect too much cuz its buggy AFF!!! lol. Ive lost 2 bases cuz of "over building" had to find a new settlement and restart the questline cuz i tried to build a space dock base above the settlement… something like the community favourite, Helios 42…
    but base literally vanished and bugged my settlement out to constantly crash everytime i try and load into it.

    Was thinking about getting Elite Dangerous ive heard theyve done quitr a bit of updates like NMS has done here lately.

  43. Please don't recommend Star Citizen…thank God he didn't, just don't, while it looks good the griefers are rampant.

  44. X4 is an amazing game! And that's coming from someone with around 5000 hours in Star Citizen and 1000 in Elite. It has very good mission chains/stories and challenging AI, as well as support for both my dual stick setup and my Tobii eye tracker. So it's great fun even if you're not building stations and managing fleets. Many great ships to fly and meaningful customisations to make. Something that's often not told in reviews.

  45. I did not even know about Sins2 since it is not on Steam🫢

  46. Noteworthy is the MotherVR mod for Alien Isolation, I know those who don't like VR try to pretend it doesn't exist but it does and it would be nice to at least indicate a title such as this or Elite do have support for all those new Quest headsets out there

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