BSL#130: What’s Next For One of Our Most Beloved Space Games?

Black Sky Legion
BLACK SKY LEGION #130: What’s Next For One of Our Most Beloved Space Games? (APR 29, 2022)

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OPENING SONG: “Me & Julio Down By The School Yard” by ScaryPockets


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  1. Ugh.. will someone show Kai how the mute button works? Or set up a Noise Gate in OBS? The eating, drinking, burping, keyboard pounding is VERY ANNOYING. It's ASMR, not folksy. After almost a year of listening, I can't anymore..

  2. Hey, just wanted to add historically i've had the highest respect and enjoyment from listening to lave, especially because overall it was nail on the head honest with the events around the game. I guess i was anchoring on the recent era.. there have been both host changes on lave and frontiers support of elite, that's made the podcast and elite split in opposite directions, its created a gap in reality that makes every other show a miss these days. But i still can't say i don't enjoy lave, its great overall as anyone who listens regularly would know 🙂

  3. I am absolutely gutted about Elite. Never in my whole life have I spent such little money and had so many pleasurable hours back in return. I just hope it can be remembered for this amazing game that it was that consumed a portion of our lives rather than I hate Fdev they lied to us bla bla bla.
    The only good thing about this for me is that I can now spend my next 10k hrs in Star Citizen. Oh boy is it beautiful and luckily or unfortunately it seems to be everything I wanted elite to be o7 Cmdr’s

    Don’t forget how much fun we’ve all had in elite

  4. Flat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son. Your podcast rails endlessly on and on about Frontier and you continually gorge on the alcohol rich easy to grab rotting FDev apples laying on the ground. In your lazy drunken stupor you are missing one of the most compelling and dramatic stories in the history of gaming. Here we have a company that invested thousands of hours of time from PHDs (sober scientists) and top notch physics game developers who together developed a completely believable and science backed procedural representation of the entire Milky Way galaxy. Stop there. A believable 1-1 representation of the entire Milky Way galaxy in nearly every detail. IRL scientists discover an earth like world in a region of space and lo and behold, it is there in ED. This in a galaxy complete with real orbital mechanics, heat, luminosity, gravitational effects, mass distribution, star classes, and the list goes on and on… and on. There has never been anything like this ever running on a game console or computer prior and there will never be anything like this running on a console or PC again. This incredible 1-1 Milky Way world was, unbelievably, almost an after thought because layered on top of it was the very best space flight mechanics ever brought to a video game. The degree to which your space ship can be controlled in the zero g world of space was incredible. A player can actually develop very detailed muscle memory based skills playing this game. Big ships feel heavy, small ships feel light but all with realistic behaviors as if they were in space. I'm done here but then, there is this ground breaking concept of background game simulation where player involvement actually dynamically changes the economy, politics, and power base of the world in which you play and in a meaningful way. The story is how you can have all this and end up where we are. The story Black Sky Legion tells each week is just a drunken rant about how community managers are dishonest and how a game company lies to its customers and shareholders. There is so much more here to unwrap. Hopefully a group with interests beyond capitalizing on player sentiment can put together a compelling narrative of how a company like Frontier Developments could establish all that is Elite Dangerous and effectively ruin it.

  5. Actually the power pip system in Star Citizen, that came from Elite Dangerous, that came from a old first person space ship game named Independence War

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